Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mee Goreng Melayu, Malay Fried Noodle

I have been craving for mee goreng (meaning fried noodle in Malay) ever since I made my last batch of sambal tumis. This simple dish is a perfect choice as I still have no motivation to cook anything too complicated. There are many versions of this well known dish and this is one I 'learnt' from a Malay vendor back in Cameron Highlands (you will be surprised how much you can learn by standing in front of a blazing wok). This is quite different from mee goreng mamak prepared by the Indian muslims in Malaysia, which I'll blog about that a little later. If you haven't started making your sambal tumis already, do it soon as I will be using it in many more delicious dishes! Nasi lemak anyone?
P.S I'll be posting more simple "one dish" meal like this in the coming weeks as the tummies' kitchen will function differently for a while.

serves 4 as a one dish meal
you'll need;
800 g of hokkien noodles , blanched 
300 g of bean sprouts
300 g of prawns, shelled
5 fried tofu fuffs, sliced
1 bunch of choysum or bokchoy, cut into 3" lengths
3 spring onions, cut into 3" lengths
1 tomato, cut into wedges (optional)
3 garlic cloves, minced
4 heaped tbs of sambal tumis 
2 tbs of dark soy
1/2 cup of chicken stock
salt and pepper to taste
2 large chillies, sliced
lime wedges
extra sambal tumis

Prepare the ingredients and place everything near your stove.

Don't forget the sambal tumis , if you haven't made any do it soon!

Saute garlic til lightly brown then add the prawns, fry for a minute then add sambal tumis, soy and chicken stock. 

When the sauce returns to a boil chuck in the tofu and vegetable and continue to cook for a minute. Finally add the blanched noodles and cook for a further 2 to 3 minutes. Finally add bean sprouts and spring onions, mix well and turn off the heat.

Serve immediately with extra sambal tumis and a wedge of lime on the side.

A very simple but delicious one dish meal, might be a good change from your usual pork chow mien?


  1. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never made mee goreng before I eat the bbq flavour mee goreng lols. malaysia week eh? soo yummy

    my goodness i thought u were girlss.. i know sexist right? lol. so the other tummies dont cook? what tummy number are you?

    i get so confused when i dont know who i am replying to lols

  2. oh no another killer dish!!!!! you are outrageous.

    what? you are not a family of mommy , daddy and child? thats what I thought you were and I thought you wer the mommy? OMG ..LOL

    and youre all men? not a single female?

    that explains everything...why everyones hungry all the 3 boys are vacumms with the switch on 24 hours :))

  3. I love mee goreng! Some places put in too much fish cakes and fish balls which I'm not a great fan! More reason to make that delicious sambal tumis now! I want a big plate of that right now!

  4. I'm drooling right now! It is hard to find a good Mee Goreng here. Always too greasy...

  5. I normally put sambal belacan to my mee goreng thats why it never tasted like the Malay stalls versions! Thank you this looks really good!

  6. Now that's what I call a proper noodle dish.

  7. I am waiting for my pizza delivery and what a stupid idea to log on to your blog!!
    I am looking forward to sambal tumis making this weekend so we can create all the dishes you promised us :) This is the best looking mee goreng I have even seen!

  8. Ann ,
    Thank you! I'm glad you like it! It turns out to be a Malaysian week without much planning. lol
    Haha not sexist at all, I am the only tummy that you have spoken to. They just eat lol

    zurin ,
    Haha this is the simplest dish I can think off!
    No I am almost like the mommy with all the cooking so I can't blame you :)
    Very true about the vacuums lol

    Yeah I don't like too much fish cakes in my too! Well you must really make your sambal tumis soon!

    Haha thank you, The only thing i don't mind being greasy is char kwey tiew :)

    KL girl in MELB ,
    Thank you! You can serve it with sambal belacan but try cooking it with sambal tumis and taste the difference

    Mr Noodles ,
    haha good to have your approval :)

    Tricia F,
    Oh pizza can be good too!
    Thank you! Good luck with the sambal making, let me know how it goes!

  9. Oh man, another favourite dish of mine! Try to control my appetite on this one here especially when having tea at Mamak store. haha... Middle age woman have to look after a bit LOL! hehe....

  10. I am glad you continue to dish out delicious dishes even when you are not motivated, can you imagine what I do eat at that stage? :)
    Indeed a very good change from pork chowmien!

  11. Une bonne recette pleine de saveurs.
    J'aime beaucoup.
    A bientôt.

  12. Thanks for the unbelievably fabulous recipe!! Your pictures make it look sooo good!!

  13. I suddenly know so much about Malaysian food, my friends from uni are very curious lol
    I tried mee goreng once but it didn't look like this and didn't taste too good too. Your version looks very inviting!

  14. I made roti jala tonight with the boys' help :) The homemade jaja maker worked really well and the chicken curry turned out just like your photos.
    We had a wonderful discussion over dinner about the differences between Thai and Malay food, it was great!
    This is certainly a good substitute for pork chowmien!

  15. My Little Space,
    Haha thank you! You just have to have half a serve :)

    darren ,
    Thank you! I need to at least have delicious food when I am down.

    Saveurs et Gourmandises,
    Merci beaucoup!

