Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beef Bowl 牛丼 Gyudon

After all the spices, herbs and big flavours from the Thai and Vietnamese dishes, I decided I might cook something completely different this week. This is such a satisfying one dish meal that one can whip up in minutes especially if you choose to use instant dashi instead. I love the ritual of making my own dashi  as it certainly shown in the finish result.

serves 3
you'll need;
600 g of beef fillet, sliced thinly across the grain*
1 onion, sliced
5 cm knob of ginger, grated
1 spring onion, chopped
4 tbs of mirin
3 tbs of Japanese soy
1 tbs of sugar
1 cup of dashi , click HERE
3 onsen tamago  (hot spring egg), click HERE
Steamed japanese rice
pickle ginger to serve
shichimi togarashi to serve
* Place beef fillets in the freezer for half an hour for easy slicing.

Prepare the ingredients.

Blanch the beef for a 15 seconds and drain well.

Place mirin, ginge, sugar and soy in a pan and bring it to a simmer. Add beef and cook for 15 seconds, remove and set aside.

Pour dashi into the same pan with the soy/mirin mixture and cook the sliced onions til soften.

Return beef to the pan and mix well.

Ladle beef onto some hot Japanese rice, top with an onsen tamago, spring onions, pickle ginger and sprinkle some shichimi togarashi over.

The best part of this dish is the soft yolk of the onsen tamago


  1. おいしい! This is my favourite, thank you!

  2. hi tummy! dis is one of my fav japanese food! love dis one coz easy n sgtlah sedapnyer :D

  3. I love how simple this is, love the egg! Are you doing a Japanese week?

  4. Lovely dish for non veg people...

  5. Your family is really lucky to have such a GREAT chef at home!

  6. yummy n innovative recipe...love your neat work.

  7. oh my dear tummy..nampak gayanya makcik akan selongkar your kitchen everyday.....nampak sangat sedap dan pastinya my dear hubby will love this beef bowl..looks soooo delicious!

  8. Wow, this looks awesome! As perfect as what I would order in a restaurant...nice job!

  9. Looks like perfect comfort food to me!

  10. Hmmmm this one i'll try tomorrow. :-)

  11. Any type of Donburi is good for me. I am usually too lazy to cut my own beef because I can't get it really thin... luckily there are Japanese supermarkets here that already sells beef in Sukiyaki cut...:)

  12. 牛丼 with beautiful 温泉卵! Utterly delish!!

  13. This looks absolutely scrumptious! Can't wait to try it soon.

  14. I have a Japanese bento for lunch today but this bowl of goodness with the egg looks so much better!

  15. Wow my favourite dish.. with the added egg it is just perfect! :)

  16. Looks so delicious...especially with the egg! I love runny egg yolks.

  17. I think I will have to get the precut beef, still rather clumsy with my knife. This is going to be very popular.

  18. This looks amazing! Love how simple the preparation is but I think I will do the lazy option with instant dashi :p

  19. I have so much to learn from you when it comes to non Vietnamese food! Looks very delicious especially with the egg!

  20. I have to admit that you guys are such a splendid cook! That beef recipe sounds so delish. Enjoy guys!
    Regards, Kristy

  21. I've been cooking a lot of Japanese food lately. This looks so good!

  22. 我不吃牛肉,用豬肉可嗎?

  23. Thank you very much for your kind comments :)


  24. Great meal in a bowl buddy! The perfectly cooked egg is the icing on the cake!

  25. Very nice bowl meal. Must be delicious. I love all your recipes, it's so simple and yummy.

  26. Fitzboy,
    Thank you buddy! I can't agree more!

    Thank you very much! :)

  27. do you know to make pickle ginger?

  28. Jasmine,
    for pickled ginger recipe;
    *1/2 kg of young ginger, peeled and sliced very thinly.
    *1 1/2 cups of rice vinegar
    *3/4 cup of sugar
    *1 tbs of salt

    - salt ginger for 30 minutes, drain and dry with paper towel. Place it in a jar.
    - dissolve sugar and salt in vinegar by heating everything in a small pot. Cool and pour into the jar with ginger slices.
    - it is ready when the ginger turns pink.

    I hope I have solved your question.

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