Monday, July 5, 2010

Mee Rebus - "Malaysia Monday 2" And A Blog Event Announcement!

This is my second Malaysian Monday and I can't think of a dish more appropriate to launch our "Muhibbah* Malaysia Monday blog event with. Mee rebus a little known noodle dish outside of Malaysia and Singapore might not share the same limelight as laksa, satay or nasi lemak but it is certainly as delicious, complex and exciting. The choice of using an obscure dish with a rather unimaginative name (mee rebus meaning boiled noodles in Malay) to launch an event is of course not without my valid reasons. This is fusion food at its best and it represents our beautiful and diverse country rather fittingly; using Chinese ingredients (Hokkien noodles, bean sprouts and soya bean paste) typical Malay spices (galangal, turmeric, chillies) and the use of sweet potato in the sauce is evidence of the Indian Muslim's influence (think Indian rojak). This is my first attempt using my nanny Fatimah's family recipe and it tasted just like what she used to cook for me - she would have been proud of me, I think. Terima kasih Kak Timah! Do read on after the recipe to find out more about the blog event I mentioned earlier.

serves 6 as a very satisfying one dish meal
you'll need;
2 kg of Hokkien noodles
500 g of prawns, blanched and peeled (reserve heads and shells)*
500 g of stewing beef, cut into small cubes
500 g of bean sprouts
1 piece of firm tofu, cubed and fried
6 hard boiled eggs, cut into wedges
3 spring onions, chopped
3 long green chillies, sliced
Chinese celery, chopped
3 limes, cut into wedges
500 g of sweet potato, peeled, cooked til tender and mashed with 1 tbs of corn flour and 1/2 cup of water
3 tbs of preserved soya bean, mashed
3 tbs of Malaysian meat curry powder (I used burung nuri brand)
sugar to taste
sea salt to taste
* I used extra prawn heads and shells I reserved from my previous prawn dishes for a much sweeter gravy.

for the spice mix;
5 cm knob of galangal, peeled and chopped
6 garlic cloves, chopped
250 g of shallots, chopped
15 to 20 dried chillies, soaked in boiling water and chopped (adjust to your liking)
2 cm piece of turmeric, chopped
2 tsp of shrimp paste, toasted

Ingredients for the gravy.

Cook prawns in 2 L of water, remove prawns. Return prawn heads and shells to the pot and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove solids.

Add diced beef to the prawn stock and simmer til tender (approximately an hour)

Finely pound the spices in a mortal and pestle.

Fry spice paste with some oil for a few minutes on low flame til fragrant then add in the curry powder. Continue to fry the paste for a few minutes, add a little water if it becomes too dry.

Add sweet potato mixture follow by the fried spice paste. Stir well and simmer til the sauce thickens. Check for seasonings.

Have all the toppings standby.

Place blanched noodles and bean sprouts in a bowl, ladle some gravy over and garnish with the toppings. Squeeze some lime over, mix well and enjoy! Aduh! Enak sekali! 

Muhibbah* Malaysian Monday Blog Event.

When my fellow blogger friend Shaz from "Test With Skewer" first started her Malaysian Monday posts, it was an attempt to try and get her Mr. Kitchen Hand to eat Malaysian desserts. This then evolved into a little bit of a weekly touch-base between herself, and her roots. Being a loyal reader and a big fan of her Malaysian Monday posts, I emailed Sharon to suggest turning it into a blog event and she was happy to let me jump onto her bandwagon.

So, come one, come all – Malaysian or otherwise. Join us for the Muhibbah Malaysian Monday blog event. The “rules” are pretty simple:

1)  ANYONE can join in – you don’t have to be Malaysian.

2) Post anything related to food and Malaysia, on a Monday (you can do a one-off, every week, or anywhere in between). It could be about food, drink, a restaurant review, a cookbook, an interesting ingredient, etc, etc.

3) Send us your name, your post(s) name and post URL by the LAST Wednesday of the month. Please write Muhibbah Monday #X in the subject line. We will pull a photo off your post to use in our round-up. Remember to grab the batch and link it back to us.

