Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hwedupbap 회덥밥, Korean raw fish on rice

As predicted the hot weather continues to torture the beautiful souls of Melbourne and the mercury reached 34.5 degrees C at 3.30pm. I did my shopping very early today, did some washing and headed for my local park. I picked up Small M from his school on my way and we had a little picnic under the big shady tree. We read our books and he fell asleep after talking about his school and my blog (he is a loyal follower of my blog) til M came to take him home. I decided I won't be complaining today after such a wonderful day, more importantly I have got everything in the fridge ready for tonight's dinner, the only thing required for cooking is the rice which will be taken care of by our robot look- alike rice cooker. Hwedupbap (meaning raw fish on rice) is a close cousin of bibimbap and if you are both a bibimbap and sushi lover this one is definately for you!!! There is no recipe as such; you just need to gather the freshest fish and vegetable you can lay your hands on, chuck everything in a bowl, drizzle with Korean spicy sauce and you are in business :) (of course the fish and vegetables need to be cleaned and cut nicely first) If you prefer the Japanese version (Chirashi) just omit the gojujang and drizzle some soy, rice vinegar and Japanese mayo instead. I think that's our dinner tomorrow night :)
P.S one of the tummy is away for work so if you are reading this I'll make it again when you get home!!

served 2 as a one dish meal;
250g of sashimi grade sword fish, thinly sliced
250g of sashimi grade ocean trout, thinly sliced
1 lebanese cucumber, sliced
5 sesame leaves, roughly sliced
2 carrot, peeled, thinly sliced
1/4 of daikon, thinly sliced
lettuce, roughly chopped
50g of snow pea sprout
2 cups of cooked Korean or Japanese rice, cooled
sesame seeds, toasted
black sesame seeds, toasted
finely shredded nori seaweed
dash of sesame oil

Prepared vegetables and herbs

Place cooled rice in a large bowl, drizzle with some sesame oil and both types of sesame seeds.

Arrange lettuce and shredded carrots neatly.

Follow by the rest of the vegetables.

Arrange the star of the dish neatly in the middle.

Finally drizzle both types of sesame seeds, spicy sauce and shredded nori over.

Now completely destroy all the prettiness and enjoy it with a cold beer or two. Korean crisis, what crisis???


  1. Heading to the fish shop!!!!

  2. Yet another awsome looking dish. I love how all your dishes are so beautifully presented, something I have a lot to learn from!

  3. I think all I need is some fish then, that's too easy!! Btw we are about to have the naengmyeon, just log on to have a little perve and to show my friend your blog :)

  4. Haha...this is what I did sometime, so simple and delicious.

  5. 哇!魚生飯加辣醬好棒呀!用什麼魚都可以嗎?

  6. Korean sitcom fanaticNovember 12, 2009 at 2:15 PM

    Got here gogling for this dish, thanks for the recipe!! Bookmarked!!!

  7. Find out if any of the tummies would love to give up their spot? I'm moving in!!!

  8. Thanks Mary! haha good one!!

    Thanks Anonymous!! just spend a little more time, it's worth it. :)

    Thanks love to eat! Thank god the Chinese invented fried rice!!

    Haha Anncoo, that's why it's so good!


    Thanks Korean sitcom fanatic! visit anytime :)

    Thanks Ciki

    Thanks Michele! you'll have to join a very long Q :)

  9. wow...looks so lovely & healthy. However I still can't get myself into eating raw fish. I'll cook it first and then put on top. The colour won't be so pretty anymore :(

  10. I remember during my high school days in Melbourne, we had to wear a tie everyday. Only when the temperature reached 40 degrees were we allowed to remove our ties. So we used to wish for the temperature to go through the roof !

    BTW, your korean dishes all look great. I'm buying my zero fare ticket - if I can get it !

  11. Thanks mary! it's very healthy indeed! It doesn't really matter at the end as you'll mix it all up anyway :)

    Thanks CW! Haha I'll wear a tie any day :) Doesn't tiger already offered that?

  12. Now that I have the recipe for the sauce I can make this anytime. Thanks for the recipe :)

  13. Really appetizing , you are very good with all the salad and rice dishes , I have to learn from you , thanks for sharing !

  14. Look Soooo Yummy!!! I love raw fish ... sushi, sashimi ... anything that has raw fish in it!!! Have to go to the market now!!!

    Thanks for the inspirations!

  15. Thanks A Full-Timed Housefly!! I'm sure there are a lot of things that I'll need to learn from you too :)

    Thanks Tricia!! Go girl! Go get some fish!!!
    I'm glad you are inspired ;)

  16. Wow! This is like one big sushi salad. I can't say that I have ever eaten so much raw fish at one sitting but, can certainly appreciate it.

    Isn't it great when you have a wondeful day even when it is blistering hot? Nice blog post.

  17. Thanks Velva! It is indeed!! It is true when you have the company of lovely people makes you forget about the bad things that;s including the heat! Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks!!

  18. Looks really good! Never tried this before.. thanks for sharing!

  19. Thanks mycookinghut! You should give it a go :)

  20. Turned out wonderfully and it was a big hit with my very difficult to please family!
    Thanks you!!

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