Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hakka Noodles 客家麵

When my friend Makcik Manggis from "Jom makan, jom masak masak.." requested for some Hakka dishes, this simple noodle dish sprang to mind (more wonderful Hakka dishes on the way). This is a popular hawker dish in Malaysia, there is also a very similar dish in Taiwan where there is a sizable Hakka population. I rendered some chicken fat and used some of the delicious cracklings as toppings, it is definitely worth the extra 15 minute jog. Selamat mencuba makcik!
P.S This is a halal version using chicken but use pork if your prefer. 

serves 2
you'll need;
1 chicken breast, minced, marinated with dash of soy, white pepper, sesame oil and corn flour
1/2 cup of dried Chinese mushrooms, soaked in hot water for 20 minutes and diced
3 garlic cloves, chopped
1/2 cup of mushroom soaking water
1/2 cup of chicken stock
dash of soy
dash of fish sauce
dash of white pepper
corn flour solution
bean sprouts, blanched
1 spring onion, chopped
chicken cracklings (optional)
oil used for frying shallots (shallot oil) or chicken fat

Marinated minced chicken and cubed mushrooms.

Saute garlic til lightly brown then add in the chicken, fry for a minute then add in the mushrooms.

Add seasonings, stock and mushroom soaking water. Simmer for a few minutes, check for seasonings then thicken with a little corn flour solution.

Cook noodles with plenty of hot water for 15 seconds, remove and rinse in a big pot of cold water. Bring the water back to a rapid boil, return noodles and cook til al dente. Blanch the bean sprouts.

Place a little chicken fat (or shallot oil) and a dash of soy in a bowl, mix in the cooked noodles and blanched bean sprouts. Ladle the meat and mushroom sauce over and top with chopped spring onions, chicken cracklings and crispy shallots. A bowl of broth with choysum and some cut chillies with soy will complete this wonderful meal.


  1. oh yummy as ever I learn so much about cooking from you keep up the good work Rebecca

  2. 我在臺灣時最愛客家麵了!好想要一碗呀!

  3. This looks so delicious! I like the used of chicken fat and cracklings, very naughty but tastes soooo gooooood!

  4. I've never had Hakka noodles before and was quite unsure as to what they were. Your blog is turning into a mini encyclopedia of noodles!

  5. my are a whiz...awesome :)

  6. Fantastic looking dish! This must taste so good with the homemade crispy shallots and the chicken cracklings! I love it!

  7. I don't remember Hakka noodles looking this good :) You have done it again!

  8. Wow! These are gorgeous noodles. I rally have to try this. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  9. mmmmkoi!mmmmkoi my dear tummy!!pakcik sure suka this hakka mee but mee ni kerinting mana nak cari mee seperti ini?adakah sama bila guna yellow mee yang biasa tu?Makcik mesti cuba resepi ni dan akan hantar report pada Tummy hehe.Thanks:)

  10. this is awesome...i can whiff the favors..

  11. Yet another delicious dish from you, I certainly will go for the crispy cracklings and some chicken fat in mine!

  12. Sure I love this! The crisp shallot fritters are just great with the noodle soup.

  13. Every time I come here, I end up very hungry :D Next time I will have a full stomach first before I visit your blog...haha. Your noodles look very delicious, way better than those sold here.

  14. What a flavoursome bowl of goodness! I would happily go for the extra 15 minute jog :)

  15. Harriet from CarltonApril 29, 2010 at 6:47 PM

    this is my kind of noodle dish, the chicken and mushroom sauce looks divine and the toppings mmmmm :)

  16. Il est 11h30 du matin à Paris et tu me donnes très faim.
    A bientôt.

  17. I think I'm here at good timing. Now is 6.30pm here, pass me that bowl of Hakka Mee please.

  18. cuisiner des nouilles des cette façon c'est très appétissants et surement excellents
    bonne journée

  19. Love the chicken and fried onions topped Hakka Noodles!

  20. Oh yayyy!! Wait til I try this dish on my mum and grandma... when and if I ever find the time to fly back to KL to do that.. HAHAHAH

  21. Rebecca,
    I am so happy to hear that! Thank you!

    大肥 ,

    Thank you! It is ok to be naughty from time to time.

    Mr Noodles,
    Thank you! I am only touching the surface lol There will be more noodle dishes on the way.

    Jhonny walker,
    Haha thank you!

    Thank you! They made the dish rather special I have to say!

    KL girl in MELB,
    Thank you! Must be the crispy bits on top!

    Thank you very much! You too!

    cikmanggis ,
    mmmshi mmmmkoi! Saya harap pakcik akan suka mee hakka ni. mee ini seperti mee wanton cuma lebih besar and rata, biasanya dijual samping mee wanton. Selamat bercuba ya!

    Thank you very much!

    Thank you! Thats the way to go!

    Thank you very much!

    MaryMoh ,
    Haha thank you very much! Try that next time :)

    love to eat ,
    Thank you! I'm sure it is less than 15 minutes!

    Harriet ,
    Thank you very much! Everyone seems to like the crispy bits!

    Thank you very much!

    Nadji ,
    haha Je suis désolé:)

    You are always so late Ann, all finished hehe

    Merci beaucoup! C'est très simple mais très délicieux!

    Cool Lassi(e)
    Thank you very much!

    Haha you must! Are you Hakka? :)

  22. I am always willing to do a bit more excercise in exchange for good food. Your Hakka noodles look divine.

  23. I like your version of Hakka noodles, very nice!

  24. Wow such a grown up dish! It looks innocent enough but I am liking the chicken fat and cracklings :) DELICIOUS!

  25. Hmmm... looks like mee poh to me except we use minced pork!

  26. Presentation excellent! and food looks so delicious you would have to make an enourmous pot for me love this!

    And thanks for coming by for Paella!

  27. It's past midnite here, feeling a bit hungry, can certainly do with some of this as supper. Not only are you good at cooking, you're a linguist!

  28. A delicious bowl of noodles! I love the crispy shallots on top!

  29. You are not going to believe, my parents are hakka, and I never had this noodles, will have to have a serious talk to my mom when she gets back from Taiwan :-) Looks delicious...

  30. What can I say, another tempting and delicious dish fro you!

  31. Morning buddy, it is a torture coming here this early. I have to look for something similar for lunch now! Have a great day buddy!

  32. That is a fantastic looking bowl of Hakka noodles.

    Sophia xxx

  33. little panda,
    Haha come get it!

    Me too Velva :) Thank you very much!

    Thank you! :)

    Thank you!

    Tricia F ,
    That's the best part! Thank you!

    penny ,
    Mee pok is what the type of noodles is called in Singapore. Normally pork is used but this is a halal version :)

    natural selection,
    Thank you very much! I only cooked 2 serves lol
    Paella was great! Thanks!

    Cheah ,
    Oh thank you very much! :)

    mycookinghut ,
    Terima kasih! No problem :)

    5 Star Foodie ,
    Thank you very much!

    Thank you!

    Oh really! :) She might be having a bowl over in Taiwan :)

    Yasmin ,
    Thank you! :)

    fitzboy ,
    Thanks buddy! Haha what did you get for lunch?

    mr. pineapple man,
    Thank you! No it is not sweet at all, it is a savoury dish.

    All Our Fingers in the Pie,
    THank you!

    Thanks Sophia darling! xxx

  34. Nopes.. my grandma is Hakka, my grandpa is hainanese and I'm Hokkien.. hehe

  35. Never heard Hakka noodles before.
    It looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.


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