Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Bbq But With A Vietnamese Twist

As I've mentioned before we did have quite a bit of leftover meat from our previous bbq but 2 days of Korean bbq in a row is still a bit too much for me but how about a bbq with a Vietnamese twist?  Although I only cook Monday to Thursday but since they both claimed to be sick I thought I'll "cook" for another night.(maybe???)
I went to Victoria Street after work to gather some fresh herbs, rice paper sheets and some vegetable, the essential ingredients for tonight's dinner. It's amazing how one can change a few things and it becomes a completely different dining experience altogether. I'm not sure if anyone has done this before but I would encourage everyone to give this a try. It's nice, it's new, it's different!!!
You need some asian herbs, Vietnamese rice paper, some bun noodle and most importantly Vietnamese dipping sauce (nouc cham)
P.S soak rice paper sheets one at a time for 20 seconds before wrapping, if not you can tell me what they all end up looking like :)

 Sliced cucumber and carrot

A selection of fresh herbs like coriander, thai basil, purple perilla, vietnamese mint, mint and chinese chives..

Leftover meat from the other night (I drizzled some sesame oil and 5 spice powder over it)...

Vietnamese dipping sauce , lettuce and some rice vermicelli (boil for 5 minute)

Closer look at the spreads..

Beef on the hot plate...

And pork...

We placed some lettuce, grilled meat...

start wrapping...


On the right track...


Now dip into the wonderful sauce and eat it!!! very happy tummies indeed!!

Or without the rice paper roll

A randomly taken photo, I think I like it!!


  1. awwww......these look sooooo goooood.....esp the spring rolls. I really love that. I have to make them. I'll use char siu chicken. It's too cold to BBQ outside now. It is so fun to make and eat.

  2. Hey Mary where r u? I can already see how much fun we can have in the kitchen. Only Ayam !!! :)
    I think one day we will cook together because that would happen :)

  3. Hey my boys decided they actually prefer this you think I should still get the Korean bbq hot plate? Don't think they like the korean food idea :(

  4. 2 more posting of korean food n thats it, hopefully u haven't bought too much ingredients. :)

  5. Hi, first time here. Nice blog with lovely food, will come again :)

  6. That does look good ! i like the way rice paper looks ..its so pretty.. imust try wth rice paper next time :))

  7. hey zurin, you should! and the sauce you used for yours will work well too

  8. I did something similar recently but I'm so sad now that I didn't take pictures. My brother got really silly and kept tryint to make bigger and bigger ones. Eventually, he had a burrito sized Vietnames spring roll. I don't know how he did it.

  9. Must be a lot of skill trying to make one that size :)

  10. This looks really nice!! I'd love to try!

  11. please do and if u r visiting melbourne be my guest!!

  12. RR


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