Monday, March 15, 2010

Sambal Tumis Telur, Eggs In Spicy Sauce

As promised I am presenting you with the first dish using the delicious sambal tumis from my previous post. This is the Malay version of son in law eggs  for me, it is equally delicious and the best thing is it costs almost next to nothing to make. You may leave out the frying stage but the sauce actually does cling on to the wrinkly surface of the fried eggs a lot better! 

Allow 2 eggs per person as part of a Malaysian meal
I used;
6 free range eggs, hard boiled
1 onion, sliced
4 heaps tbs of sambal tumis, click HERE for recipe
Chilies as garnish

Peel the eggs.

Fry the eggs til golden and wrinkly, this adds a wonderful mouthfeel to the dish.

Fry the onion with the sambal for a few minutes til soften then add in the eggs and warm through.
Garnish with a few chilies and a very easy but delicious dish is ready!


  1. I am so going to make that sauce after seeing this! I am very happy to eat this everyday!

  2. This is grand. Checking out the sauce and ingredients. In my future.

  3. This certainly has convinced me to make a big batch of the sambal. I like the idea of frying the eggs first! I can tell this is going to be a very popular dish!

  4. Oh you're making me all weepy and homesick!! This is what I call comfort food ... I would kill to be able to go to a Nasi Padang stall right now!!

  5. Adoi, why you always cook my favourite dish, I'm salivating and drooling now..yummy.

  6. oo.. interestingly enough, one of my posts middle of this week will have sambal in it!

  7. Oooo... so good with Nasi lemak methinks.. *slurp*

  8. This really turns hard boiled eggs into something fantastic...I guess I will need to make a trip to the Asian market for some ingredient hunting.

  9. amazing. I have never seen eggs cooked this way. SO interesting. I will have to add this to my list of things to try.

  10. wow..looks so intresting and yummy too...the looks of this pic almost look like the egg roast which we Indians make :)..of course ingredients are diefferent ;)....
    good to have this with bread :)

  11. CW ,
    Oh you must before i put up the rest of the recipes using this sauce.

    Claudia ,
    Thank you!

    rosa ,
    I'm so glad to hear that! :)

    Oh there are more reasons to make this then no? Have you try the Indonesian place on Swanston street then?

    Sonia ,
    Haha because it was your birthday :)

    CUMI & CIKI ,
    I can see that coming after the nasi lemak post.

    msihua ,
    Haha you must wait for the nasi lemak post!

    Bo ,
    You must my friend! Please let me know you are a convert after that!

    Lady Ren ,
    Thank you! I hope you'll try it soon!

    Neetz ,
    Oh I must try to find out more about the egg roast! This is great with almost anything :)

  12. More great recipes to use up our freshly laid eggs buddy! Looks really good! Cheers!

  13. you are a naughty boy by posting all this dishes that make me extremely homesick! I bought all the ingredients for sambal tumis and I'll be making that tonight!

  14. I should really try and make these egg dishes you've been posting. Looks healthy and yummy.

  15. Very yummy looking! My children will like this!

  16. There is nothing better than gorgeous food that costs next to nothing to make :0)

  17. I really love these type of fried eggs. 留口水了。。。

  18. fitzboy ,
    Absolutely my dear! Speaking of which I must come and collect some eggs and chilies!

    KL girl in MELB,
    Haha sorry about that! More reason for you to make it then!

    Sook ,
    You must, it is absolutely worth it!

    Pham ,
    Thank you! You must make for them then!

    Eternally Distracted ,
    Absolutely! More importantly it will please vegetarian as well.

    Anncoo ,
    Haha thank you!

  19. Wow - i'd never thought of cooking eggs in this way - what an interesting idea. Thanks for posting this, it's made me think. Mouthwatering photo too!

  20. Hello!
    All your dishes are delicious pint. Incredible. Magazine.

    In the post prior to the pizza is a gift for you.
    Be sure to catch it.

