Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shepherd's Pie And Happy Songkran

It has been cold and grey here for the last few days and I have been cooking some good old comfort food. Shepherd's pie has to be one of the top ten comfort dishes so it is inevitable it turned up at the tummies' to warm up our bodies and souls. This recipe is adapted from foul mouthed Ramsey's "Kitchen Heaven". I added some peas for colour and texture and it works brilliantly! 
Also I would like to wish all my Thai friends "สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์" happy Songkran! Happy new year to all my friends from the subcontinent that do celebrate their new year on the same day.
P.S Finally our internet speed is back to normal so I am now able to blog as usual.

serves 3
you'll need;
900 g of minced beef or lamb, seasoned and browned
1 kg of potato
2 egg yolks
2 large onions, chopped
1 l of brown chicken stock or beef stock
1/2 cup of red wine
3 tbs of tomato puree
3 tbs of flour
75 ml of worcester sauce
1 cup of peas
salt and pepper to taste

For the meat filling - saute chopped onion and garlic til soft and golden then add in the cooked mince. Add tomato puree and flour, mix well and cook for 2 minute. Pour in the wine and worcester sauce and mix well, let it simmer til liquid is reduced by half. Finally add stock and simmer uncovered for 35 to 45 minutes, the meat sauce should be quite thick by then, add peas and mix through. Check for seasonings.

For the potato topping - boil peeled potatoes with plenty of salted water til tender and drain well. Mash potatoes then add in the beaten egg yolks and mix well.

Fill ramekins with meat filling and top with potato topping. Use a fork to create attractive patterns if you wish.

Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees C for 30 minutes til bubbling and golden.

Serve immediately with a side salad.


  1. Dear,
    The color of this page reflects the weather..Somber shade of grey..I like it though..did you change it recently?
    The shepherd's pie looks fabulous! Simply delicioso!
    Stay tuned for my Veggie version of it. ;). I just made it a few days ago.

  2. feels so comforting. I could have it on the couch while watching my favourite movie!

  3. Love shepherd's pie! And it's a good idea to use small ramekins as I can monopolise a certain amount of portion... eat in peace ;)

  4. Ahh.. slow internet connection.. explains the M.I.A =)

    I've actually tried Turkey mince as well, and it's just as good... I can't eat beef, so I'm always looking for alternative meat =)

  5. oh wow this looks wonderful one of my favs and love the little dishes

  6. Harriet from CarltonApril 14, 2010 at 11:01 PM

    Good to see your return with such a hearty dish. It is getting so cold at night!

  7. I am actually craving for something like this tonight! Love the individual serving in those ramekins :)

  8. Cool Lassi(e),
    Thank you dear! I did change the colour and I am glad you like it :)
    Looking forward to your vegetarian version :)

    Thank you very much! We actually ate ours in front of the tele lol

    the lacquer spoon,
    Haha thank you! That was the whole idea, can't be fair otherwise :)

    msihua ,
    Yeah :( Great with lamb! WHy don't you eat beef?

    My Little Space,
    Thank you very much!

    Thank you! I have got those ramekins for months and they are perfect for this :)

    Very comforting indeed!

    Oh I haven't gone for that long lol It will only get worst!

    KL girl in MELB,
    Thank you! Now you know how to make it :)

  9. You shepherd's pies look great! I must get some of those ramekins, everyone will get their fair share! We tried your mushroom soup over on Monday night, it was beautiful!

  10. Glad to have you back. Been missing my regular tummy serving :) Great looking pies, perfect comfort food

  11. This looks so comforting! Good to see a new posts after your long absence lol

  12. una meravigliosa ricetta e foto, ciao a presto

  13. Such an appropriate dish to welcome the colder months ahead. This foul mouthed Ramsey version looks good!

  14. Yummy sheperd's pies! I love the individual servings!

  15. I love shepherd's pie and this looks wonderful!!

  16. Welcome back dear! Love your individual serves, they look fantastic! Looks like you have worked out the lighting issue :)

  17. 你終於回來了!哈哈!這跟cottage pie有不同嗎?賣像很好呀!

