Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crispy Duck And Rice Noodles In A Daikon And Wakame Broth 鴨片蘿蔔銀絲粉湯

I have been eating on my own for the last few days and nothing beats simple noodle dishes when it comes to cooking for one. Good news for duck lovers as I will be using duck for my next few posts and I will try to make the dishes as exciting as possible of course. This is just a rough idea of what one can do by using very simple ingredients so feel free to tweet it to suit your taste. Can one eat very well without spending a fortune? Absolutely!

recipe per serve
you'll need;
2 pieces of rice vermicelli 
1 duck breast*
2 cups of stock
6" piece of Chinese radish/daikon, sliced
a small handful of wakame seaweed
1 spring onion, chopped
dash of rice wine
dash of soy
dash of white pepper
dash of sesame oil
* marinate duck breast with some hoisin sauce, soy and five spice powder. Wipe off marinade before cooking. If using shop bought roast duck, place a few pieces of bones in the broth for extra flavour.

Pan fry duck skin side down for 2 minutes then another minute on the other side. Drain off fat and place in the preheated oven at 180C for a further 6 to 7 minutes. Rest before slicing.

Heat stock, add wakame seaweed, cooking wine and sliced Chinese radish. Simmer til radish is tender, season with a little soy, white pepper and grated ginger.

Cook noodles and drain well.

Ladle the broth over the warm noodles.

Top with sliced duck and chopped spring onions and drizzle with a little sesame oil. I actually really enjoyed this very clean tasting dish without any kind of chili sauce or condiments on the side for once.


  1. I really must try harder when I cook for myself next! Looks delicious!

  2. That looks delicious and very wholesome. I love duck so I will be looking forward to your other duck dishes!

  3. Perfect for these cold wintery nights. Guess what? We are going to have char siu noodles tonight. Char siu is done and my kitchen smells amazing now!

  4. 一個人吃也那麼豐富呀! 佩服佩服!

  5. You eat well! I'm normally too lazy to cook for just myself.

  6. Great bowl of noodles as always. Can't help but feel though that fresh egg noodles or perhaps some ho fun would go better with duck.

  7. Oh yummy. We love duck here at Larches, although it's gone very expensive all of a sudden. 2 x Gressingham duck breasts are almost £10! I must source a cheaper alternative.

  8. Lovely meal as usual. Love the combination!

  9. darren ,
    Thank you! One doesn't need to try very hard at all :)

    Thank you! I am glad to hear that!

    love to eat ,
    Indeed! I am so please to hear that! I love the smell too!

    Priya ,
    Thank you very much!

    大肥 ,
    謝謝! 很普通的一碗粉湯而以。

    Thank you! I have to use up the food in the fridge and having a blog make it a lot easier to eat better lol

    Mr Noodles ,
    Thank you! This type of rice vermicelli is often paired with duck and one of the 4 dishes is with hor fun :)

    Lou ,
    Oh that is very expensive indeed! You must keep some ducklings too.

    Thank you very much!

  10. This looks and sounds delicious and tempting!
    Loving your great recipes and pics! The #1 is such an art-istic picture!!
    Big hugs!
    B xx

  11. That duck looks like it is cooked to prefection!

  12. Coooked beautifully! I love the siimplicity in this - as it is a hot summer in MN, simple but fresh and delicious works best! I will go anywhere for those noodles.

  13. I like this noodle soup and you are so lucky to be eating so my duck for the next few days :)

  14. That's a nice and wholesome meal, absolutely to my liking!

  15. I love noodles and I'm fond of duck so your dish is just perfect for me. It looks wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  16. I shouldn't come at this hour. You're making me hungry again by looking at this delicious noodle soup.

  17. I am not a duck lover but I bet this dish tasted really good! my boys would love it!

  18. Betty ,
    Thank you very much! I am glad you think so :) xxx

    penny ,
    Thank you very much!

    Claudia ,
    Thank you! It is equally great on a cold winter night too.

    Haha I am loving it!

    Cheah ,
    Thank you very much!

    Mary ,
    Thank you! Do try it soon.

    Anncoo ,
    Haha Thank you! :)

    Jeannie ,
    Thank you! At least someone know their duck in the family lol

  19. Yum... I really wouldn't mind this bowl of goodness now!

  20. Harriet from CarltonJuly 16, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    I haven't been online for a while and I realised I have so much catching up to do with your blog. This looks delicious and I am looking forward to the rest of your post with duck :)

  21. Hey buddy this looks great! Why are you eating alone? You should come and eat with us! More eggs to be collected too.

  22. That looks delicious. I love duck.


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