Sunday, October 4, 2009

Glass Noodle With Pork Balls Soup, 冬粉肉丸湯 'Everyday Pork And Prawn Mince' Recipe 2

Here's another of my "meal in a flash" and it only take about 10 minutes to prepare.

you'll need;
1 bundle of tang hun, 50g ( mung bean noodle )
bean sprouts
1/2 l of chicken stock
chopped spring onions
fried shallots
cut chili
chili oil

to prepare;
Bring chicken stock to a simmer , add noodle and cook for a minute. Add about 7 to 8 tps of pork mince
into the pot, cook for another minute.
Add a handful of bean sprouts, pour everything into a warm bowl right away.
Top with spring onions, shallots, cut chili and chili oil. I also love a dash of sesame oil and white pepper.

Mix it all up.

this is another version with dang myun (korean sweet potato noodle) and bokchoy.


  1. That looks mmm.....drools. I also tend to substitute dangmyun for bean noodles.

  2. Yes, add some ginger perhaps for a touch of bite.


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