Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just A Little Prettiness 1

Sadly, having flowers in the house is no longer a luxury that I can afford on a regular basis. But one has to indulge oneself from time to time and since I'm not cooking today I decided to spend some money on my other passion, Ikebana. It's a much easier way to bring any season or nature into your living room, and the result is priceless!!!  For my hindu friends, happy deepavali!!

Leftover for my kitchen, blessed!!
P.S to all my friends, do bring me flowers sometime :).


  1. Hi. That is beautiful. I didn't know you are so multi-talented !

  2. Haha I won't say multi talented but I love everything beautiful. Have I told you about my arts yet? :) well my art blog will be up in about 3 weeks time.

  3. Not yet. Sounds exciting. Please keep me posted !

  4. That looks lovely, great work. Sadly, my flowers always have a mind of their own in the vase!

  5. Thanks Neil I guess thats the beauty of flowers, they are indeed living creatures !!! :)

  6. Hi 3 hungry tummies, The flower is the poetry of reproduction. It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life.
    You're not only an artist in the kitchen, but a painter in the living room of your beautiful creation that not only beautifies but creates an essence of solitude.
    I am impressed, outstanding.

    Have a pleasant week and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  7. Thanks Uncle Lee you are very kind!!

  8. Oh I want this!! When will you come to Hk and make me a nice one?

  9. I'll let you know when i'm in hk next haha!!

  10. Please DO let me know, I'm sure we'll have lots of fun eating around town.


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