Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gogi Gui 고기구이 Korean BBQ

Korean bbq has be the most famous export of Korea after Kim Jong Il and Kimchi (not related to each other). For all non Koreans, Korean bbq is the very first taste of that strange, but facinating culture from the far east. While 90% of you might say "I can't stand kimchi!!!" the same percentage of your would say "I absolutely love Korean bbq!!!!"
Of course there are people that don't understand why one would want to cook their own food in a restaurant, that's easily fixed!! As we all know, whether it is near a Webber in an Aussie backyard, an old basin with burning charcoals in Thailand or Vietnam, there will always be MEN that love to be involved with the cooking process, wether or not the last time they cooked a proper meal was when they tried to impressed their first girl friend. Fortunately this includes the Korean bbq in restaurants; just make sure a prior arrangement has been agreed on which man would be doing the cooking.
It's thursday afternoon on my bicycle after a hard day of work, the weather was perfect and I would rather meet some friends at the pub than thinking about cooking. So the idea of "no cooking" cooking came to mind. I bought 3 different kinds of meat and everything else I needed from my local Korean shop, collected a hot pan and some small dishes from my dear friend M and dinner was settled. (I did spend too much time fiddling with the table setting )
This is a "non marinated" bbq, so don't worry too much about the marinates and I'll post "marinated" one when we do it next !! Get lots of Shoju (korean wine) and let the party begin GUNBAE!!!!!

you'll need the following as a start;

Pork belly (samgyeopsal)

Pork neck

 Beef loin (deungshim gui)

Sesame leaves with all 3 different meats, kimchi, garlic with green chilies, carrot and daikon pickle and lettuce of course. Most importantly the sahmjang !!

A closer look of the spreads..

Meat cooking on the hot plate, rest the meat on the onions when they are done. That keeps the meat warm and moist, and those onions are delicious to eat at the end.

Mmmm a piece of meat is missing!!!

With a sesame leaf or lettuce, place some Korean rice, bbq meat, grilled garlic etc...

Wrap it all up and EAT!!!!! delicious

I think we did rather well :)

P.S As I have never done this at home before, therefore I ended up with too much meat. Each packet is 800g and that is enough for the 3 of us, so we are going to have a few more bbq I think :)


  1. What a great idea for a dinner party , no cooking involves and the men will do the cooking!!! I love it!!! Where can I can one of those hot pan?

  2. I am not using a proper Korean bbq pan here but it worked well. Any of the Korean shops will stock them. You are dead right about the men doing the cooking!!!

  3. which Korean shop did you go to for the meat mista?? Damn i wish i lived in Fitzroy sometimes :P

  4. looks better than my last Korean bbq in the restaurant!!!

  5. does anymone know where i can but this set of stove and the hpt plate on top..please let me know........ i have the stove but not the top...thankyou

  6. Anonymous,
    Are you in Melbourne? If you are the large kitchenware shop on Victoria st Richmond (opposite some Oriental furniture shop) sells it.


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