Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Wonderful World Of Asian Noodles

Just because you can tell the differences between soba and hokkien noodle doesn't get you a medal anymore; so get out of the square, experiment with and try the hundreds of other Asian noodles out there. Going to the noodle section of an Asian grocer for the first time can be quite a daunting experience, you are confronted with about 20 types of rice noodles to start with, another 30 types of wheat noodles, 40 types of egg noodles and countless other noodles made from strange ingredients like mung beans and sweet potato; and you haven't even seen the cold storage section yet.
The joy of finding out what you like, which type of noodle goes with what sauce is priceless. I've compiled a list of noodles that I have used for recipes in this blog. Do try them and find out which one you really like because it's one thing to like soba and hokkien noodle, it's another not to know what you have been missing.
P.S this page will be regularly upgraded when new type of noodles and recipes are added.
coming soon!!!;
The wonderful world of Asian herbs
The wonderful world of Asian greens

Rice vermicelli 米粉,銀絲粉 เส้นหมี่

Mung bean thread, glass noodle 粉絲,冬粉    
used in this blog;

Korean sweet potato noodle 당면 noodle 唐麵
used in this blog;

Fresh thin rice noodle 沙河粉,河粉 banh pho
used in this blog;
Chicken pho

Thin rice vermicelli 米粉 เส้นหมี่ 
used in this blog;
Malaysian chicken curry noodle
stir fried rice vermicelli
soto ayam, Malaysian chicken noodle soup
Stir fried rice vermicelli (wet version)
Sarawak laksa
Curry laksa
Wide rice noodle, Horfun 沙河粉,河粉  เส้นใหญ่ 
used in this blog;

Shanghai noodle上海拉麵 
used in this blog;

used in this blog;

Fresh thick round rice noodle 瀨粉 mee laksa
used in this blog;

Fresh egg noodles 全蛋麵,生麵
used in this blog;

Soba noodles
used in this blog;

Fresh egg noodles (thick), Hakka noodles 全蛋麵,生麵, 客家麵
used in this blog;

Rice drop noodles, golden needle noodles, mouse noodles 老鼠粉,老鼠粿,老鼠粄,銀針粉,米苔目
used in this blog;


  1. heehee...are you going to cook all these noodles soon?

  2. Thanks! This is really helpful :) I happened to me one of those who knew only Hokkien noodle and soba til now :p

  3. hey Ancoo I have cooked them all :) these are old photos :)

    Hey Anonymous! Shhhhhhh!

  4. I like egg noodles and yimein ^^

  5. Kenny, 依麵 on the way, bought some but they are broken into pieces :(

  6. I love your blog! All the top noodles present except one of the all time greats, san mein - the springy fresh egg noodle used in wonton noodles.

  7. Thank you very much! I'll post that soon with wonton and char siew :)
    I'll be posting mee rebus, Singapore Hokkien noodle and mee goreng as well :) It is afterall a 3 month old blog haha.
    If you have any more request please let me know!

  8. Oh, this is the greatest!! Thank you so much. I had always thought I was weird because I had the Swallow AND the Wai Wai vermicelli - who needs two types of vermicelli, I thought? But now I know they really are two separate things.

    I will be referrig to this post A LOT - thank you!!

  9. Finally, a post that I have been looking for! Thank you so much for this. It's a BIG help! Love your blog, photos, instructions and recipes. Thank you for always being interesting and inspiring my cooking!


    1. From Asian grocers ... normally placed in the fridge.


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