Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Roti Jala, Malaysian 'Net Bread'

Roti jala, literally meaning 'net bread' in Malay, is a popular street snack found all over Malaysia. These lace-like pancakes are normally served with curries, which is a substantial meal on its own. If you don't have one of the pancake makers, an empty can with holes pierced works just as well. They can be made hours in advance, just heat them up in the microwave before serving. I served this with my favourite Malaysian chicken curry - click HERE for the recipe.

makes 15
you'll need;
1.5 cups of flour, sifted
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of coconut milk
1 egg, lightly beaten
1/2 tsp of turmeric powder
salt to taste
roti jala maker 

Place everything in a large bowl and whisk til well combine.

Pass batter through a sift to remove any lumps.

Place batter into the pancake maker and drizzle the batter onto a heated pan.

Leave batter to cook for a minute on medium heat.

Fold into half then quarters.

Serve with a rich curry of your choice.


  1. gosh I feel like having some right now!n ur curry looks gorgeous as well!YUMMMM

  2. Roti Jala is always so pretty to look at! Probably cos it looks like lovely lace. :) Sigh, here I am, eating pizza for dinner. :(

  3. You are making me very homesick! Do you know if I am able to get the jala maker here?

  4. This is new to me! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful dish! I might need to get my husband to pierce some cans for me haha!

  5. Your blog has become a great delight for me!
    TAHNKS! Great dish, as usual!
    Betty xx

  6. Never had this before, you must make this for us buddy!

  7. A completely new dish to me.
    Can I use coconut cream instead of milk here?

  8. zurin,
    Thank you very much! I think I'm going to make them whenever I cook curry from now on :)

    They are very pretty indeed! Did you make you pizza? :)

    KL girl in MELB ,
    Oh I'm sorry about that! I haven't seen them around :(

    My pleasure! You should get him to do it right away!

    Oh thank you very much! I'm so glad to hear that! :) xxx

    Hey buddy I certainly will do that!

    Haha just like you oloong bread :)
    you may use half coconut cream half water, it should streams out from the holes quite easily!

  9. Go go go! That is awesome. I feel like I need to make some soon.

  10. Yes, I love this. Now you make me miss home again! I have to try making this. I bought a roti jala mould but it's still brand new....haha. Time to take out and use.

  11. This is new to me! Would love to try making this but first of all I'll need to make the pancake maker first :)

  12. How nice, I've never tried. It would take one now.

  13. That maker is fancy. My friend made it once with a plastic cup with holes.

  14. I saw quite a number of bloggers making roti jala recently. I love your curry, looks so delicious.

  15. I am just about to go to bed and now my mouth is watering and I am hungry again! There is a 4th hungry tummy up in Brisbane now! I am definitely going to have make this...maybe I will send this to my mum and get her to make it!

    Best wishes,

  16. penny,
    Do it soon and some delicious curry too :)

    Haha! You must use the roti jala maker soon! :)

    SamuelGoh ,
    Haha thank you!

    shanshan ,
    Oh it will take you a few minutes to make the maker :)

    Try to make some!

    pigpigscorner ,
    Haha I have been improvising everything until I was given one of this :)

    Must be the roti jala season haha, Thank you very much! :)

    Oh I hate going to bed thinking about food hehe!
    Let me know if your mum ends up making them for you :)

  17. Wow Wow Wow. That looks like a work of art dear. I so wanna taste that RIGHT NOW. And I want that awesome Gadget!Man I am so learning new things from your posts!

  18. Wow! I have never had roti jala and I must confess I have never seen it either... but now after looking the recipe here... I have to make this:) just a tiny little hiccup...Is there any egg substitute???

  19. Haven't had this for years and this is bringing back good memories. The curry looks very good too!

  20. Wow! roti Jala never seen or heard.looks so delicious and like the pattern..;-))thanx for sharing

  21. I love roti jala! Yours came out so perfect. And that chicken curry looks so fabulous I have been trying to make a good chicken curry but so far not happy with results. Very keen to try your curry as it really looks good.

  22. How I long to eat fresh and authentic roti jala. Yours looks so beautiful and delicate.

  23. I agree with others, now I'm craving curry! I'm going to have to make some so I can enjoy this Roti Jala! The coconut milk you used, is it the same that you'd use in the a curry or is it the sweetened kind?

