Saturday, October 31, 2009

Khao Klub Gapi ข้าวคลุกกะปิ Rice With Shrimp Paste

A few of my friends have been asking me to start posting Thai recipes and after cooking a lot of food that I didn't grew up with, I thought it might be time to present the aroy maak maak series of Thai food on this blog. This is one of those dishes that you have to grow up with or it might be a little too overwhelming for the first time. It's a stunning looking dish and one of the thai dishes that need to be tasted at least once in your lifetime. The tummies couldn't quite get it but I love it!! They got to taste it once and I felt completely nourished.
There are a fair bit of cutting but next to no cooking at all,.it's salty, sweet, sour, crunchy, spicy and very healthy. You may increase the amount of garlic and decrease the amount of shrimp paste if you are cooking for the first time.
P.S I cooked the rice on my bbq as the aromas of the shrimp paste could linger for days.

serves 4
for the garnish you'll need;
1 green mango, shredded
3 eggs, made into thin omelet, thinly sliced
4 shallots, thinly sliced
1/2 cup of dried shrimp, fried till crispy
lime wedges
10 long beans, thinly sliced
2 lebanese cucumbers, sliced
4 bird chilies, sliced

for the rice you'll need:
4 cups of cold rice
3 cloves of garlic, minced
a small piece of shrimp paste (wrapped in foil, toasted and crushed)

Everything is cut and sliced, now prepare the rice..

Fry garlic and shrimp paste with some oil...

Add rice and stir fry til  every grain of rice is coated with the garlic and shrimp paste mixture..

Arrange garnishes prettily around the moulded rice...

Completely destroy the prettiness and enjoy the fishiness !!!


  1. Hi3TH,you are a cooking genius!And BTW I've fed shrimp paste to Mat Sallehs and they seem to take to it like duck to water.

  2. Looks so delicious and thanks for sharing.

  3. Are you Thai? I LOVE Thai cooking. This dish looks super appetising. I can never get sick of Thai food :)

  4. Looks like a fantastically delicious dish. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thank you for calling me mad. :)Nice to meet you:)

  5. Retno Prihadana - haha I'm glad :)

    The Little Teochew - Thanks ! yes I am part Thai , and I'll be cooking a lot of Thai dishes in the coming weeks :)

    Donna _FFW - You'll are welcome, nice meeting you too ;)

  6. Looks so pretty yet healthy! Nice one

  7. I'm getting to like Thai foods, that mainly taste sweet and sour.
    Glad to have you sharing with us.

  8. thanks C&C!

    Thanks Christine, will be posting more Thai recipes in the next few days

  9. Wow... this looks great!! I love Thai dishes like this, a lot of flavours in it I can see! :) Please share more Thai dishes..!!

  10. A fabulous dish! It looks so flavorful! Thai food is awesome...



  11. my cooking hut, the next few dishes are all thai :)

    Hey rosa glad u love it!!!

  12. oh yeah love thai salads will follow for some cooking tips from you

  13. C & Conly sharing the tips i got from my family please share yours too :)

  14. I love the look of this , might just have to cut down on the shrimp paste a little :)

  15. I used to order this at KOKA in Singapore :) ! yours looks much better!!

  16. Hi Hungry Tummies, can I just say I am loving your blog and look forward to your next culinary delight. I do have a question regarding this particular recipe, the dried prawns you used, are they the usual ones that you use for things like sambal kankong? Or are they the flat shrimpy style you use as garnish in Mee Rebus?

    (in case you're wondering, I have a mutual friend of your friends P & D who put me onto your blog)

  17. Thanks Temasek!! I'm glad you are liking my blog.
    It is the same type used for the sambal, I just managed to get some smaller Thai ones but if you can't find them, use the normal dried shrimps.
    p.s I must thank P & D :)

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