Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fried Prawn Roe Noodles With Prawns And Chinese Chives 蝦球韭菜炒蝦仔麵

I was introduced to prawn roe noodles (蝦仔麵) by a friend from Hong Kong many years back. They might look  just like normal dried egg noodles but in fact they are flavoured with prawns roes or other seafood like scallops squid. The seafood flavour is a rather subtle one but what made me a convert in the first place is the wonderful texture of the noodles. If you are able to find them in your Asian grocer; buy a packet or two as I will be showing you different ways of enjoying these wonderful noodles. Here I am using the classic pairing or Chinese chives and prawns. Some bean sprouts are added for the extra crunch, topped and tailed to give the finished dish a much nicer appearance.
P.S I did use chicken fat in this dish so one can imagine how fragrant it is.

recipe from the tummies' kitchen
recipe per serve
you'll need;
2 x prawn roe noodles
6 prawns, shelled and butterflied
1/2 bunch of Chinese chives
a handful of bean sprouts, topped and tailed
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 cm piece of ginger, chopped
1 tbs of soy
1 tbs of dark soy
1 tbs of oyster sauce
1 tsp of sesame oil
salt and pepper to taste
chicken fat or cooking oil

Prepare the ingredients.

Cook noodles til 80% done, drain, refresh and drain again. Set aside.

Saute ginger and garlic with a little oil before adding the prawns.

When the prawns are almost done, add in the noodles mix well. Add seasonings and continue to cook for a minute.

Finally add in the vegetables and cook on high heat for another 30 seconds. Check for seasonings.

Serve immediately with cut chili and soy.

Another very satisfying meal in less than 20 minutes.


  1. nice and delicious dish,drooling!

  2. I can always trust you with noodles. Looks delicious as usual!

  3. Prawn roe noodle?!?!?!

    First time hearing it. It sounds absolutely divine! I just had the normal dired egg noodle for lunch :(

    I want yours!

  4. I want some too! What a great looking noodle dish!

  5. Delicious looking noodles, especially with the huge succulent prawns added!

  6. It looks like I will looking out for the noodles this weekend. I think I will be too lazy to top and tail the bean sprouts lol

  7. I love 蝦仔麵,tasty and easy to prepare :)

  8. I have never heard of prawn roe noodles b4, looks so appetizing!

  9. I love prawn roe noodles and have a packet in my store cupboard. Only problem putting this together is getting prawns as nice as those in your photo!

  10. Another lovely noodle dish from you. When I crave and look for noodle recipes here is when I come straight too!

  11. a simple stiry fried noodle, especially like the big prawn!

  12. Hi

    I've never heard of teh flavoured noodle..nonetheless...sure looks yummy!

  13. a simple & delicious bowl of fried noodles!

  14. It's been ages since I last ate these noodles. They are tasty on its own too!

  15. yummy! Haven't had prawn roe noodles in awhile, I have to get some this weekend!

  16. I love prawn roe noodles. I normally have it plain but this is much better of course!

  17. I dun think I ever eat prawn roe noodles leh, I am going to look out for it, thanks for sharing.

  18. nice..delish.bookmarked and can't wait for tomorrow...will will will make this dish :)

  19. There is not even one time, I go back from your site without drooling :-)

  20. That is an absolutely tasteful dish!
    I can smell it from here!

    Big big hugs

    B xx

  21. I love prawn roe noodles and your version looks very delicious!

  22. This looks very much like Penang Prawn Mee! Actually, this kind of noodle is very yummy when you use them in stir frying. They aren't too soft nor too chewy. Hope you'll have a great weekend.

  23. You have a way in the kitchen that I just love-delightful dish.

  24. I learnt something new every time I am here. Simple and delicious meal!

  25. I love all your noodle recipes, and am always impressed!


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