Friday, November 20, 2009

Mint Omelet Broth 薄荷蛋湯

I hear you say "mint omelet in anchovies broth dirty bastard!" and see the disgusted expression that goes with that too! That was exactly what one of the tummies did - the disbelief and agony followed, thinking he would be eating some strange food tonight (he loved it straight away after the first taste! :). The temperature has continued to rise and we experienced the hottest night ever recorded for the month of November. I remembered this wonderfully refreshing childhood dish that takes only minutes to make might just take the edge off the heat a little, the result is this strange sounding but absolutely delicious dish (we often have tiny white baits added in the omelet, omit the anchovies if white baits are being used). I strongly urge everyone to give it a try, if you like it fantastic and if you don't it will only waste 20 minutes of your time!! This is also my oldest and dearest friend H's favourite dish.
P.S I also made a steamed pork with Sichuan preserved vegetable and a quick stir fried juicy asparagus with homemade chili oil.

serves 4 as part of a Chinese meal;
for the broth you'll need;
2 l of water
100g of dried anchovies, washed
salt and pepper to taste
simmer anchovies in boiling water for 30 minutes, strained
*or use 2 l of chicken stock if you wish

for the mint omelet you'll need;
4 free range eggs, add a dash of pepper, light soy sesame oil and a little grated ginger, beaten
2 bunches of mint, picked

Saute mint with a little oil for 30 seconds and pour beaten eggs over.

Lightly scramble til 70% cooked.

Add mint omelet into the prepared anchovies broth, simmer for 15 minutes.

Serve hot as part of your Chinese meal.


  1. This looks so refreshing! I've never thought about mint omelet before, a must try!!

    1. Yes! I made this this night! All four of us at the dinner table was amazed by how delicious it was!! This will be a normal bowl for summer, proceed mint omelet soup!!!!
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  2. Oh I love everything with mint in it including my toothpaste :) This one is certainly for me !!

  3. I think the meal looks alright EXCEPT FOR THE MINT! Sorry for shouting, but it just doesn't seem right to add mint other than as a garnish. Happy if you prove me wrong, though!

  4. Give it a try Mary!

    Thanks love to eat! it's very healthy too!

    Not at all Belle! Most people think like you til they tasted it, so the best way to find out is to try it at home. The best thing is it won't cost you very much at all!!

  5. Oh the previous comment was a little rude I think :(. I have doubt about it but I'm going to give it a try, as you said never try never know!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh that's ok Michele! We all have opinions haha! Do let me know after trying. Thanks :)

  7. I agree with Michele, comments should be constructive. I'm making this tonight just to show support!! Cheers mate!

  8. Oh thanks for the support Fitzboy! It was a personal opinion and I explained everything very clearly about this dish at the beginning of my post :) Let me know how much you like it!

  9. Harriet from CarltonNovember 20, 2009 at 7:21 PM

    Wow it's getting exciting here haha! I am not a big fan of mint but I'm sure this is very tasty, after all it is a family recipe no? I still don't get the eating of chicken feet and sea cucumbers thing but hey I don't judge them because I am not open to new ideas lol Good work for introducing wonderful new dishes but not just some nonsense that we can get from fast food joints!!

  10. Oh Harriet thanks for defending such a humble dish. I grew up eating this so it has a very speacial place in my heart and I also made it very clear throughout my post perhaps people just don't read it before making a comment. At the end it's great they are people willing to try despite thinking it is strange! Who would have thought pork belly could pair so well with scallops heh? :) I'm glad to see u here for the first so come back more often.

  11. I guess everyone has said what needed to be said, I say well done!

  12. Yes! I made this tonight!! All four of us at the dinner table was amazed by how delicious it was!! This will be a regular dish for summer, go mint omelet soup!!!!

  13. My family don't really quite like mint but this soup look wonderfully fragrant , thanks for sharing !

  14. You are great! You cook something that I have almost forgotten!!!!! My mom made this when I was young. I love it so much.. now I have got another dish to cook at home ;)

  15. Oh Fitzboy it is really wonderful that you really made the dish and everyone loved it! I am going to make some again for my lunch today :)
    Thanks! It means a lot to me!!

    Thanks A Full-Timed Housefly!! It is wonderfully fragrant, since the mint has been cook the taste is rather subtle.

    Oh mycookinghut!! I am so glad you grew up with this too! you must post it on your blog I'm sure it will generate a very different reaction :) I will continue to post some obscure recipes and see if you have tasted them too :)

  16. I have tasted this at my friend's house back in Malaysia and I think it is absolutely delicious!! Well done!!
    Mint only fit as a garnish?? What sort of narrow minded thinking is that? In fact there is a Lebanese mint omelet dish too!

  17. Kl girl in Melb, it's wonderful you have tasted this and think it is delicious!! I never thought this post would generate any interest at all lol.
    I use a lot of mint when I cook Thai and Vietnamese or middle eastern dishes so that is my answer :) I have heard of the Lebanese dish, I think they added peppers and cream to it too.
    Thanks for dropping by and share your experience!

  18. I love this soup very much but not my family. So, I can't make this often =0(

  19. oh this looks really good when I was in the UK one of bro in laws was using a Indian mint sauce on his omelette so good

  20. This looks super delicious with mint flavor, love it!

  21. My Little Space it is easy enough to make up a single portion, they are just missing out :)

    Oh Rebecca I love all Indian chutney!! :)

    Thanks 5 Star Foodie!! It has the sweetest flavour from the dried anchovies and mint. Do have a try!

  22. 我也支持你,太沒禮貌了!

  23. Wow. I would never have put these ingredients together like this on my own, but I am really curious to try it! Plus, any excuse to gross out my housemate with my love of anchovies is always fun ;)

  24. I have mint in my backyard, so it is very convenient to cook this. Will give it a try...wonder my hubby like this??

  25. I will definitely make this one day! I would love to see more of your recipes.. yum!!

  26. hi thanks for the sharing I never saw a meal like that !! thankk you verymuch and if you like quinces come and see me i have prepared them in a mousse !

  27. 甌!謝謝大肥! :)

    Conor @ HoldtheBeef, Please do and let me know! haha!

    Anncoo Make a small serving and see what you think!

    Oh thanks mycookinghut ! I certainly will be posting more :)

    Thanks Pierre, will do that!

  28. Hey 3HT. This is something new for me. Must give it a try. Problem getting the mint leaves.

  29. CW, is it hard getting mint in Kuching? Try growing some next time you use any for cooking.soak the stems in water for a few days til the roots start to appear and transplant them into a pot. Leave the pot in a shady area and water frequently and you'll have your little mint patch!

  30. Made this for dinner last night and it was very popular, I should have made more!!! Mint only as a garnish, I don't think so!!!!!

  31. OHOO! you are the second person that tried this! I am very glad it was a success!

  32. had this for supper tonight. knorr's bouillon cube, but heck i was famished. this soup is delicious!!! used fish sauce instead of soy sauce, but otherwise followed the recipe closely.

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