Friday, October 23, 2009

Pajoeri 파절이 Spring Onion Salad - Banchan 1

Banchan (meaning side dishes in Korean) are those freebies you get when you go to a Korean restaurant. Every Korean household would boast to have the best and the most variety of banchan. The first time I attempted to cook Korean food was about 2 months ago. I can stand tall and proud here telling you that I did manage to produce quite a few of them :)
I make this for the first time specially for the Korean bbq we had on thursday night (apparently a must have), again there must be 1001 different versions of this around and I choose to leave the arguments to the Koreans themselves. I'll continue to post banchan recipes here on a regular basis.

you'll need;
a bunch of spring onions
1 tbs of sesame oil
dash of sugar
dash white vinegar

Cut spring onions into thin slivers..

Prepare dressing...

Mix everything just before serving, check if it needs more of anything..

Ready to go as part of your Korean meal.

P.S Don't attempt to have a date after this, it's really potent !!!


  1. Hi. You are so versatile. Korean food as well ? And is that a Global knife I see on the chopping board ? How I envy u !

  2. I'm glad you do!! And I haven't even started on my thai and Chinese food yet so be amazed :) let alone the weird and wonderful food of Kuching I learnt when I was there. Btw you r on my blog roll now so other people can share your wonderful experience with travel and food as well.
    Yes a global knife indeed, bit old though, so if you do visit a new one is what I need :)

  3. Thanks 1 I've added you to by blogroll too.

  4. Thanks don't forget my global knife and 10 pacs of laksa paste!!!

  5. Thanks, I'll put on a huge feast for you :)

  6. I tried this one last year,looks good


  7. RR


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