Thursday, August 26, 2010

Myeolchi Bokkum 2 멸치볶음 Candied Anchovies

This is the other version of myeolchi bokkum that I mention a while back. It is just as tasty and addictive as the spicy version, perfect if you have kids or you are cooking for people that dislike spicy food. Again I would advice you to increase the quantity since it goes so well with almost everything.
P.S This keeps well in the fridge for days.

makes enough for a meal of 4
you'll need;
1 cup of dried anchovies*
1 tbs of cooking oil
1 tbs of sugar
1 tbs of mulyeot (corn syrup)
1 tbs of minced garlic
3 tbs of water
1 tbs of sesame oil
toasted sesame seeds
*small or medium size anchovies are more suitable for making this banchan.

You can fin this at the freezer section of any Korean grocers.

Prepare the sauce - mix water, sugar, corn syrup and minced garlic in a bowl.

Dry fry anchovies for a minute or two on medium heat. Stirring constantly.

Add a tbs of cooking oil and continue to fry for a further minute or two. They should start to crisp up and turn a golden shade.

Push the anchovies to aside and pour in the sugar/corn syrup mix. Mix everything well and immediately turn off the heat. Mix in the sesame oil and seeds.

Serve as part of a Korean meal. This will keep well in the fridge for days and it is perfect to have it on its own or with plenty of steamed rice or congee.

With warmer and longer days and the spring blooms everywhere, spring is definitely around the corner!


  1. sangat sesuai untuk menu bersahur keranan sangat senang untuk dimasak.Thanks tummy:)

  2. ooh I've tried this before! its so good~~

  3. Korean sitcom fanaticAugust 26, 2010 at 1:56 PM

    Oh I like this version too :) Are you making more Korean dishes?

  4. I have tried the spicy version and it turned out beautifully, will try this next!

  5. I am happy to have this with a bowl of rice and nothing else!

  6. Hi tummy!! lately i mmg crazy dgn korean2 ni even korean food pun i rasa nak makan tp sini byk yg tak leh makan bg kita2 yg muslim ni :D so, alternative lain kena try sendirik, suke ikan bilis! tp ikan bilis kecik2 ni rarely i guna, sedap tak? mcm ada bau2 sikit kan? hihihi....

  7. Harriet from CarltonAugust 26, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    I have tried the other version and I love it. My husband refused to eat it though lol I will try this version with the leftover anchovies.

  8. I saw this spicy anchovies at the Korean store here but have not tried it yet. Must get one when I visit the Korean store.

  9. This is very versatile, good with porridge, rice, nasi lemak and even bread!

  10. I'm going to have to try it asap!
    Looks and sounds yummy!

    Have a great day!

    Big hugs,


  11. i tried ur myeolchi bokkum (spicy). Just love it. Will try out this also. You are great!

  12. Hmmmm i love anchofish, but never tried it this way. This i'll make this evening!

  13. How interesting, never tried this before but it sure sounds yummy. Love the magnolias :)

  14. Bookmarked! I can eat just this with rice!

  15. This reminds me of the snack they have in Malaysia. Bit strange at first but tasty!

  16. I will have this over popcorn as a movie snack anytime! hehe

  17. désolée de ne pas te laisser de commentaire ces temps-ci manque de temps j'aime bien tes recettes elles sont magnifiques
    bonne soirée

  18. I just made some of the spicy version the other day, very popular with the boys!

  19. hi tummy, seronok dapat resipi2 baru dari you..keluarga you bertuah mendapat mummy yg pandai n suka masak.resipi mudah,berkhasiat untuk bulan puasa ni.

  20. I was just in the Asian market today...I saw all these little fish and I thought of you.

  21. I love this! Such a great beer food ;)

  22. must be really addicting to eat them :)

  23. These look very addictive....good for snacking :D

  24. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments :)

  25. Hello from 2016. :)

    I have near none of the things you used. For the syrup I used sugar, vinegar, and a dash of fish sauce, with some hot indian curry powder (a pinch) and a small red chilli finely chopped. I also used coconut oil to fry the chillis once they'd heated for a minute.

    All I can say is if I found these in a store I'd be buying them...

    Though for me, maybe less hot curry powder :) I always add too much.

    What a treat these little bags of fishies are. :) and here I was thinking salter plums were the best weird thing ever.. lol

  26. ETA ^ I mean the anchovies, I used coconut oil to fry the anchovies.. oops


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