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Gai Thod ไก่ ทอด, Thai Fried Chicken

While I was clearing up some of my belongings today I found an oily piece of paper with a recipe written on it. You might have smelt and eaten this at the roadside stalls and fell in love with it. You might have smelt and seen this but decided not to try it for health and safety reasons but dying to know what it tastes like. Good news to everyone as I'm about to share with you a delicious fried chicken recipe given to me by a very generous fried chicken vendor in Phuket, Thailand many years back. I became friendly with the vendor after many visits and once he found out my late grandfather hailed from the same province as his, he gave me the recipe on my last day there. Before you read on, you have to promise not to set up a fried chicken stall in Phuket! This is delicious as a beer snack as part of your Thai meal.
P.S Use any cut of chicken of your choice, serve with sweet chili sauce or my favourite Thai dipping sauce, click HERE.

serves 4 as part of a Thai meal
you'll need;
1 kg of chicken wings or cuts of your choice
5 coriander roots, clean and chopped
10 cloves of garlic, chopped
2 tbs of white peppercorns
1/2  tbs of salt
1 tbs of oyster sauce
dash of soy
dash of fish sauce
a sprinkle of chili flakes
3 tbs of water
1/4 cup of rice flour

Pound peppercorns, garlic, coriander roots and salt in a mortar and pestle to a paste.

Marinate chicken with the prepared paste and the rest of the ingredients for at least an hour or overnight.

Fry chicken pieces in batches til golden.

Drain well.

Serve hot with some sliced cucumber and a dipping sauce of your choice. 


  1. wowww............i will eat that one whole full for sure...delicious and drooling pic :)

  2. Yum! You always make me hungry after I've already eaten :D *licks screen*

    I think I may have tried something similar. Great dish.

  3. This looks fantastic! I love chicken wings...does corriander root taste different from the leaf?

  4. I have always wanted to try this now I know what it tastes like! Very sweet of the vendor to share the recipe with you! Thanks for sharing it with us now!

  5. They look so crisp! The best part of the whole chicken is the chicken wings, esp. the tips.

  6. hehe sori I,m a bit late today sebab siram pokok bunga.Bagus ya resepi ni .selama ini makcik buang akar daun ketumbar next time boleh guna untuk perap ayam.t.kasih

  7. Love the fact that you are generous enough to pass on a secret recipe. Looks perfectly perfect! Juts the way a fried chicken should look like.

  8. Neetz ,
    Haha thank you! very easily!

    Brisbane Baker,
    Oh it is hard to go past fried chicken wings :)
    You must try to find out!

    Bo ,
    Thank you! It tastes more like coriander seeds than the leaves. Use the coarse stems and some seeds as a substitute.

    Tricia F .
    Oh you can try it now :) He was great to share it with me indeed!

    Thank you! I totally agree with you, wings are the best part!

    Haha makcik saya pun baru saja sirum pokok :) Akar daun ketumbar juga diguna untuk bikin kari paste dan sos cili, saya akan post lagi kegunaannya

    Cool Lassi(e) ,
    I think there should not be any secret recipe out there, sharing recipes must be one of the most joyous things ever!
    Thank you!

  9. I am so going to try making this dish, thanks for sharing something so special!

  10. Slurppp, feel like finishing that whole plate rite now..tempting fried chicken..

  11. คุณ จะ โชค ดี มาก! นี้ เป็น ไก่ ทอด อร่อย เพื่อ!

  12. I like those spices. And the chicken wings looks so golden brown and crispy!

  13. Yummo! So cool, you managed to get the "secret" recipe. Definitely bookmarking this one for sure.

  14. 你一定很有人緣呀!我很愛泰式炸雞,一定會試!

  15. Harriet from CarltonMarch 24, 2010 at 11:47 PM

    Wow I must try this. I normally throw away the roots and realised you have used that quite a bit in your cooking.

  16. Oh yum!! I love fried chicken.. especially wings!!! Can you fry me some? I'll come by and pick up a bucket thanks!

  17. Fantastic!! I've never used coriander root before, but I love using the whole seeds then crush them. You sure make a lot of mouthwatering dishes.

  18. hi..3 tummies.. i want those!! normally i pound garlic and ginger to marinate.. but yr recipe has more.. more ingredients means more taste!

  19. KL girl in MELB ,
    I hope you will try it!

    Haha thank you!

