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Stir Fried Garlic Stems With Chinese Sausage 蒜苗炒臘腸

This is my second post using garlic stem (蒜苗, pronounced suan miao) also known as garlic scapes in The United States. The delicious crisp and chive like stems taste the best when they are simply stir fry with Chinese bacon or any salty cured meat. I used Chinese sausage in this recipe, for a vegetarian version click HERE
Having a mention or "shout out" by other bloggers mean a lot to a new blogger like myself; I would like to thank a few of these wonderful blogger friends (whose their blogs I adore) who did just that in the past one week....
My friend Daniel from Bubbles And Squeaks - KL Hokkien Noodles
My dear friend Makcik Manggis from Jom Masak...Jom Makan-Makan - Curry Laksa
My new friend Ija from Arah - Curry Laksa
A big thank you to everyone and please spend some time checking out these amazing blogs!

Serve 2 to 4 as part of a Chinese meal
you'll need;
1 bunch of garlic stems, sliced at an angle
2 Chinese sausage*, removed casing and diced
pinch of salt
*Dried shrimps, Chinese ham or prosciutto are good substitute

Prepare the vegetable.

Prepare the Chinese sausage.

Saute Chinese sausage with the tiniest amount of cooking oil til lightly brown.

Add in the garlic stems and stir fry on high heat for a minute or two. Season with salt.

Serve immediately as part of a Chinese meal. You will only need 3 ingredients and a mere 10 minutes to prepare this delicious dish!


  1. It looks amazing I bet it smell just as good as it looks!

    I love to mention you when I attempt your recipes! You certainly deserve all the shout outs that you get!!

  2. Usually I just simply stir fry with shrimps, next time I must try to cook this way, look so delicious too.

  3. There are a lot of mentions in one week :)
    I love how simple this dish is...only 3 ingredients hehe

  4. Hi tummy!

    Looks yummy and i really got to try this next time and of coz will try the vegeterian version :D. Thanks alot tummy sbb hargai all my comment, it means a lot to me either, so sweet omg! kalau u dekat i mmg hugs u hihihi...

  5. I have seen them at Coles the last time I was there...a must try!

  6. Are the sausages you use also called wax meats? That's the only kind of sausages I see at my Asian market...very simple dish, but I'm sure it's full of flavor.

  7. my dear Tummy..thank you very much sb tolong "iklan" blog makcik yang seciput ini.Muahhh I love you lah Tummy hikhik....

    To ika ..oppss jangan hugs tummy nanti Ninja marah haha..happy birthday my dear ika..I love you:)

  8. A great simple way to cook a vegetable that is foreign to me lol

  9. I first learnt about this vegetable thru your blog and now it is a favourite at our household :) This looks delicious with the Chinese sausage!

  10. Looks so delicious ...excellent clicks as always..

    Tasty appetite

  11. I like this salty and savoury dish :)

  12. Thats a wonderful combo..looks so perfect and yummy!!

  13. Again, a great looking recipe!

    Is there a Thai name for the garlic stems?

  14. simple yet flavorful..never had garlic stems though..thanks for your lovely wishes :-)

  15. Your dishes are always so delicious yet keeping simplicity. Love it.

  16. Garlic stems! Can't find them here...I miss them a lot.

  17. Mmmm...looks very delicious. It's been many years I have not eaten Chinese sausages. I remember my mom used to steam them and just eat with rice...very delicious.

  18. looks great need to find me some LOL, Rebecca

  19. This is truly delicious. Noted that Annie is the Sept hostess for M'sian Monday posts.

  20. Yum yum yummy! I remember eating this dish in China and being so impressed with the green garlic. Too bad we can't find these garlic scapes here in Kuching.

  21. Dish looks super yummy! I shall have it with the vegetarian version Chinese sausage. ;)

  22. I really love simple dishes, this one looks delicious! The Chinese sausages with garlic delicious is that, my wonderful friend!

    Big hugs!


  23. I bought garlic stem today. Never tried this before when cooked are they spicy hot? Looks good in here. :)


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