Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fried Rice 炒飯 - The Very First Dish That I Ever Cooked

My first cooking experience ever was when I was an 8 year old. Standing on a stool ,cooking a simple fried rice over an over-sized wok and watched by all the ladies in the house. I've loved cooking ever since (and as a greedy child, when it comes to food, what better place to be than the kitchen).
I'm also very proud to be the only one in my generations that could cook almost all the family dishes that I grew up with :)
Here are a few tips when you are making fried rice:
  • always use cold or leftover rice
  • make sure your wok is very hot (make them in batches otherwise)
  • there are no fixed rules of what you can put,  so be creative to use up bits and pieces of meat or seafood in the fridge

    This is how I like mine, you'll need:
    5 cups of cooked rice
    150g of prawns, chopped
    150g of pork fillet, chopped and marinated
    2 Chinese sausage (lap cheong) sliced
    3 eggs, lightly beaten with salt and pepper
    3 cloves of garlic, chopped
    2/3 cup of green peas
    2 spring onions, chopped
    few leaves of lettuce, shreeded
    3 tbs of oyster sauce
    light soy, sesame oil, salt and white pepper to taste

    Fry garlic in a very hot wok with 4 tbs of peanut oil, add pork, Chinese sausage and prawns. Cook till slightly brown, but do now burn. Next, push the mixture to one side of the wok and wait for the wok to regain the heat. Tip in the beaten egg and scramble very quickly, add rice when egg is 70% cooked.
    Mix everything very well and continue to fry for 10 minutes adding the vegetables and season for taste.
    The rice should start to "jump" at this point. Turn off the heat and mix in the lettuce.

    Serve hot with cut chillies and soy.  Enjoy!


    1. Are you sure this was your first dish ?? It looks so perfect to me and I love fried rice too !

    2. Haha this is after 30 years of practice! thanks to the wonderful women in my household too!! :)


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