4) Shaz (its[dot]sharon[at]gmail[dot]com) and I (sureshchong[at]yahoo[dot]com and  will take turns to host, and we will let you know where to send each month’s entry. If you would like to take a turn at hosting, do send us an email. (This month, send all entries to Sharon aka Shaz)

5) On the first Monday of every month, a round up of all the entries will be posted on the host’s blog.

That’s about it.Mari masak, minum, main bersama-sama! (Let’s cook, eat, drink and play together).Muhibbbah = Goodwill


  1. I just read about this event! Great idea!

    And you make me drool now! Mee rebus!

  2. Oh this is the best looking mee rebus I have ever seen and it can't be more appropriate to launch this blog event of yours!
    I am very excited about this event, can't wait to read about all the delicious food from back home!

  3. This is a new dish to me although i do know laksa, satay and nasi lemak lol Delicious looking dish and good luck with your new event!

  4. Hi Tummy..ini makanan kegemaran makcik,boleh makan tiap tiap hari tanpa makcik pun nak ambil bahagian dalam muhibah Malaysian Monday la:)

  5. I love mee rebus... you 3 can really cook many types of dishes :)

  6. Oh Gosh... I might have to try and squeeze this in!

  7. Looks very delicious with that sauce and all the toppings. This is also completely new to me!

  8. Anh ,
    Thank you very much!
    Make sure to join us :)

    KL girl in MELB ,
    Thank you very much! I am very excited about it too, hopefully we will get lots of entries.

    Haha thank you very much! Now you know mee rebus too!

    makcikmanggis ,
    Saya pun boleh makan mee rebus tiap-tiap hari juga :) Mari kita semua masak makanan Malaysia :)

    noobcook ,
    Thank you very much! Only one that cook, 2 others help to eat :)

    penny aka jeroxie,
    Please do! :)

    Thank you! It is a very wonderful dish, please try!

  9. This looks great...the event sounds cool too...I hope to learn a lot from everyones posts.

  10. Beautiful looking dish but I have never seen this in the Malaysian restaurants I have been to :( The event sounds really exciting!

  11. I must tried your Mee Rebus recipe one day, just had one outside last week, so salty and not really nice. Glad to know the Malaysia blog event, so I can submit Kueh Keria, yahoo!

  12. This noodle dish looks really delicious and I am looking forward to learn more about Malaysian food through the event!

  13. Sweet potato in the sauce? Sounds very interesting!


  14. Omg, mee rebus looks marvellous..Beautiful event..

  15. it looks so yummy. I must have a try on ur recipe one day.

  16. Bo ,
    Thank you very much! Me too :)

    rosa ,
    Thank you! I have seen it served at Raffles in Collingwood. I am very excited about it :)

    Thank you! Oh that sounds like a very average mee rebus :( Please do!

    shanshan ,
    Thank you very much! Me too!

    Indeed! :)

    Thank you! Do try it !

    Thank you very much! Please do and let me know what do you think.

    JULY 5, 2010 5:54 PM

  17. I'll never be able to make this, Suresh. Out of my league ... but I'll just gawk at how you prepared your dish. Really amazing cook you are.

  18. saya sukaaa sangat mee rebuss! kuah dia yang bestt! mintak semangkuk tummy! lapa nih malas nak masak utk dinner!

  19. Enak nya! But it involves sooooo much work, especially the sauce. You've done a good job and I really the other 2 tummies!

  20. Lovely event...very interesting...count me in...!

  21. favourite dish. The gravy is very delicious.....with my favourite...sweet potatoes!

  22. Ju ,
    Oh thank you very much! It took me a lot of convincing to cook this dish. I will cook this for your without the beef when we meet up :)

    Terima kasih! Satu mangkok cukupke? :)

    Cheah ,
    It is a very labour intensive dish but absolutely worth the hard work!

    Jay ,
    Thank you very much! Looking forward to your post!

    Oh I just realised that! You must make some then!

  23. Thats it Im making this for sure. ive been looking of a good mee rebus recipe all along and Ive never found one. Al that ive tried were really hopeless. This looks and sounds like the perfect one. I know cos I saw the ingredients! I cant thank you enuf.n your kak timah too :)

  24. Bravo Suresh! SO impressed, you even thought about the meaning of the dish and everything. Glad you made the suggestion, very excited to have many others along for the ride.

