Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kuaytiaw Raat Naa Muu ก๋วยเตี๋ยวราดหน้า Stir Fried Rice Noodle With Pork In Some Kind Of Sauce

This is my absolute number one Thai noodle dish (if it's done right, its right up there with wat dan hor, that later.) of Chinese origin of course. Give me this rather than a sugar soaked pat thai anytime. It basically has less than 10 ingredients and it takes less than 20 minutes to make. It's Friday night and me and my best friend A had just decided to have something to eat after our countless jugs of beer, I choose to come home to make this instead as I already have everything in my fridge. Use chicken if you are not a pork lover, shame!!! or Chinese mushroom if you are a vegetarian :(

you'll need just this; 
500g of rice noodle (I used pho noodle but try to get the thicker version, horfun)
150g of pork; marinated with soy, oyster sauce, white pepper and some corn starch
100g of kailan (chinese broccoli, absolutely no substitute!) sliced
2 cloved of garlic, chopped
2 tbs of taochu (chinese soy bean paste)
1/2 cup of chicken stock
11/2 tbs corn starch mixed with 5 tbs of water

Basically all you need.

Mixed with dash of dark soy and sweet soy.

Stir fry in a very hot wok till charred and blistered. Do not move the noodle too often.

Tip into a plate and keep warm.

In a hot wok, add oil till smoking and fry garlic and bean paste.

Add kailan and continue to stir fry for 5 minutes.

Add pork and fry for another minute (I browned my pork first as my stove doesn't get hot enough, otherwise fry it when you are frying the garlic and soy bean paste).

Add stock, dash of soy, dash of sugar , white pepper and corn starch solution. Cook on high heat til thicken.

Pour sauce over the noodle, serve right away.

Served with sliced chilies in fish sauce and lime juice. Aroy maak!

Going, going....

Gone!!! Good time :) To A and our friendship!!!

P.S this is my very first time making this but I've always know how it should taste like. A loved it and I think it's the best raat nar I've had outside of Thailand, speaking of blowing my own trumpet, more importantly grandpa would have been very proud. Happy time!!!


  1. This dish looks straight out of a wonderful Thai restaurant! I love the step by step photo. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Thanks cookie
    please continue to follow my blog ;)

  3. this really was a delicious meal. love you! x

  4. thank you my dear, i had a great time . love u too xxx

  5. Thanks for the recipe. Now I can try making it myself. The version at the Samarahan Golf Club is pretty good and whenever I feel like some simple comfort food I'll go there.

  6. my pleasure CW, spoke to H and he said he bumped into you :) small world indeed. Do get the hor fun rather than the thin ones I used here. Let me know about the result :). The club looks good I can imagine is very pleasant to dine there.

  7. My friend makes this with very crispy noodles at her Thai restaurant in California. I am excited to try your recipe!! Her dish has more gravy and it is almost chicken broth colored. I absolutely LOVE this dish with the vinegar and tiny peppers. Not sure what the recipe is for that. I wish we had a decent wok store here and good strong gas burners. Do you have any suggestions for an excellent wok? I was told to use an outdoor turkey fryer for the gas burner. :o)

  8. Hey ruby thanks for stopping by :). the condiment you mentioned is basically just cut chilies in white vinegar, just choose chilies that is suitable for your taste. As for the wok, you can just get a heavy mild steel one that will retains heat from an Asian shop, i'll tell u how to season it. My gas burner is not as strong as i wanted it to be but there are tricks you may apply to achieve the "breath of the wok" effect. I'm not sure what a turkey fryer is :p check out my other post titled Phat si ew, it tells you how to char the noodles first. Please feel free to ask if you have anymore question :)

  9. thank you for your tips,very helpful just finished 1st attempt not bad at all.....diane uk

  10. Diane,
    Oh I'm glad to hear that! :) It put a big smile on my face!

  11. Thanks for the Raat Naa recipes. I'm Thai and it's my favorite Thai dish and I've been looking for recipes for years. Found one in a Thai cookbook at Costco, but it isn't quite right - it's missing stock is all I think. Also, my dad suggested that I use palm sugar and "tao yai mom" tapioca flour and good stock for authentic flavor. Well, thanks again!


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