    ฉัน โชค ดี มาก! :)

    penny ,
    Thank you! Wait til you taste it :)

    shaz ,
    Haha it was great when he said "since you like this so much I'll write down the recipe for you!" You must try this!


    No you must keep it from now on, I'll be posting more recipes with coriander roots being used.

    msihua ,
    Oh won't be so nice by the time you get here :)

    Lyndsey ,
    Thank you very much, I hope you will try using them.

    Yeah you must try the recipe :)

  20. Yum! The wings look and sound delicious! That proves it with the recipe, it's all in who you know! It was your lucky day!

  21. Oh, so nice of to share your secret recipe! I'm so touched! *_* Thank you!

  22. Oh I adore the fried chicken on the roadside! How wonderful to be given this recipe. They look so golden and crispy! Thank you!

  23. How good that sounds. How grand that looks. I need a vendor to perch on my block.

  24. de jolies photos ton plat est appétissant j'adore tes recette
    bonne journée

  25. Suresh, thank you for generously sharing this with us too. It looks fantastic. But seeing that you would like to open your own eatery one day, you should keep some "trade secrets"! ;) Just thinking aloud. Hahaha.

  26. WOW! This looks super delicious! Love the flavor of coriander roots. Someone gave me a recipe of baked chicken wings with coriander roots with black pepper but I still prefer your deep fried chicken.

  27. I follow your blog everyday and your recipes are awesome. I have tried so many. Just cooked the southern chicken rice last night - to die for! Will try this fried chicken tonight. I used to buy these in Satun, southern Thailand -really good! Thanks for all your recipes.

  28. The chicken looks really wonderful. I love the authenticity of vendor food. When it is good, it is hard to beat. Thank you fro sharing this recipe with us. I'll wager the chicken is delicious.

  29. i'm drooling...have to get wings on my nxt supermarket visit...

  30. Wow....looks delicious. I feel like wanting to make it immediately :P Beautiful marinade. Thai food is just sooooo good...mmm

  31. I promise not to set up a fried chicken stall in Phuket. I make no promises about not setting one up in Boston. ;)

  32. Pam ,
    Thank you ! it was a lucky day indeed!

    You better try it then haha

    shanshan ,
    Thank you! We do meet nice people all the time!

    Claudia ,
    Thank you! I want that too!

    Merci bien!

    Haha I'm hoping I won't be selling chicken wings haha

    Anncoo ,
    Thank you! Please try it soon!

    Thank you very much for your comment. I am glad you have tried many of the recipes with success. Where are you btw?

    You are right as they are normally specializing in one dish. Hope you will give it a try.

    Cicily ,
    Thank you! Get more too!

    MaryMoh ,
    Thank you! Try to marinate overnight though!

    Haha that's the deal!

  33. Oh a Malaysian or Singaporean hawker would never part with his/her recipes. Thank you for sharing this, may I open one in Melbourne?

  34. Imagine how popular will these wings be at my next party! Thank you for being as generous as the fried chicken vendor!

  35. Oh wow, the chicken looks so flavorful! I love Thai flavors so I will have to save this recipe.

  36. wow!what a tempting click!that luks extremely delicious! luv Tai food

  37. I can't wait to try this recipe when lent is over

  38. Wow fresh from Phuket! I love Thai fried chicken and have tried many recipes over the years without much success :( This must be it! Thank you!

  39. rosa,
    haha one can understand why though :) Let me know if you do!

    love to eat ,
    Well you will need to let me know then :)

    Sook ,
    Thank you! Try it soon!

    sangi ,
    Thanks! Glad you like it!

    Oh that won't be long now :)

    Tricia ,
    Thank you! Hopefully this one is for you to keep!

  40. With all that spices and herbs you are using, these chicken wings must be robustly delicious! Finger-licking good!

  41. Oh you found that piece of paper! I can't wait to try this!
    Sophia xxx

  42. Oh you are a lucky boy! Thanks for sharing this, it looks so good!

  43. I lived in KL some years ago but have since moved to Florida for good. Not many good Asian restaurants here, so its home cooked all the way. I used to holiday in Thailand, by land, air, rail .. so much fun. Love Thai food, well actually, love food. Keep those recipes coming, they are my source for lunch, dinner. Thank you very much.


  44. Just made this yesterday ... BBQ instead of fried ... came out excellent, can only imagine how it would have tasted Fried!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!

  45. I have to admit.. that I do like fried food from time to time.. this thai fried chicken looks very appetising!


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