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Acar Timun Dengan Telur Puyuh, Spicy Pickled Vegetables With Quail Eggs

This is a wonderful vegetarian dish that I made to go with ayam masak kecap the previous night. Most Malaysians and Singaporeans should be quite familiar with one or more version of this pickled vegetables dish and this is one that I am partial to, it must be the quail eggs! This colourful dish is very addictive so do make a larger batch. You may serve it straight away or let it matures in sterilised jars for a few days.
P.S Perfect as a side dish for nasi lemak and it is wonderful to serve this with some prawn crackers.

serves 4 as part of a Malaysian meal
you'll need;
1 telegraph cucumber, peeled, seeded and thickly sliced at 3cm lengths
2 carrots, peeled and thickly sliced at 3cm lengths
100 g of green/french beans, sliced at an angle to match the other two vegetables
20 quail eggs, hard boiled*
3 tbs of toasted sesame seeds
6 bird chillies, sliced lengthwise (optional)
6 tbs of white vinegar
5 tbs of sugar
salt to taste
* add a 2 tbs of white vinegar to boiling water for cooking the eggs, this will make peeling the eggs a whole lot easier.

for the spice paste;
5 shallots, chopped
6 long red chillies, chopped
15 candlenuts (macadamia nuts or brazilnuts are good substitute)
6 garlic cloves, chopped
5 cm piece of ginger, chopped
2 cm piece of turmeric or 3 tsp of turmeric powder
Blend everything till you get a rough paste

Shell the quail eggs and set aside.

Blanch green bean and set aside. Sprinkle 1 tbs of salt onto sliced cucumbers and carrots and leave for 15 minutes then squeeze out as much water as you can, set aside

Fry spice paste with peanut oil til oil separates. Add sugar and vinegar and mix well.

Add quail eggs and stir fry for a minute follow by the green beans.

Next add sliced cucumbers and carrots and warm through. Finally in go the sesame seeds and check for seasonings.

Serve at room temperature or chilled.


  1. This really is a beautiful dish...Lots of color. I love pickled quail I know I would like this.

  2. my mother in law selalu buat acar ni during chinese new year.Selalunya 1st day cny sebab mereka tak makan daging.Tapi acar tu tanpa telur puyuh. tummy,apa itu buyung?adakah nama lain bagi Puyuh?

  3. Wow this is truly a new dish for me..awesome..

  4. What a wonderful mix, such a color... it seems to be perfect!!!! Really good!!!!

  5. Bo,
    Thank you! I would like to have your pickles quail eggs recipe!

    Saya lupa nak check ejaannya kan sudah lama tidak menulis Bahasa Malaysia.. eh malaunya! Mereka pasti Kantonis, Katonis tidak makan daging 1st day og CNY.

    Thank you! :)

    Thank you very much! :)

  6. Fantastica receta!! Del 10!!

  7. Nice preparation...lovely to see those cute quail eggs peeping out...

  8. My mum make a version of this every CNY, I love it! You are right about eating this with prawn crackers! :)

  9. Such a vibrant looking dish! I can imagine why making a bigger batch is a good idea!

  10. *hanging my head in shame*

    Hey beautiful boy... *blush*

    I'm sorry, you can still visit *smiles*

  11. As much as I love those little birdees, this dish makes me so hungry!! So colourful and festive.

    Great work!

  12. Wow...your achar looks very delicious. I love it with keropok. Reminds me of Chinese New Year!

  13. Utterly gorgeous! So beautiful and bright!

  14. I think I have tried this without the quail eggs before when I was in Penang. I am so going to make this over the long weekend. Beautiful looking dish!

  15. un plat coloré pleins de saveurs ça doit être délicieux je note
    bonne journée

  16. Amanda ,
    Muchas gracias! Besos

    Cicily ,
    Haha! Thank you very much!

    KL girl in MELB ,
    Thank you! I bet her version is delicious!

    Thank you! Well this amount lasted one meal!

    Eternally Distracted,
    Haha thank you! ;p

    Brisbane Baker ,
    Thank you very much!

    MaryMoh ,
    Thank you! Another of my homesick dish!

    Thank you! It is a rather cheerful dish!

    CW ,
    Thank you! Good luck with your acar making and do let me know about how it turns out!

    Merci beaucoup!

  17. Thanks for the tip for peeling quail egg shells. And also I have a new tub of it in the fridge! YAY

  18. What a beautiful dish! I can eat this with everything! How long can I keep this in the jar for?

  19. I guess you know how much I love this! Send me a bottle, will you? Thank you! hehe....

  20. I never had this before, looks very delicious! Love the quail eggs!

  21. I can eat this a lot...I mean non-stop. Pass me that plate Please!

  22. wow looks so so good love your cooking

  23. This look wonderful. The photos are fantastic!

  24. Harriet from CarltonApril 1, 2010 at 12:21 AM

    I want some of this with prawn crakers too! I am looking forward to catch up with your blog over the long weekend!

  25. It sings spring. Just missed hitting a quail driving home last night. Don't have quail eggs but the little guys are everywhere.

  26. Oh, it sounds delicious! And I love the vibrant colors! I have no idea of where to get quail eggs around here but, they sound good!

  27. That's a pretty dish :-) The teeny weeny quail eggs look cute..Adding vinegar while boiling eggs is a cool idea, I usually add salt :-)

  28. What a beautiful dish! I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks. Have a grand day. Blessings...Mary

  29. Looks fantastic, I've never had quail eggs.

  30. The vegetables sound fantastic with quail eggs, yummy!

  31. Des couleurs et des saveurs. Ça doit être très bon.
    See soon.

  32. I love acar, it's really addictive. I love your version with quail eggs!

  33. quails eggs.. so small but so potent( in cholesterol!) i love them. totally kill for quails eggs.

  34. My Malaysian Chinese friend used to give jars of this every year. I will try to make some over the weekend.
    Btw her version is without the quail eggs but has cabbage in it :)

  35. wow! i haven't heard about this dish too and its absolutely new for me!

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  36. The dish looks so flavorful and delicious!

  37. What a great dish buddy, so you have quail eggs instead of easter eggs? We will be in all weekends working the garden, drop by anytime!

  38. สวยงาม! ต้องอร่อย!

  39. penny,
    I hope it works for you! I need to get another tub soon!

    love to eat,
    Thank you! It can last for months but you it never lasted for more than 3 days here.

    My Little Space ,
    Haha I will next time I make this.

    s ,
    Thank you!

    little panda ,
    You must give it a try!


    Thank you very much!

    Lyndsey ,
    Thank you! :)

    Harriet ,
    Thank you!

    Claudia ,
    Oh you must have a quail dish soon :)

    Thank you! Do without with the quail eggs and it will still be delicious!

    Gulmohar ,
    THank you! I must try the salt method and compare!

    Mary ,
    THank you! you too!

    Bob ,
    Thank you! Try them if you can find some!

    5 Star Foodie ,
    Thank you very much! :)

    Saveurs et Gourmandises ,
    Merci! :)

    Thank you very much! :)

    CUMI & CIKI ,
    Haha I try not to think about the cholesterol :)

    Anu ,
    Oh you are lucky! We sometimes make that version with cabbage too!

    SriLekha said...
    wow! i haven't heard about this dish too and its absolutely new for me!

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    Thank you! Will have a look!

    Thank you!

    fitzboy ,
    Thanks buddy! I might swing by if the weather is as good as today!

    muu :),
    ขอบคุณมาก! อร่อยมาก

  40. Nice to add those quail eggs in!

  41. 又酸又辣好開胃的一道小菜!加了鵪鶉蛋就更棒了!


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