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Kaeng Phet Pet Yang แกงเผ็ดเป็ดย่าง Roast Duck Curry

A request for som tam has turned this into an unannounced "Thai week at the tummies'" and I am finishing it off with two more delicious dishes today.

I don't think I need to tell you too much about this much loved Thai curry. Together with green curry, phat thai,  som tam and the likes, this is a must have dish for most people visiting a Thai restaurant. Unfortunately my favourite curry is also often overpriced with barely any duck meat in it, reasons why we tend to avoid ordering when we dine out. I used Luv'A Duck roast duck breasts in this recipe since they are on sale but feel free to roast your own or simply purchase half a roast duck from your Chinese eatery, which is what I would normally do.

P.S This is my last Thai curry using shop bought paste so get ready for some recipes of homemade curry paste soon. 

serves 4 as part of a Thai meal
you'll need;
3 roast duck breast, thickly sliced or half a roast duck*
3 tbs of homemade or shop bought red curry paste
400 ml of coconut milk
200 ml of stock
3 kaffir lime leaves, torn
6 canned rambutans or lychee (used fresh ones if available, pitted)
3 tbs of fish sauce
3 tbs of palm sugar
6 Thai eggplants, halved
10 long beans, cut into 5 cm pieces
1 tomato, cut into chunks
1 bunch of Thai basil, picked (you should get a cup)
* separate meat from bones and sliced. Use the bones to enhance the taste of the curry, see step 3.

Prepare the ingredients and lets start cooking.

Heat up 3 tbs of coconut cream (the solid part when a can of coconut milk is opened, never shake your coconut milk) til it starts to split - cracking the coconut.

Fry the curry paste in the cream/oil mixture for 5 to 10 minutes til oil bubbles start to appear. Throw in the kaffir lime leaves.

Pour in the rest of coconut milk and stock and bring it to a boil, If you are using shop bought duck, reserved duck bones can be added and simmer for 15 minutes for a even tastier sauce. Add eggplants follow by long beans and seasonings.

Add duck, rambutans and tomatoes and cook til vegetables are cooked (but still crisp) check for seasonings.

Finally chuck in the Thai basil leaves, remove from the heat source and mix well.

Garnish with extra Thai basil and serve as part of a Thai meal. You will need plenty of steamed rice with this. Check out the other post I published today - Stir fried eggplants.


  1. oh tummyyyy, this also looks yummy!jadi my neighbourlah tummy :D hari2 i hantar empty plate hihihi.... btw, khao mun gai sgt sedap!thanks ya! :-)

  2. Hi tummy..semalam tak sempat lihat menu nasi ayam hainan Tummy dan hari ini satu lagi posting yang pastinya akan makcik cuba.Sesuatu yang baru ...ada rambutan dalam curry..dapat bayangkan rasanya..yummy:)masuk list jugak ni:)

  3. Amazing! Thank you so much for explaining where the duck comes from- the few times I've made duck I always buy a whole duck and find that it is not too meaty. I will look for just the breast.

  4. This looks so good. I didn't know about not shaking the can of coconut milk. Thanks.

  5. Hey,

    Can you get back o me on my queries on the Ho Mok Pla you made previously? I just got back from Perth and realise I've been missing a lot of interesting post here! Because you don't moderate comment, I think you mush have missed my comment. Would prefer I email you for questions???

    Thanks and cheers.

  6. I agree with the overpriced with barely any meat duck curry we are getting here. The curry looks fantastic and thanks for all the tips, always learn something here!

  7. Hey buddy I can't agree more with the facts about duck curry in restaurants. Beautiful curry to end your Thai food week and I am looking forward to the homemade curry paste! Cheers buddy!

  8. Yum! I love duck curry. Must try and make some soon... heh

  9. Ohhhh my favourite curry that has heaps of duck meat in it!

  10. Mouthwatering! Never had duck curry...

  11. hi tummy ,makcik tak pernah maak rambutan dalam kari..sekarang ni musim rambutan,nak cuba..kalau cadangan dari you,mesti sedap..

  12. mmmmm yeahhh i could scoff all of that.

    OMG i was all set to make duck ragu last weekend... and as i'm cutting up the duck.... it was off :(

  13. Harriet from CarltonJune 27, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    I love duck curry and this is certainly better than anything I have had.

  14. I must try duck curry too. It is very expensive in the restaurant. Looks very delicious!

  15. Mmm, one of my favourite curries and you are so right, whenever I order it at restaurants it tends to be a bit low on the meat! Must try to make it myself next time, thanks for sharing :)

  16. Beautiful curry my friend and you put so much duck meat in it!

  17. Finally you decided to make my favourite curry. I was to afraid to ask for this thinking it might be too common lol. I like the idea of adding more flavour to the curry by simmering the bones.

  18. This really sounds incredible. I love duck and your sauce has just the right amount of heat. This is a definite must try for me. Thanks so much for this lovely recipe. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  19. ijayuji,
    Haha terima kasih! Pindah ke Melbournelah! :)

    makcikmanggis ,
    Oh kalau ada lychee boleh pakai lychee jugak :) Sedap sekali :)

    Thank you very much! If you are just after the meat it is better off just getting the breasts.

    All Our Fingers in the Pie,
    Thank you! Only if you need to use the cream on top for frying the curry paste though.

    Oh I just emailed you! Use banana leaves it will taste even better.

    rosa ,
    Thank you very much! I hope you will try it soon!

    fitzboy ,
    Thanks buddy! Glad I am not the only one thinking that. Stay tuned!

    penny ,
    Please do!

    Yasmin ,
    Thank you!

    Thank you! Try making it!

    mohdandmeriam ,
    Oh terima kasih makcik! Oh jealousnya rambutan $20/kg disini :(

    Haha that is quite a big bowl.
    That is awful! Where did you get your duck from?

    Harriet ,
    Thank you very much! It is not hard if we try it at home.

    shanshan ,
    Thank you! Please try it soon.

    Please do Shaz. Make sure to buy a duck and ask for the neck too!.

    Pham ,
    Thank you! I only used 3 breasts but it was enough.

    love to eat,
    Oh it is not common when it is done right.

    Mary ,
    Thank you very much! I hope you will try it.

  20. Hey super cook! I have some awards for you. Please feel free to stop by. Thanks! Btw, this roast duck cury sounds really awesome.

  21. Really, you are going to make your own homemade curry paste? That is going to be awesome. You will definitely have to post your results. That will be interesting to see the differences between store bought vs. homemade.

  22. wow love this and how cool that it has lychee in it love it

  23. I am allergic to ducks but seriously, makes me want to try it anyway! Looks sinfully delicious! :)

  24. yes, great to make your own with such generous amounts of roast duck. looks so good :)

  25. oh no, this look really delicious, I ate this once at a Thai restaurant, love it! once I managed to get the duck breast, i going to make this. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Beautiful curry, am yet to try dishes with duck..tempting dish..

  27. the duck was from Coles (yes i know... don't judge meeeee)

  28. My Little Space ,
    Thank you very much! Collected!

    Yeah I almost finish my shop bought ones so time to start making my own. It makes a huge different!

    Thank you very much! Yeah it is really refreshing!

    Oh really! That is so unfortunate!!

    noobcook ,
    Absolutely and still cheaper than eating out hehe.

    Sonia ,
    Thank you! Or just try getting half a duck from the shop!

    Thank you very much! You must try it soon.

    Daniel ,
    I buy my duck from Coles whenever they are on sale. Huge fat duck for only $13 on Victoria St.

  29. This looks seriously delicious! Never cook rambutans in curries before, this is something new!

  30. Great idea using roast duck! Must be so tasty!


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