Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wonton 雲吞 ,"Everyday Pork And Prawns Mince" Recipe 1

I always have some marinated minced pork in my fridge (I called it my "everyday pork and prawns mince") and of course different dumpling skins and asian greens as well. So to have a "meal in a flash" like this takes basically minutes. This mince recipe is really versatile, you'll notice how often I use it in the future with minor changes to it. You need 10 to 12 pieces each.

wonton wrappers
chopped spring onions
asian greens ( choysum, bokchoy or gailan ) washed and cut into bite size pieces

Place 11/2 tsp of filling in middle of the pastry. gather all edges together to form a plump dumpling.

Gather all edges together to form a plump dumpling.

You'll need 10 to 12 wantons each as a light lunch.

In a pot of  boiling water, boil wantons til they float to the surface, takes about 5 to 7 minutes.

Drain wantons, place it in a warm bowl with blanched asian greens of your choice and serve hot with cut chilies and soy.

Often I have them "dry" with a drizzle of soy, dark soy, white pepper and chili oil.


  1. I tried these wontons this evening using prawn and tofu (pescatarian) and they were divine, thanks for all your amazing recipes and passion.
    Lainie :)

  2. Hi Lainie,
    I am glad it turned out well with tofu instead of prawns :)


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