    Sinful Southern Sweets ,
    You are most welcome! Thank you!

    shanshan ,
    Thank you! Did you tell them the truth? :)
    I hope you will give mee goreng another chance ;)

    love to eat ,
    Oh this is making me so happy! I am glad to know the recipes are working and you are having a good time at dinner table!

  16. The fried noodles look lovely. So whom does the 3 tummies belong to? Girls or guys? I am curious. It doesn't say in the profile. :)

  17. Awesome mee goreng...just what I need now! Each time we go back for holidays, this is one that we must order. I actually enjoy watching the chef frying it in a wok over big fire.

  18. yummy yummmm...pass on to me the plate :)

  19. 好香的一盤馬來炒麵呀!一定要煮些sambal tumis!

  20. Oh my gosh, that look delicious. It is 8.30am here and I am feelling so hungry. I wish I can put my hand into the screen and take that plate of yummy mee goreng!

  21. Harriet from CarltonMarch 18, 2010 at 11:48 PM

    I really haven't met anyone that eat such wonderful food night after night! You can come cook for me whenever you are not motivated. Great looking mee goreng!

  22. Cool Lassi(e) ,
    3 boys :) Thank you very much!

    MaryMoh ,
    Thank you! I hope I haven't made you homesick!

    Thank you very much!

    Haha no problems!


    Haha thank you! I used to eat this at breakfast so it is ok :)

    Harriet from Carlton ,
    I am trying to eat well , I'm glad you like the food thank you!

  23. hi 3 hungry tummies..makcik sangat suka mee goreng,lagi pedas lagi sedap!!eh betul ke you are not mommy?wah amazing!!sangat pandai memasak:)

  24. Oh, it looks delicious! I am learning so much about this type of cooking from you and I love it! Sounds like a perfect one dish meal!!!

  25. Oh YUUM!!! So many of my favourite mamak food in one place.

  26. This look exactly like those sell in Mamak style, one plate please..

  27. looks so spicy and yummy!!loved it..

  28. You had me at "noodles." This looks WONDERFUL!!

  29. I am a big fan of spicy stir-fried noodles! This looks fantastic.

  30. wowww...looks like a perfect restuarant style noodles....fabulous presentation...

  31. encore une assiette qui est très appétissante, j'aime beaucoup
    bonne journée

  32. really enjoying your Malaysian week..:D so many wonderful dishes

  33. Slurp!!!
    What a delicious recipe!! Sure a must try for noddle lovers!

  34. Sedap ni.. I suka yang version bihum juga. ;)

  35. That looks wicked good, I love fried noodles. I've never had this style before though, I really should try it.

  36. All your recipes look delicious to me. This is not so.
    Kisses and thanks

  37. Morning buddy! Love some of this as my lunch today! We should be able to make this after tomorrow once we have our sambal ready! Cheers!

  38. So full of flavors,fantastic :D

  39. The flavors are screaming-wow. This is wonderful.

  40. Wow, wow, wow! You're like a professional - so many sensational things pour out form your kitchen. This mee goreng is definitely mouthwatering. Can't wait for Mee Goreng mamak - can do mee goreng kambing? Special order ? :) (I also love maggi goreng!)

  41. I will be so happy if I am given wonderful looking food like this everyday, even if you are not motivated! You decision to keep things simple works every time! It looks like quite a few of us are making sambal tumis this weekend! :)

  42. Darling, I'm back on your blog. Please write about me ;)


  43. We have this everyday in Indonesia, I can even order this in Indonesian! Satu mie goreng ! Hehe :)

  44. this looks unbelievably good!!! yummy..

  45. This mee goreng looks much better than those from the mamak stall, especially with the sambal tumis!

  46. The mee goreng looks great my dear! Work has been really busy and Sophia has been great doing all the cooking often using your recipes!
    We miss you! Vijay xxx

  47. Hey buddy, do let me know about how the sambal making! :)

    Thank you very much!

    Velva ,
    Thank you :)

    Haha thank you! I'll do a mee mamak when I decided to do the rojak mamak as they use the same ingredients :) Will do a mee kambing just for you!

    Thank you very much! My late grandma used to say "no matter how awful we might be feeling, there are no reason to eat bad food!" I think she was very right. I'm looking forward to everyone's feedback!

    Yes darling I'll be doing that soon :) x

    little panda,
    Haha your Indonesian is very good :)

    s ,
    Thank you very much!

    Cheah ,
    Oh thank you! This is such a simple dish :)

    Vijay darling,Oh you are very lucky indeed.
    miss you guys too! xxx

    Oh thank you very much! :)

  48. Salivating as a type. All your fault! This looks so, so, so delicious!!!

  49. You actually really make me homesick...LOL

  50. This is jumping off the plate to me. I have no idea where to find some of the ingredients. Can you mail-order me a portion?

  51. Ju,
    Oh sorry haha, that's what I do every time I look at your cakes ;)

    Haha I must have done something right then :)

    Oh really? They should available at any Asian shops. Happy to send them over :)

  52. I usally have noodles for supper.
    This one sounds and looks delish!
    B xx

  53. After almost 4 years, still lovely! After spending 1 month in Malaysia, we craved for some of the food we had there. This recipe (with the sambal tumis) has brought a little bit of Malaysia into our home!

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