Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Salmon Fish Cakes With A Salsa

Not really what I had in mind for tonight's dinner. But due to the hot weather, I decided roasting a piece of meat is not what I would like to do after work. There's another problem, a huge one too! Where I work might be full of very expensive shops and restaurants, but not when it comes to good shopping for food (not with our budgets anyway!). The only saving grace is there is a good fish shop with wonderful people working there, and I normally get a big discount every time I shop there. Everyone loves this so it's a great thing to have for your next picnic or cocktail party, just make them smaller.
P.S I don't add bread crumbs into the fish cake at all, so all you can taste is fish and creamy potato. :) oh so crispy on the outside and moist within.

Serves 4
you'll need;
4 large potatoes, boiled, skinned and mashed raughly
600g of salmon fillet, poached, flaked
2 tbs of sour cream
chives, chopped
coriander, chopped
1 onion, chopped and browned
1 small egg, beaten
salt and pepper to taste
2 eggs beaten, flour and bread crumbs (I used panko, Japanese style) for crumbing

Poach salmon fillets with bay leaves, peppercorns, sliced onions and parsley. Cooled and flaked.

Add fish, herbs, onions with seasoned mashed potato. Mix well with a fork.

Divide fish and potato mixture into 12 equal serves. Crumb the patties, they can be left to firm up in the fridge til needed.

Fry till golden brown and drain well.

Serve it with the salad of your choice. I served ours with a tomato salsa with tamarind dressing and  dressed rocket.


  1. Oh this looks really good! I will be trying these myself on the hotter days =)

  2. I am so glad this is up just when I was wondering what to cook tonight. I just need to get some fish, thats too easy. Can I just substitute tamarind paste with more lime juice?

  3. Hey love to eat, alter the salsa to your taste. I thought tamarind would give it a rounder taste, and I was right. :)

  4. Yet another success ! thanks tummies!!!
    I actually made extras for the boys to take to lunch tomorrow. Guess what I'm making the Japanese curry tomorrow, where can I get the panko?

  5. I got my last packet of panko at my local Coles, otherwise any Asian grocer would have them.

  6. Your fish cakes look awesome. I made once too, alot of work!!!
    Janet@ Gourmet Traveller88

  7. oooh they are perfect! I normally make the salmon cakes w/o cooking salmon first...

    which is why I always BURN the crust. i know the secret!

  8. Hey Janet,
    I only part I'm not very keen on is the crumbing part..:(

    hey SteamyKitchen,
    Don't we all made little mistakes like that. Try again and let me know.!!

  9. I love salmon fish cakes and salsa, so that dish is for me!



  10. hey Rosa , Lets swap this with your cake!!!

  11. Wow , my kids would love these , so droolicious !

  12. make sure u make a lot of them or else they will start fighting !!!

  13. RR


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