Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crispy Shallots

Once you have tried the homemade version of crispy shallots, you will never look at the shop bought often stale version again. This fragrant and crispy condiments can be used as toppings for soups, congee, noodle dishes and Asian salad. The shallot oil is equally delicious, just a few drops will transform any noodle dish.

Cut shallots into rings.

Fry shallots with plenty of peanut oil with a pinch of salt. Stir constantly till shallots are golden and drain well. Store crispy shallots in airtight container and shallot oil in a jar.


  1. I would prefer this as a snack instead of the usual potato chips if I have to choose, haha

  2. Wow thanks for sharing fried shallots looks awesome..

  3. O yum I love them so much! And the newly flavoured oil can be good to use again too!

  4. noobcook,
    Haha I sometimes eat them in small amount just like chips.

    Oh tidak perlu makcik!

    You are most welcome!

    Joy ,
    I am glad you do, the oil is fantastic!


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