Thursday, November 26, 2009

Green Bean And Prawns Omelet 青豆蝦粒煎蛋

Since there was still half a pot of fish curry left from the previous night, I decided a simple omelet might go very well with that for tonight's dinner. This is one of the many versions of omelet that appear on our dinner table on a regular basis; sometimes white bait or preserved turnips are added - you can basically add whatever you think might work. I cooked the prawns and beans first to avoid crowding the wok too much (not the strongest burner on the block here!), not overcooking any of the components is the key to success here. It might be a very humble dish but a very delicious one, the different textures and flavours will sure to please the fussiest eater!
P.S goes well with rice porridge or just over plain rice as a packed lunch.

serves 4 as part of a Chinese meal;
500g of green beans, picked and cut into 1/2 cm pieces, fried a few minutes with a sprinkle of salt
5 free range eggs, beaten with dash of sesame oil, light soy, salt and white pepper
1/2 an onion, chopped
10 tiger prawns, shelled and cut into 1 cm pieces, fried with chopped onions and set aside

Have everything ready and heat up the wok.

Add a little oil in a hot wok, chuck bean and prawn mixture in, mix and spread it evenly then pour in the beaten eggs.

Wait for the egg to set, that will take a few minutes and turn the omelet over.

Serve hot as part of your Chinese meal.


  1. thats a good dish.
    We call it here as anda mirchi

  2. Thanks Abhilash Pillai!! Now I know it's name in Maliali too :)

  3. Oh I love this with porridge.Usually I used string beans for this. Just a little suggestion , do a QUICK blanch of your prawns in hot boiling water , drain properly then add to your omelette to maintain the crunchy texture :)

  4. Wonderfully simple dish! I love how few ingredients are used!!

  5. I can imagine all the different textures and flavours! well we need simple and delicious dish like this too!!

  6. What a homey dish, simple and delicious!

  7. Aha....this is my family favourite dish. I cook it very often but without the prawns. My children prefer it with eggs only. The prawns would give an extra sweetness to the dish. I have to look for you to enjoy this dish...:)

  8. Thanks for the tips A Full-Timed Housefly !!!! ;)

    Thanks Anonymous!!

    Thanks love to eat!! it's less is more here :)

    Thanks Kenny! homey is the right word! :)

    Oh Mary! we often have it without the prawns too but you are right about the sweetness from the prawns.

  9. 哇!加了蝦會更美味呀!!!

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am excited to find yours as well. Love Asian food and I see I'll get lots of inspiration from your recipes already.

  11. 大肥 對!對!對!

    Thanks Linda!

  12. I've got beans! I've got eggs and I've got some prawns!! Dinner sorted! cheers!!!

  13. Looks delicious, Will try this one day.

  14. This omelet looks so yum! I get it also had great textures.

  15. That's great fitzboy!!!

    Thanks Anncoo!

    Thanks Fresh Local and Best! yes it has great textures!!

  16. haha mycookinghut funny how we grew up with so many similar dishes :)

  17. Yeah!! It's great, no? I really really love your cooking ;)

  18. Oh that is fantastic!! Thanks!!!! :) You are putting a big smile on my face haha!

  19. simple and delicious dish!!


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