Friday, November 13, 2009

Bibimbap 비빔밥 Korean Mixed Rice Bowl With Beef

I'm cooking bibimbap (meaning "to mix rice" in Korean) tonight, it is a wonderful way to use up whatever vegetables I have left from previous night's cooking. I left work a little early today to top up my Korean pantry. It was a pleasant ride back from the other side of the river since it was at least 7 degrees cooler than yesterday. The Korean grocer has been taken interest in why on earth I have been stocking up on obscure Korean products that only a Korean would buy :)
There is a fair amount of cutting involves in making this dish, but I must confess I really do enjoy going through the process while facing the window looking out to the back garden. The final result is beautiful bowls of rice with colourful toppings that you are to destroy completely almost immediately!!
P.S yet another family recipe from the K household.

serves 4 as a one dish meal
you'll need or rather what I used;
500 g beef mince or beef fillet, sliced
3 carrots, peeled cut into matchstick size
2 zucchini , cut into matchstick size
5 dried Chinese mushrooms, soaked in hot water and cut into sliced
100 g gosari (brackens or dried fern, from Korean grocer ) boiled for 20 minutes and drained
250 g soybean sprouts, picked, boiled for 20 minutes and drained
1/2 a red cos lettuce , sliced
4 sesame leaves , roughly chopped
a handful of snow pea sprouts

let's start cooking;
Cook beef mince in a hot pan til no longer pink, add minced garlic, dash of soy and seseame oil.
Marinate fillet (if using) with dash of soy, sesame oil and a little minced garlic, cook to your liking.
Stir fried carrots, zucchini and mushrooms with a little oil separately (briefly) and mix with dash of sesame oil and soy.
Marinate soya bean sprouts and gosari with dash of soy and sesame oil.

you also need
2 cups of cook Korean or Japanese short grain rice
3 egg yolks
toasted black and white sesame seeds (I toasted a batch and store them in airtight containers)
1/2 cup of Korean spicy sauce

Place some rice in a large bowl.

Arrange bean sprouts, carrot and gosari neatly over the rice.

Follow by mushrooms, lettuce, sesame leaves and snow pea sprouts.

Carefully place an egg yolk in the middle, drizzle with sesame seeds and a dollop of Korean spicy sauce.
Look at this prettiness for as long as you want as it won't last :)

Now comes my favourite part!! Breaking the egg yolk :) and destroy everything you so carefully constructed. Bibimbap! Bibimbap!

After the war! War? no war yet!!


  1. I LOVE the colours in this! It's crying out to be eaten!

  2. Super yummy!!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  3. 韓國伴飯!賣像很好啊!

  4. This is one of my favorite Korean food! I kind of like chopping vegetables, the rhythm and repetition is sometimes relaxing.

  5. My children love this, unfortunately cutting is not my favourite thing to do. Your dish looks fantastic!!

  6. I love bibimbap, especially with the egg and the kochujang!

    where do you get your sesame leaves from?

  7. fwarr, this must be the korean run on posts eh? LOL

  8. Suresh, you are tormenting me....didn't know you are such a great cook. Have to make a point to taste your cooking some time- but when? you are in Melbourne, I am in NY. How??

  9. Wow Korean week I see, I really like the way you plan your meals and I can see there will be very little wastage! have next week's menu planned? Chinese or Malaysian perhaps? By the way pleeeeeeeease post the stuffed chicken wing's recipe!!!!
    This looks amazing, I must really get myself a vegetable shredder next time I'm in Richmond :)

  10. Is this Korean Food Week? So many delicious Korean food here :D

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog and your comments.

    Bibimbap appears to be a new dish to me and the name is inetresting too.

    Nice to see varieties here.

  12. Thanks Conor @ HoldtheBeef! yes they are!! :)

    Thanks Anonymous! Glad you like it!


    FLAB I'm glad you share the same sentiment about cutting :)

    Thank BIBI, sometimes hard work pays off :)

    Nate-n-Annie , thanks for stopping by! I got them from my local Korean grocer, try goggle Korean perilla some garden centre ships them out!

    Yes Ciki ! end of the run though, don't think I can have anymore gojujang for a while :)

  13. Sure is Kenny!

    Meising surely this is mistaken idendity! haha

    Thanks love to eat! I'm thinking about doing a Chinese or Malaysian week too or even tofu!! Get one quick!!

    Thanks Anncoo! It was not planned like the Thai week but it works out well I think :)

    Thanks Abhilash!

  14. Is this real? do you really cook like this every night??

  15. Great blog! love you little daily stories, will be back for more!

  16. Hi Vicki , we are eating very simple home cooking meals, I don't see how we should eat differently :)

    Thanks Fitzboy!! Please do!!

  17. Great! I always wanted to make this. Only have it when we go to a korean restaurant. This is such a flavourful dish. More korean chilli please

  18. When I was in Seoul a few years back, I was taken to a Korean restaurant serving traditional breakfast. It was a cold rice salad thing, but instead of fresh ingredients it was all preseved vegetables, topped with a raw egg. Probably the worst thing I've ever tasted ! I much prefer the bimbimbap with fresh ingredients.

    Hey, it's good to see that Meising has caught on to your Blog. We must arrange a "Blog Meet" soon.

  19. hey CW how about kimchi and fried mackeral on rice in the morning? :(
    yeah should really plan Kuching!

  20. WOW , what have we got here today ? Another yummy yummy korean rice dish.... are you Korean ?

  21. Thankk A Full-Timed Housefly!! No I'm not Korean at all :)

  22. I am ready for a Korean Bowl now! Love those eastern bowl dishes. Virmicelli also goes well in the place of the rice.

    CCR =8~)

  23. I really love this kind of food the more colourful the healthier and delicious kisses xxx

  24. I would love to try it! A delicious rice bowl!

  25. Hi 3HT. Glad to hear u are coming back CNY. Let's meet up !

  26. Haha Cajun Chef Ryan me too!!!

    Thanks Ricardo! you are right about healthy and delicious!! :)

    Thanks 5 star Foodie! Let me know if you tried making it!

    Yupe CW! not much to eat in Kuching during CNY though! :(


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