Saturday, November 28, 2009

Salt And Pepper Pork Patties 椒鹽肉餅

It was one of those nights! I opened the fridge and stared at everything in it hoping something would suggest to me what I should do with them, if I remember correctly they never once did! I took everything needed to be used before the weekend out and put them neatly on the kitchen table, here's the list of 'use me now or I'll be off to the bin items' I found:
  1. 500g of minced pork shoulder
  2. 1/2 a bag of carrot
  3. 5 cups of cooked rice 
  4. 200g of beef fillet
  5. 1/2 a Chinese cabbage
"Another steamed pork dish might be way too soon, maybe some fried patties instead?" "Definitely some fried rice with the rest of the beef! and oh, how about a stir fried Chinese cabbage with egg sauce?" I murmured to myself. Menu was sorted within seconds, thank god it was a lot easier than I had imagined!!! now I just have to start cooking, do I have to?
I was extremely pleased with how all the dishes turned out, of course able to use up bits and pieces of meat and vegetables that otherwise might have gone to the bin was a big big plus!!

you'll need;
500g of minced pork
2 carrots, peeled and shredded
2 spring onions, chopped
handful of wood fungus, soaked and drained
dash of sesame oil
dash of soy
dash of Chinese cooking wine
1/2 tbs of grated ginger
1 egg
3 tbs of corn flour
sweet potato flour for dusting
oil for frying

Mix everything very well til you get a firm mixture.

Divide mixture into patties and dust them with sweet potato flour. (6 to 8 pieces depending of the size  of the patties)

Shallow fry meat patties til golden brown on both side and transfer to a preheated oven (180 C) for 10 minutes

After ten minutes in the oven you should have these crispy golden nuggets. You can serve these right away or..

Fry chopped garlic, chilies and spring onions with a little oil til golden, return patties to wok and mix through, sprinkle some sea salt over.

Dinner is served!


  1. Lovely pork patties. One question my friend, are you the only one who cooks in the 3-hungry-tummy family?

  2. delicious i am going to try these babies

  3. Looks so perfect. I want to use this as pork burger..yum..yum..

  4. Thanks Kenny! Yes I do 99% of the cooking :)

    Thanks Rebecca ! please do!! :)

    Thanks Anncoo! I think they will be great for your pork burger!!

  5. They look very delicious!! I like how you shallow fried and finished them in the oven!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to following you, this is a great recipe!

  7. Thanks Mary! I couldn't be bothered deep frying and they turned out well :)

    Thanks Diana!! Likewise!!

  8. hungry tummies , another yummy yummy meal to share ! I just pan fried my patties most of the time too....hahahaha...don't need to do a BIG clean up after that.... you did 99% of the wonderful ! the other 2 tummies better just eat and be contented and better not make any noise...hahahhahaha... u know what I mean ? I did 100% cooking in my family so they know very very well how to behave !hahahahahhaha

  9. Another delicious meal!! Love how you managed to turn out such a feast at the end!! well done!!!

  10. If only I could turn out dishes like this on a very good day! haha! Everything look amazing and you are doing 99% of the cooking? What is the 1%? :)

  11. Thanks Pearlyn!! Yeah they do behave most of the time haha! Yeah I'm not a big fan of cleaning up after deep frying too !

    Thanks Anonymous! Miracle happens sometimes haha!

    Thanks Michele! mmm that 1% , putting toast in the toaster? )

  12. Hello
    these patties are very promising !! thanks for the recipes and your nice comments on my blog ! !! come back and visit anytime ! Pierre from Paris

  13. I'd be pleased too! Those patties look really tasty. Very resourceful of you to use what you have on hand and cook something very tasty.

  14. Thanks Palidor! I'm sure you have done the same too :)

  15. You have a fantastic blog! I love your recipes.

  16. Oh thay is very touching thanks erica!

  17. These look fantastic. I can see myself making these with some veggies for dinner one night, or even to go on a burger bun.

  18. Great Job! Looks like a wonderful meal! Yum!

  19. Thanks CUMI & CIKI! very malaysian somemore!!

    Thanks AAA!

    Thanks Cucinista! i think so too!

    Thanks Tricia

  20. What a beautiful presentation. I am even more impressed that you stared into your refrigerator and you this is what you created. Wow! I love it!

  21. Ok remind me never to read your blog when I am hungry because now I'm absolutely starving and will eat a whole lot of fat that I can't afford to have!!

    I must also remember to try using potato flour as a dusting batter ... looks like you get a great texture, better than ordinary or corn flour ... is this the case?

    And if this is what you come up with from just trying to use up ingredients that are going off, then when can I come over for tea? Hehe

  22. Thanks Velva!! I'm sure you have had the same experience!

    Dont read my blog when your are hungry Temasek! yeah sweet potato flour is a new thing to me and I am a complete convert, it is a different texture than corn flour as the flour itself is not in a powder form.
    you are welcome to join us anytime you want!!

  23. I do that too, look at everything in the fridge and try to come up with something that is edible, I feel a little like an Iron chef with a secret ingredient to battle with. I love pork meatballs so I salivated the second I saw the recipe!

  24. Nice! I could taste the chilli and garlic...drooling...

  25. Haha thanks Maria it was an Iron chef moment but without the 5000 dollars worth of abolone!

    Thanks Adrian @ Food Rehab! thats the best bit!! :)

  26. Oh this looks so good! Amazing what you managed to turn out on your bad day :)

  27. I really love those patties...looks very delicious....beautiful presentation. A lovely meal too.

  28. Thanks love to eat! they are just dishes I cook all the time :)

    Thanks Mary!! and they are so easy to make :)


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