Friday, August 20, 2010

Silken Tofu Braised In Chicken And Mushroom Sauce 香菇雞粒燴滑豆腐

I am still on my tofu trail, this time using silken tofu instead. This is based loosely on what I grew up eating; you can easily change the ingredients to suit your taste and the possibilities are endless. It is called silken for a reason so be very gentle when dealing with this very delicate soft creature. For around $5 this will happily feeds two,  quite a steal hey! More tofu dishes on the way so stay tuned!

serves 2 with steamed rice or as part of a Chinese meal
you'll need;
1 block (300 g) silken tofu, cut into 10 pieces
2 chicken tender loins, roughly minced
1/3 cup of dried Chinese mushrooms, soaked in hot water for 20 minutes, chopped
1 spring onion, chopped
1/3 cup of peas
1 garlic clove, chopped
1 tsp of chopped ginger
11/2 tbs of oyster sauce
1 tbs of light soy
dash of sesame oil
dash of Chinese cooking wine
1/2 cup of chicken stock
1/2 cup of mushroom soaking water
salt and pepper to taste
corn flour solution

Soak the mushrooms for 20 minutes before chopping and reserve some of the soaking liquid. Chop ginger, garlic and spring onions.

Marinate chicken for 10 minutes. This will make the chicken extra tender and silky.

Saute ginger and garlic with a little oil before adding the chicken. Stir fry on medium heat for 30 seconds.

Add mushrooms, stock and mushroom soaking liquid. Stir well, bring it to a simmer and add seasonings.

Finally add peas and tofu, cook for 2 minute. Be careful not to break up the tofu too much, thicken with corn flour solution and check for seasonings.

Serve immediately with plenty of steamed rice. Cheap and cheerful and extremely easy to prepare!


  1. I'm not usually a fan of tofu, but this looks very creamy and delicious.

  2. Hi tummy!! i datang malam2 ni kat sana siang ke? :D i mmg suke tofu lah! apa2 pun suke, u ada recipe mabo taofu tak? ke i dah tertinggal ntry lama2? :D yg ni pun mmg dah pasti sedap ;-) akn cuba buat..tq!

  3. Lovely Tofu and chicken dish. Looks like your kitchen is in full swing..lotsa posts while I was away for some R&R.

  4. I must, cheap but full of goodness!!

    I cook this quite a bit, whenever my wallet feels 'light'. Heheheh :P

  5. I have always reserved the silken for dessert or blended recipes- Thank you for the suggestion to use it in a main dish-

  6. Very silky and you managed to keep the tofu intact! Whenever I cook this, the tofu would be meshed up by overzealous stirring :P

  7. I don't think I have tried cooking with silken tofu before. This looks delicious and so economical too!

  8. We love tofu, but I haven't cooked with the silken tofu much. Here is another tempting dish from you...I am dying to try!

  9. This looks so yummy! I want some with rice!

  10. looks very colorful and delicious...fab clicks.

  11. simple dan sedap:)..makcik nak cari ikan dori kat Cold storage ni..bye bye

  12. I am still making the leap to tofu. However, this looks very nice.

  13. This silken tofu is prepared wonderfully, delicious sauce!

  14. This dish is one of my family favourites and I cook it quite frequently. I like to add fermented black beans and taucheo to mine also, and sometimes prawns. Yours look great :)

  15. Looking good! So cheap too :)

  16. Loving your tofu dishes! Cheap, cheerful and easy indeed!

  17. Oh I am going to make this for dinner tonight! It looks so inviting!

  18. Great comfort food! I need this in the mood for eating something lighter tofu than spicy ma po tofu. Thanks for the recipe :)

  19. Harriet from CarltonAugust 20, 2010 at 6:20 PM

    Great tofu dish! I will make this when my daughter comes home for dinner, she'll love this!

  20. Tofu is my favorite food - and have at least 3 cookbooks dedicated to tofu! I can't get enough of your recent post!

  21. itz nt easy to get toffu here....but itz lovely...such a lipsmackin recipe tummy...

  22. Great posts on your recent tofu recipes. Already bookmarked!

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  24. A wonderful dish to have for dinner. I like it....mmm. I need to go and buy tofu again.

  25. Loving your tofu meals, my wonderful friend!

    Big hugs,
    B xx

    P.S. I'm back from vacation.

  26. I wrote earlier, I do not know what happened to it. I am preparing to cook your recipe and I suddenly noticed you did not write the marinate of the chicken. -How do I subscribe to your blog?--Francine

    1. Hi there
      the marinade is as follow.
      11/2 tbs of oyster sauce
      1 tbs of light soy
      dash of sesame oil
      dash of chinese cooking wine
      2 tsp of corn flour

      happy cooking :)


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