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Guest Post - Chinese Style Beef Steak 中式牛扒

When Mr. Noodles of "eat noodles love noodles" asked me to do a guest post for his blog I said yes without any hesitation. It is not just any guest post; it is his 100th post and with such an honour bestowed upon me, I put my mind to work right away for something appropriate for such occasion. A noodle post might be an easy option but I decided against it and instead chosen a dish that might represent who he is - A British born Chinese whose parents emigrated from Hong Kong, who is also very passionate and proud of his heritage. What I have chosen is this Cantonese classic created by talented Hong Kong cooks using both Chinese and English ingredients. It looks unmistakably Chinese that is until you have your first taste of the sauce that has all the English condiments in it,  more importantly the Chineseness of the dish has not been compromised with the added foreign sauces. For Mr. Noodles' friends who are still not convinced by the beauty of Chinese food, this might be a good dish to show them how versatile and diverse the cuisine can be. Please go to "eat noodles love noodles" and find out more about one man's quest to eat all noodles (among other things) under the sun. I am looking forward to the day we meet; there will be beers, wine and zha jiang mian.... opps! I mean dan dan mian! Last but not least, congratulations on your 100th post and am looking forward to the 200th and 300th...
P.S This is a scheduled post. I will answer all queries and comments ASAP. My Malaysian Monday will be posted on a later date.

serves 4 as part of a Chinese meal
you'll need;
500 g of beef fillet - sliced across the grains to roughly 8 mm slices*
1 tbs of light soy
1 tsp of white pepper
1 tbs of corn flour
2 tbs of peanut oil
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1/2 brown onion, sliced
1 bunch of bokchoy or Asian greens of your choice, halved lengthwise and blanched just before serving
1 spring onion, cut into 5 cm lengths and julienne
* Place beef in the freezer for 20 minutes to firm up to make slicing easier. I am not a big fan of meat tenderised using soda powder, if you do use rump and add a tsp of soda powder to the marinade. Pork and chicken can be used with great success.

for the sauce;
6 tbs of tomato ketchup
3 tbs of HP sauce*
1 tbs of worcestershire sauce
1 tbs of oyster sauce
dash of sesame oil
2 tbs of sugar
1/2 cup of stock
dash of white pepper
corn flour solution
* A1 sauce is a good substitute

Mix everything for the sauce in a bowl (except the corn flour solution) and set aside.

Slice beef across the grains and lightly pounded with a kitchen mallet.

Marinate beef with soy, white pepper, corn flour and peanut oil.

Pan fry beef in a hot pan without using any oil (a non stick pan is best) for 15 seconds on each side and set aside. The beef is juicy and tender without having to use any soda powder - my pet hate!

Saute garlic and onion for a minute then add in the sauce mixture and cook for a minute. Check for seasonings and thicken with a little corn flour solution.

Return beef to the wok and lower the heat. Coat beef pieces with the sauce and warm through, take care not to cook the beef any further.

Blanch Asian greens very briefly and drain well.

Serve beef with blanched greens and top with some julienne spring onions. I hope Mr. Noodles will be making this for his Chinese food sceptic friends sometime soon. I found out later Mr. Noodles' father used to make a similar dish using pork fillet when he was growing up.


  1. A very well thought post. Delicious looking dish and now I must think of a dish that might represent me :)

  2. I am not a big fan of meat marinated with soda powder too. This looks delicious and I am very curious about the sauce.

  3. Woww such a delicious beef steak, my hubby love this sort of droolworthy dishes..

  4. You have chosen a very appropriate dish indeed. I have always love the sauce but not really a big fan of the way they handle the beef with the soda powder. I will try your method, it looks fantastic!

  5. This is one type of noodle dish that I would like to sample!

  6. This is a must try for me. Bookmarked!

  7. Harriet from CarltonJuly 26, 2010 at 7:06 PM

    I haven't had this for such a long time. Looks delicious and a very well thought guest post!

  8. favourite beef! It's really good with rice. Well done for writing such a lovely guest post!

  9. Interesting preparation with awesome clicks.

  10. I am from Beijing and I have never heard of this before. Sounds very interesting and looks delicious!

  11. hi tummy..sorry agak lama juga makcik tak singgah..agak sibuk dgn anak2..sedap masakan tummy ..makcik suka noodles..mesti cuba ni..

  12. Oh YUM!! I must try this as well.... I should pound my stress away!

  13. That's an awesome guest post!

    Have a great day!
    Big hugs,
    B xx

  14. Very well thought after post buddy. All I need is some beef for this delicious dish!

  15. I grew up with HP sauce in the house but really it is a Canadian thing and I have never seen it since we've lived in the US.

  16. Wow, what a tasty sounding dish and such a great post. I will definitely visit Mr. Noodles to say hello :)

  17. Hi!! Nice recipe. can I ask what is HP sauce? Thanks!

  18. Oh! I love beef in anyway...this way to prepare beef looks awesome, so tasty...and beautiful pictures!

  19. What a great post! This looks amazing, give me some with rice pls!

  20. All I can say is looks D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!!! Feed me now.. hehehe

  21. Awesome..i m in love with this...

  22. Lovely post and what an interesting dish!

  23. Beberapa kali baca post ni nak cuba bayangkan apa rasa this menu with chinese& english ingredients.mesti sedap sekali.

    Congrats to Mr. Noodles for his 100 post:) I must pay him a visit:)

  24. Delicious looking dish Suresh! I will try it this week.

  25. 我家不吃牛肉, 要用豬肉來試一試。

  26. You are always so thoughtful of the food that you prepare and create! Wonderful job!

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