  25. Mee rebus is my fav too especially the gravy. Looking forward to join the event since I do cook Malaysian food pretty often.

  26. cool event and yummy food as ever will get my thinking caps on and google recipe you can use a mr linky tool and folks can just link up much easier for you


  27. Hey buddy great recipe to launch an very exciting event. Never heard of mee rebus before but will definitely try it despite the very long list of ingredients lol Take care buddy!

  28. Oh..this is my favorite and looks so delicious!

  29. The event souns great as much as this yummy dish!
    I have few days off but I couldn't miss this and had to pop in.
    ~B xx

  30. What a grand event. I cannot get the ingredients to cook Malaysian but I sure love the food.

  31. Oh I am a big fan of your blog because you always have wonderful looking Asian food recipes. This looks amazing and I wish I could taste it!

  32. This looks more exciting than laksa anytime! Looking forward to all the delicious entries!

  33. wonderful to see the steps to prepare it...which makes it a lot less intimidating!!! thank you for posting :)
    Amelia from

  34. Looks so good! I cooked this once using my mum-in-law's quick recipe. It uses instant curry paste so don't have to make it from scratch =P

  35. wow!! i am truly impressed.. i love mee rebus but never dreamed of making it myself sebab macam susahlah!! :) you're a reeeeally good cook!!

  36. I really admire the way you prepare everything from scratch...and you cook curries so often! Really delicious mee rebus you have there and this Malaysian Monday Blog Event sounds like great fun! Looking forward to drooling over the entries:D

  37. Alright then this is very exciting! very interesting the history of that noodle! Lets see hmmmmm..

  38. the mee rebus looked absolutely fantastic!.And it sure took a lot of pains to cook it from scratch.Here in spore we have plenty of pre-made sauces but though tasty it always leaves a taste that makes the tongue kinda funny. Guess they must have added a whole lot of ajinomoto.....

  39. Expérience très intéressante.
    Est-ce que ça marche si on reproduit des recettes malaises ?
    J'ai déjà fait des recettes malaises mais je ne sais pas si ça va dans ce sens?
    See soon

  40. what a nice recipe to share!! thank you☺..Btw,where should I send the info to participate for the event?

  41. Hello, just discovered you via babes kl. That mee rebus looks scrumptious! Muhibbah Monday sounds great. I'm new at this but will try chip in somehow. Thanks.

  42. i think this is fantastic!! What a great idea! esp for so many bloggers (like myself-i consider myself as half malaysian) live overseas!

  43. I have yet tried making my own mee rebus! Sounds pretty easy though. Aiyah, senang aje! Makan dekat gerai saja-lah. Kan saya tinggal kat M'sia. :o) Thanks for sharing & hope you're enjoying your day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  44. My favourite!!!! I tend to crave for this once in a while. Tried once but I think yours is more authentic.

  45. Great to see you cook more often now! Happy Monday. Your mee rebus looks really inviting.
    Best regards, Kristy

  46. Your mee rebus looks super delicious! Drooling already .... Thanks for sharing.

  47. Yum yum Mee rebus. Interesting event too!

  48. I have not had mee rebus for at least 30 years! This looks great and I didn't know you have an event like this! Great job!

  49. Looks very delicious. Make me hungry. Yummy ~~

  50. Your blog makes me so homesick for my mom's cooking! Fantastic Malaysian dishes, so much work, drooling. I found you through Mr. Noodle's blog. I'm visiting London for a family reunion of sorts and want some Malaysian food, what's your fav restaurant?

    1. Thank you very much! Unfortunately I live in Australia so not too familiar with the food scene there. Try pigspigs corner, she is a fellow Malaysia residing in London.

  51. I noticed in your picture, there is a packet of candlenut, do you actually use it in the ingredients to make the paste? It is also not mention anywhere in the recipe. Btw, i have tried a few of your recipes and they were all yummy and my children love it!Thanks for sharing...

  52. Hi hungry tummies,
    i would like to join the event. i just like to know must the post be submitted on every MOnday or can i submit in between that week.
    Thank you

  53. i just came across this. it is certainly a good idea. is the malaysian monday still ongoing?

  54. hi all I'm Mongolian i'm starting food delivery service. So I need new idea about this!

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