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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Street Scene - Victoria Street, Richmond

Since I have mentioned Victoria Street, Richmond several times before, I thought it is only fitting to do a little introduction for my readers who are not from Melbourne. This stretch of Victoria Street that cuts through the inner suburbs of Richmond and Abbotsford is a vibrant shopping strip littered with eateries (mainly Vietnamese and Chinese) , butchers, fish mongers and numerous Asian grocers. Here is where I do most of my food shopping when I am cooking Asian food since it is a mere 15 minutes bike ride from where I live. These are some of the photographs I took while doing my food shopping this afternoon, hope you'll get an idea of it. 
* main picture - My ever reliable 2 wheels outside my favourite grocer, corner of Nicholson and Victoria Street.

One of the many BBQ restaurants with roast meats hanging in the window.

A butcher's display - all cuts suitable for Asian cooking are available here.

One of the fish monger's window - fresh and affordable seafood despite rather abrupt service.

Old Vietnamese ladies from the nearby housing estate selling fresh produce fresh from their communal gardens. Often homemade cakes and snacks are also available.

One of the video shops selling pirated dvds - no we are not in Asia :)

A grocer offers vietnamese snacks and cut fruits. Also a huge selections of wigs, yes wigs!

Some of the fresh produce found along the street.

Very importantly there are several bottle shops on the strip, it is rather convenient since most eateries are B.Y.O here.

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