  18. love to eat ,
    Thank you! I am glad you like it!

    shaz ,
    Thank you! I have only been M.I.A for 3 days lol

    darren ,
    Thank you! Haha read my reply right above this :)

    stefania.confidential ,
    La ringrazio molto!

    CW ,
    Thank you! Hehe he is very good at something!

    Haha only enough for 3 :)

    5 Star Foodie ,
    Thank you very much!

    Thank you!

    Tricia F ,
    Thank you! Still not very happy with the result but this will do for a while.


  19. อร่อยมาก! สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์!

  20. Mmmm....delicious. My children would really like this. I love how you make them into individual little pots...very pretty!

  21. What perfect comfort food. Your pies look delicious. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  22. These look great...I love hearty comfort food...It is lunch time here...your making me hungry.

  23. This pie looks delicious, good idea to make on ramekins. Notice that you've changed the colour of your blog.

  24. A winner every single time especially in the cold and dank weather. I would add a cool Guiness to that and a really good DVD..and some company as well!

  25. Looks good! I've only had Shepherd's Pie once in my life and I loved it. I had no idea how to make it.

  26. j'adore le nouveau look de ton blog c'est classe je n'en dirai pas moins de ta recette
    très appétissante
    bonne soirée

  27. une autre version du hachis parmentier.
    Je note.
    A bientôt.

  28. Such a delicious pie..happy new year wishes to u..

  29. Lovely shepherd's pie. I like the individual ramekins.

  30. Oh my ! that looks terrific..have had this only in restaurants..Happy new year to you too :-)

  31. Happy Songkran. It is the pie season. Must make some soon. :)

  32. That looks so comforting and delicious.

  33. muu :) ,
    ขอบคุณมาก! สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์!

    Thank you! I am sure you have a good version too!

    Mary ,
    Thank you very much! You too!

    Haha thank you! We will be eating similar food for the next few months :)

    Thank you!

    Amanda ,
    Gracious! besos

    Thank you! Yes I have changed the colour :)

    natural selection,
    You are absolutely right! :)

    Jen ,
    Now you do! :)

    Merci beaucoup!
    Je suis heureux que vous ayez remarqué les changements:)

    Merci beaucoup!

    Priya ,
    Thank you! Happy new year!

    Nisrine@Dinners and Dreams ,
    Thank you! It is a great way to portion control :)

    Thank you very much! Happy new year!

    penny aka jeroxie ,
    Thank you! Pie season indeed :)

    Sook ,
    Thank you very much! :)

  34. Such a comforting dish for the colder months and I must try this version. Happy new year!

  35. I have never tried this before, it looks very delicious and I want to try making some soon.

  36. Looks great, even now when our weather is warming up! I like the addition of the peas!

  37. Mmmmm this is the food I have been wanting to eat alot of lately, it's that time of year again.

    Think I may have to make another shepherds pie soon.

  38. Oooh so delish! I love shepherds pie! Yummy!

  39. These look great. I haven't made Shepherd's Pie in eons. I have the very same dishes!

  40. Wow, your shepherd pie sure looks sure makes a great meal!

  41. Holy cow! I love Shepard's Pie and this looks wonderful.

    Happy Thai New Year!

  42. You never fail to make me drool over your posts... I want some!!

  43. Oh...this is so good! My family fav *.*

  44. Happy Songkran buddy! This is our Autumn/Winter special :) Must add some peas next time! Cheers buddy!

  45. Yasmin,
    Thank you! Please do!

    shanshan ,
    Oh really! Then you really must try, you'll love it!

    Thank you! There is something about peas that bring up the comforting factor.

    Brisbane Baker,
    Thank you! You must!

    Haha this is such a crowd pleaser.

    All Our Fingers in the Pie ,
    Thank you very much! :) Time to put those ramekins into good use.

    Thank you very much!

    Thank you! :)

    YangYang ,
    Thank you! Will make u some when you visit.

    Anncoo ,
    Oh yes favourite to many families.

    Thank you very much! See you soon buddy!

  46. It might be boiling here darling but I won't say no to these lovely shepherd's pies!

    Sophia xxx

  47. it's a great idea to make mini separate versions! esp when im always cooking for one here on my own in london! i made one recently with masala mince instead for a spicier kick (:


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