Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Makcik Manggis' Mee Udang (Prawn Noodles) "Malaysian Monday 8"

For this week's Malaysian Monday I am introducing you to this wonderful creation of my dear friend Makcik Manggis (Aunt Mangosteen in Malay) from Jom masak.. Jom makan-makan. This is one of the tastiest noodle dishes I have tasted with her very creative use of ingredients and flavourings. I strongly urge everyone to try this out soon. I have changed the recipe slightly since I was cooking for one. For the original recipe click HERE.
P.S Please visit Makcik Manggis' blog for more delicious wholesome Malay home cooking. The blog is written in Malay.

recipe adapted from Makcik Manggis
recipe per serve
you'll need;
Hokkien noodles, blanched and drained
5 medium size prawns
2 stalks of choysum or bokchoy, cut into manageable lengths
1/2 tomato, cut into chunks
1 egg, lightly beated
a handful of sliced fish cakes or fish balls
1/2 tbs of soy sauce
1/2 tbs of tomato sauce
1/2 tbs of chili sauce
black pepper to taste
salt and sugar to taste
1 hard boiled eggs, halved
chopped spring onions
chopped Chinese celery
crispy shallot
cut chillies
lime wedges

quantity enough for 3 serves
for the broth;
2 L of chicken stock
reserved prawn heads and shells
2 cloves of garlic*
2 shallots*
2 tbs of dried shrimps*
Grind or mince ingredients marked*

Prepare the ingredients.

Mince shallot, garlic, ginger and dried shrimp and set aside.

Always a good idea to keep some prawn heads and shells in the freezer. To prepare the prawn stock - boil prawn shells with chicken stock for 5 minutes and remove solids.

To make the broth - Saute the minced ingredients til fragrant then all in the prawn stock. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Bring 1/3 of the broth to a boil then gradually add in the fish cake slices, prawns, choysum, noodles and tomato. Return to a simmer and add seasonings.

Finally pour in the beaten egg and mix well. Check for seasonings.

Serve noodles immediately with hard boiled egg, chopped herbs, crispy shallots, cut chillies and a wedge of lime.

I added a little chili oil as well. This has to be one of the most delicious noodle dishes I ever tasted, terima kasih makcik! Enak sekali!

If you have eaten or cooked any Malaysian meal recently, please join us and share with us your recipes and experience. All you need to do is grab the batch above and place it at the end of your post, linking it back to us of course. Since I am hosting the event this month, send me an email for the link to your post :)  Click HERE to find out more.


  1. Hi SOnia

    I adore prawn noodle.. Incidently, just ahd one yesterday...but of a different recipe..Will keep this recipe & give it a go too.. thanks for sharing :)

  2. Too delicious.I want to see your pantry. I know it includes the best ingredients.

  3. hi tummy!! aaarrrghhhh.. sgt tension bila tgk foods skrg ni, u make me hungryyyy!! masuk list i yg dah panjang tu :D.. hv a great day!!

  4. Another Monday is here! Have a great week.

  5. Thanks for sharing such a delicious dish. I must start keeping prawn shells too :)

  6. Oh I want a bowl of that too! Looks very delicious!

  7. Looks so good and I can imagine how delicious that is! Thanks for introducing a wonderful blog too.

  8. I think this tastes as good as it looks. Great dish!

  9. so coincidence, today I planning to cook Penang Prawn mee, next time I want to try this version. sound delicious.

  10. This looks like a very delicious version. It must be very delicious if you say so :) Love prawns!

  11. mm...smell good. Love ur cooking tummy :)

  12. Harriet from CarltonAugust 17, 2010 at 3:19 PM

    I can see this being a new favourite. Never thought of keeping the prawns shells before.

  13. adehh tummyy... saya puasa nih! sudah terliurrr.. sedap mee udang makcik manggis nih!

  14. Oh yummy noodle dish with so many prawns hehe...

  15. Alamak..makcik manggis terlewat!patut lah makcik terbatuk-batuk tadi rupanya ada orang sebut nama makcik hehe.Terima kasih my dear Tummy sb promote "warung" cikmanggis.Harap-harap ramai pelanggan datang makan mee udang ni hehe.mmmkoi..mmmkoi:)

  16. oh ya .mee udang Tummy nampak lagi yummy:)

  17. I like it already! I will start keeping prawn shells too!

  18. I can tell this is very tasty with the wonderful broth... very generous with the prawns too lol

  19. wow...lovely recipe and like this dish a lot.

  20. Noodle soup with prawns....Slurrppp...!! Love it!

  21. A seriously mouthwatering noodle dish!

  22. thats surely is one different recipe and looks nice too :)

  23. Wow, this recipe sounds very easy to make! Great post! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a nice day.
    Ceers, kristy

  24. Yum, yum, yum! Definitely sounds like a meal I'm going to cook for myself when hubby is away :) (he doesn't like prawns, strange man)

  25. If you think it is good then it is a must try for us buddy! Looks delicious!

  26. Oh man I so wish this was my lunch YUM

  27. This 'Har Mee' looks good, better than the Penang version!

  28. LOvely and new type of dish ...bookmarking it...

  29. This looks really special. Don't think I have tried it before but I sure want to try to make it. thanks for recipe.

  30. Wow.. looks great! Looks like restaurant food.

  31. I think you cooked the best prawn noodles soup, really makes me drooling...

  32. I want this for my lunch! Glad you still cooking such interesting food for yourself.

  33. I've just taken my breakfast but instantly hungry again looking at this! Looks like visiting your blog with a full stomach doesn't really work after all...LOL

  34. Aah ... I can't wait to try this on the weekend. Already had a go at your yummy beef hor fun and it was brilliant! I went to your friends sight, but unfortunately Sayang, my bahasa melayu is virtually non-existent. I'm sad now.

  35. 又很美味的一碗麵食, 看了食慾大振!

  36. Catching up #4 yummy! This looks so good and comforting! The egg is a beautiful touch!


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