Friday, April 30, 2010

Roasted Pumpkin And Butternut Squash Soup From The Tummies' Kitchen

It has been cold and grey all week here in Melbourne. With no desire to spend too much time in the kitchen, a simple soup seemed like a very good idea indeed. Not a lot went into the soup but I did roast the pumpkin and squash to enhance the sweetness of the vegetables. I also followed my old winning formula by adding some tasty toppings to the soup to make it look and taste less like baby food. It was dark and very cold when bowls of "fragrant warm sunshine" were served. 
P.S for more soup recipes click HERE.  

serves 2
you'll need;
1/2 butternut squash, peeled and cubed
1/4 grey pumpkin, peeled and cubed
1 onion, chopped
2 l of stock
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
sour cream to serve

Place vegetables on a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with thyme and season well with salt and pepper. Roast in a preheated oven at 200 C til golden.

Saute chopped onion with olive oil til soften, add stock and 3/4 of the roasted vegetables and simmer for 20 minutes.

Blend til smooth and check for seasonings.

Ladle soup into a bowl, top with some roasted vegetables, sprinkle with some thyme , a dollop of sour cream. 


  1. LOL Baby food!! Never thought of it that way. We love pumpkin soup too, but I usually add stuff on top as well , like bacon.

    Glad you felt warmed up :)

  2. It's way to hot for soup here, but it looks delicious.

  3. Looks yummy! We like pumpkin soup here!

  4. Oh my poor darling! We can certainly swap weather for a while, it is bloody hot here!

    Sophia xxx

  5. wow I love love this soup! Looks so irresistible.

  6. selamat tengahari Tummy:)hmmm yum yum...sekali sekala tukar selera dengan pumpkin soup ni sedap juga,kami memang penggemar pumpkin:)

  7. I feel so comfort seeing this soup, simply healthy and good !

  8. Oh this looks so good. I have some roasted butternut squash in the fridge right now. I wish I had one of those immersion blenders. It will be my next gift to myself. Soup tomorrow.

  9. Thanks for the comfort food recipe with beautiful aroma from the roasted squash!

    BTW, I would learn bahasa Indonesia at university related to my SE Asian studies, but missed how to cook their cuisines. Your post is now very helpful :)

  10. Harriet from CarltonApril 30, 2010 at 4:28 PM

    Oh I need to make some soup too. You haven't added any potatoes so it will just be the taste of pumpkin..nice!

  11. This looks good! I am going to roast the pumpkins and reserve some as toppings next time! Have a good weekend!

  12. Soup is back! I was just wondering when you are going to start your soup week again. It has been to cold and grey for me too. Looks delicious!

  13. shaz ,
    Haha blended soup always reminds me of baby food in jars :) Some bacon would be great!

    Bo ,
    Let's swap weather :)

    little panda ,
    Thank you! make some it is so simple :)

    Sophia darling,
    Let's do it! xxx

    Thank you very much!

    Salam makcik, sup ni dari minggu lepas. Semalam makan mee lagi, malamni mee juga lol

    Thank you very much, more importantly easy! :)

    All Our Fingers in the Pie,
    Thank you! It is very handy tool to have :)

    the lacquer spoon,
    Thank you !

    Oh that's why! Very impressive! :) I am glad you find the recipes useful!

    Harriet from Carlton,
    Thank you! I don't like to thicken my soup with potatoes, this way you can really taste the pumpkin :)

    rosa ,
    Thank you! Roasting first really enhance the taste :)

    love to eat ,
    Haha not quite, I was just too unmotivated to cook anything else. Hopefully we'll get some sun tmr. Thank you!

  14. Creamy soup looks prefect for cold weather..

  15. Cold! cold! cold! I want some of your delicious sunshine too!

  16. Mmm...delicious! I want to treat as light meal for my lunch ;)

  17. I am going to try some of your soup recipes next week, I will start with this beautiful pumpkin soup!

  18. Oooh... I love soupy heartiness.. and it's been miserably this would be fantastic!

  19. Hey buddy saw this in the afternoon and we are roasting some pumpkin right now, can't wait!

  20. Cold and grey indeed! I like your sunshine in a bowl!

  21. This looks so good. Nice and wonderful recipe.

  22. I made pumpkin soup today, Vietnamese style :) This one looks very good.

  23. Like that mix of pumpkin and butternut squash :)

  24. The soup looks so perfectly smooth and silky!

  25. So creamy and velvet. I bet if feels good all the way from mouth to belly while sipping this! Great presentation too!

  26. Awesome soup. Love the colour. Looks very healthy and delicious. My children would really love this.

  27. It still seems funny when your weather is opposite of ours. It is hot here and the soup still sounds wonderful! I love roasted vegetables and I love my immersion blender! I'll remember this recipe!

  28. Yumm soup..Love the silky smooth texture. It's been raining here too

  29. Simple is always welcome. I do soups well into the summer. And there is a bit of "baby-food" lurking in there, isn't there?

  30. Delicious and comforting soup...lovely colour too..

  31. That soup is right up my alley; love that butternut squash and the color!

  32. Beautiful, creamy soup. I would love to be a guest at the Tummies kitchen:)

  33. This soup is new to me .Looks irresistible!!Can't wait to try this!

  34. really nice soup for the cooling weather :)

  35. The soup looks wonderful & comforting! Sounds like winter is here.
    Have a great weekend, guys!

  36. I was looking for that recipe around the blogosphere! Love that soup all year round!
    B xx


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