Monday, November 2, 2009

Just A Little Prettiness 2

I have loved roses (and flowers) since I was very little;
By the time I was 10, I  had 25 different varieties of roses growing in the garden (the gardener at my local school adored me and I was rather good at crafting new ones)
By the age of 12, I was looking for new garden beds for my other passion, chrysanthemum.
By 15, I was making rose syrup and jams
By 17 the local council wanted my collection which by then was a staggering 40 different varieties.
Of course the Cameron Highlands I knew then was really a heaven on earth. The spring all year round weather means roses bloom all year round too. Having to prune roses in winter was a rather strange thing to me when I first arrived in Melbourne.
I was given some roses by our neighbour today and I put them in my holmegaard glassware, they are 2 of my favaourite things! My red wine tasted so much better and my only regret is some of my very dear friends are very far away from me at the moment!

And these are old breeds that do smell like roses. I'm Happy and ready to post the next entry.

P.S Had dinner with the 2 other tummies at a Korean bbq restaurant in Melbourne. Food was good , shoju was wonderful and I'm ready to post my next entry soon!


  1. beautiful roses and cool you make rose water

  2. I know what you mean about roses that still smell like roses. Commercial growers have bred out the scent in order to encourage longevity of the roses. I miss those roses that are full of fragrance, they make the best rose water and preserves.

  3. Hey C&C thanks they r indeed very beautiful :)

    FLB - How sad is that? its like having very large tomatoes without any taste huh! :(

  4. Very pretty indeed! Our bbq was a great success and I want to thank you for that!

  5. Thank you love to eat! I'm glad it went well!!!


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