  24. This is a completely new dish to me! I will try to make some when I make curry next!

  25. I'm completely fascinated with your net bread! And the curry would be perfect on it. Although I must admit, I can think of lots of things to try as toppings. Can't wait to make this!

  26. Cool Lassi(e) ,
    Haha thank you! I am glad you like the dishes :)

    Rachana Kothari ,
    Thank you You may add 2 tbs of cooking oil to the mixture instead, it wont be as tasty but it works!

    Thank you! it is time for you to make some soon!

    Jagruti ,
    Thank you very much! I think it will be nice with a thick Indian curry too!

    shaz ,
    Thank you very much! Let me know if you do, I hope it will turn out right :)

    Sanjana said...
    Thank you! I hope you will try making it soon.

    Lyndsey said...
    Haha thank you! I need curry everyday :)
    Just regular unsweetened coconut milk.

    darren said...
    Please do!

    Thank you! Do let me know what toppings you end up using ;)

    KennyT said...
    Very fun indeed!

  27. I've never seen these before. They look wonderfully easy to make and I'm really intrigued by them. I'm going to try to fashion a pancake maker so I can experiment with your recipe. Have a great day...Mary

  28. So neat! I can't wait to try this delicious treat very soon!

  29. How grand - all those spirals of bread freshly made waiting... for me. Delicious!

  30. Une très belle réalisation.
    See soon.

  31. never ever heard abt such kind of dish....looks really new to me...but really awesome...surely try it for soon....

  32. This looks fantastic, I've never eaten it but I saw it made on a food travel programme one time.

  33. never heard of this before ,but it looks wonderful..Loved the net :-)

  34. I want one of those batter gadgets!!!

  35. Oh what a fantastic bread! I saw something similar on someone else's blog and thought it looked fabulous. I can't wait to try it.

  36. I've never seen that before, it's awesome! Kind of reminds me of a crepe. I want some right now.

  37. Wow,Loved the illustrations..I have never tasted this; now I am curious!

  38. Mary ,
    Thanks! Let me know if you do :)

    5 Star Foodie ,
    Thank you! I hope you do :)

    Claudia ,
    Haha thank you very much :)

    Saveurs et Gourmandises,

    I'm glad I posted this dish that do deserved to be shared.

    Mr Noodles ,
    Oh you have seen it made before! I wonder if they served this at Malaysian restaurants in London?

    Gulmohar ,
    Hope you will try it one day.

    Haha they are very handy, I wish I can get it in Melbourne.

    Sook ,
    You must try, it is so easy to make.

    Bob ,
    I am glad I have posted something new for most of my friends here. Please do!

    kothiyavunu ,
    Thank you! You'll have to try making it then.

  39. une superbe et magnifique réalisation, bravo
    bonne soirée

  40. They are so pretty! I'll love to have one of the gadget! The boys might be able to pierce some cans for me haha. The curry is another dish that I have to try, any other nut I may use if I don't have candle or brazil nuts?

  41. 這還是第一次看見這道菜呀!很有新鮮感還有加哩也煮得很好!

  42. I don't think bread could look any cooler - I'm going to have to try it!

  43. This looks amazing...I have never seen it before and I am super excited to try making it! I just found your blog and what a wonderful post to start out with...I am excited to dig through the rest of your recipes!

  44. This is incredible! really impressive thanks!

  45. This looks very interesting!

  46. What fun! I would love to try this one! It doesn't look too hard!

  47. wow love these they also look like fun to make

  48. Fimère ,
    Merci! :)

    love to eat said.
    Thank you! Haha I bet they will be very happy to do so! Macadamia nut is a good substitute.

    大肥 ,

    Madiera ,
    Haha thank you! They are in fact more like pancakes :)

    Thank you very much! Hope you will enjoy the rest of my blog :)

    natural selection,
    Thank you very much! :)

    Michael ,
    Thank you!

    Joy ,
    Haha indeed!

    Thank you! I did have quite a bit of fun haha.

  49. Very cool bread! I love your curry too, not too hot? :)

  50. little panda,
    Thank you very much! No not too hot at all!

  51. wow these are amazing,never seen this type of pancakes but I am definately going to try it.I dont hace the special pan cake maker but will improvise as per your instruction by using an empty baked bean tin and make holes init.Just wondering as to what size the holes should be???
    My 1st visit here will definately follow your blog.

    Thank you very much! Around 2mm should work well , you only need to make 6 to 8 holes ;)


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