  21. Spicy eggs! Definitely my favourite. I love eggs fried first and then covered with the sauce. Just rice and this is enough to make me very happy :D

  22. c'est une recette délicieuse je la note
    bonne journée

  23. un meraviglioso piatto, ed bellissimo blog !

  24. It looks fantastic! Something I love to have all the time!

  25. I love this! Miss so much. Supper yum except I do not like the frying part. gahhh....can I come over when you make it again?

  26. Oh my goodness. You seriously cook the most delicious meals every day! Can I become the fourth hungry tummy? ;P

  27. Wow. Fried eggs and the delicious sambal paste..looks totally fantastic.

  28. oh yummy yum yum!!! must cook tomorrow! beautifully served with the onions!

  29. My family loves eggs in all their guises. These look wonderful The recipe for sambal paste also sounds delicious. You've fashioned a lovely recipe.

  30. Sambal tumis can be addictive! Love these spicy eggs.

  31. sambal telur ni sangat sedap bila dimakan dengan nasi yang panas:)

  32. Egg dish looks nice and colourful..

  33. Love the fried eggs..never tried it with sambal..sure it's even more tastier :-)

  34. looks it must have tasted greatLove to have some rite now.:)

  35. OMG I don't think I can just settle with one good with rice!

  36. They don't like eggs...hehe...I meant, they look so much more delicious than just the eggs!

  37. Harriet from CarltonMarch 16, 2010 at 8:08 AM

    Must be strange to think I want to have a bowl of rice with this right now at 8 in the morning! I really do want some now!

  38. You managed to use such simple ingredients to create dishes that looks truly amazing over and over again! You have saved me quite a bit of time and money since I started cooking your dishes! Thank you!

  39. I think I could handle eating a few of these

  40. 看了這道菜後,我決定要製作sambal tumis!

  41. this looks so good! the fried egg then in sambal. yummy with riceee

  42. The Grubworm,
    Thank you! Hope you will give it a try!

    Thank you very much! :) kisses

    Thank you!
    Please do :)

    MaryMoh ,
    Thank you! Just rice and this is enough for me too!

    Fimère ,
    Merci! Espérons que vous l'essayer bientôt

    Grazie mille! :)

    Thanks! It is easy enough to have this all the time :)

    penny ,
    Absolutely! I'll make extra!

    Thank you! You can be the honourary tummy when you visit Melb :)

    Cool Lassi(e),
    Thank you very much :)

    zurin ,
    Thank you! Love to see your version :)

    Mary ,
    Thank you! You must try this, hopefully they will like it too :)

    Cheah ,
    Very addictive indeed! :)

    makcikmanggis ,
    Memang benar :)

    Jagruti ,
    Thank you very much!

    Thank you! Do try the sambal, you'll like it.

    Haha thank you!

    Haha 2 is the minimum, I can easily have 3 :)

    Haha it is amazing what we can do to the humble eggs!

    Harriet ,
    Oh not at all, we eat nasi lemak first thing in the morning!

    love to eat,
    Oh thank you very much! I'm so glad to know that! :)

    Alex ,
    Haha thank you!

    大肥 ,

    Thank you! You'll need quite a lot of rice with this :)

  43. That is way cool! I did not realize that you fried the whole hard boiled egg-very interesting.

  44. I've tried something like these before, yours look so divine!

  45. wow cool you can use that sauce for so many dishes

  46. Fried eggs with this delicious spicy sauce sound amazing!

  47. You have done it again! Making me extremely homesick! It is such a versatile sauce!

  48. I have tried the "non fried" version, this looks even better since I love son in law eggs!

  49. Oh I'm going to the Malay stall to get some for my lunch! They look so great darling!!!
    Sophia xxx

  50. Velva,
    Thank you! You must try that ;)

    Could be the son in law egg? Thank you!

    Absolutely! :)

    5 Star Foodie ,
    Thank you very much!

    Thank you! it is indeed a very versatile sauce!

    Yasmin ,
    Oh it tastes a lot better too!

    Sophia my dear, it is great to have that option :) xxx

  51. Sedap! I like this kind of homey dish!


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