Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crumbed Boxing Chicken 香脆拳頭雞

Here's another dish I made for my 18th birthday and I still remember quite vividly preparing more than 5 kgs of chicken drumlets... again that was a very long time ago. I have been experimenting with different batter or coating for deep frying and I find mixing panko breadcrumbs and sweet potato flour to yeild some of the best results. Try to put your own stamp of the dish by playing around with the marinade a little. There you go another delicious and attractive appetizer or finger food  that is simple to prepare and easy on your wallet! For something similar with a Thai accent please check out spicy boxing chicken with chili and lime dipping sauce.
P.S I am slowly cooking and eating through my 18th birthday's menu and I'll be posting them one at a time so please stay tuned!

makes 12
you'll need;
1/2 kg of chicken drumlets
1/3 cup of panko breadcrumbs*
1/3 cup of coarse sweet potato flour*
1 egg beaten
sweet chili sauce or Lingham chili sauce to serve
* mix ingredients marked *

for the marinade;
1.5 tbs of oyster sauce
1 tbs of light soy
1 tsp of sesame oil
1 tsp of grated ginger
1 tsp of grated garlic
dash of Chinese cooking wine
dash of white pepper
a pinch of five spice powder
a pinch of salt

To prepare the chicken - first remove the excess fat, with a sharp knife cut around the thin end of the drumlet til the skin and sinewy bits are separated from the bone.

Pull the meat down with the help of a knife and you will get a little chicken lollipop. Repeat with the rest of the drumlets.

Marinate the chicken overnight or for at least 2 hours.

Dip chicken in beaten egg then coat it with the panko and flour mixture. Repeat the rest.

Deep fry in batches til golden and crispy.

serve immediately with some sweet chili sauce or Lingham chili sauce.

Another delicious appetizer or finger food that will be very popular with both children and adults alike.


  1. A fabulous recipe to celebrate the coming of age.
    Big kiss.

  2. They look fabulous! I can't wait to find out what else you prepared when you were 18 :)
    Btw the beef noodles looks wonderful too!

  3. hi tummy!!!

    Saya baru lepas makan taiwanese beef noddle, aroiii makk!!! thanks again!!!! n i rasa kan, i pun nak buat ciken yg kat atas ni sbb i dah kuarkan ciken drumlet hihihi... kids surely like it very much! i copyyyyyyyyy againnnnn ehehe... :D

  4. Wow, your chicken really look like boxing gloves, probably why they were called that huh! Yummy!

  5. They look very delicious! I don't think 12 pieces is enough for us haha.
    I am making taiwanese beef noodles for dinner and it is smelling wonderful, can't wait to taste it!

  6. Can we actually bake this? I have issues with doing deep frying at home...

  7. Wow I can imagine these being very popular at parties. Your step by step instructions make it very easy for me to follow, thanks!

  8. U've been cooking since U were 18??? WOW!!! I started when I was 25 only...hehe!

    Hey, those little drumsticks look so cute ya! Bookmarking this recipe coz I'm a true chickenlover!

    Wei, Ikaaaaa...jgn lupa hantar kat kita tau drumsticks tuh...:D :D :D

  9. Love it! Looks delicious and fun indeed!

  10. Great work buddy! Looking forward to the rest of your 18th birthday's menu!

  11. hi tummy... anak2 saya pasti suka nih! nak bookmark jugalah! thanx tummy..

  12. Ciao sono sempre una delizia le ricette del tuo blog ♥♥♥

  13. i would be in the parties as it would be a better starter fwith drinks..ofcourse it looks like lollypop or to say a drumstick..amazing tummy!!!droolworthy..

  14. ..pasti nak buat ni ...sikecik pasti sangat gembira dapat makan ayam goreng begini:)..oppss..Tummy..makcik nak tilik nasib tapak tgn ni hihi.thanks....

  15. I am trying to guess how old you are now lol Making 5 kgs of this delicious treats, that explains your cooking skill :)

  16. The boys' birthday is coming up and I am sure they will be very happy to help make this for their party. Beautiful photographs!

  17. this is a mind blowing chicken recipe..amazing...

    Tasty Appetite

  18. i love such finger food, but shd be ok to bake instead of deep fry hor.

  19. Oh wow.. I love boxing chicken... I always eat heaps during parties... nom nom!

  20. ha ha, you reliving your teens again? I love fried chicken of any kind, these look fantastic.

  21. You seriously are a great cook! I love these crunchy boxing chicken!

  22. This looks lip-smacking good. These are called Chicken Lollipops in India. They are one of my favorite snacking option.

  23. Une manière délicieuse de préparer le poulet.
    Je vais voir si je trouve de la farine de patate douce dans les magasins chinois.
    Je n'en ai jamais utilisé jusqu'à maintenant.
    See soon.

  24. Beautiful chicken wings...can play boxing with it...haha. still remember what you cook on your 18th birthday...amazing. I'm sure cooking it all again makes you feel young :D

  25. Yummy! The panko crumbs give it such a nice look! And they look awesome and tasty!

  26. You sure had one heck of a birthday party with all this great food. I will have to try this one!

  27. Oh my yummy! This looks fabulous! I'm saving this and will try it soon.

  28. I'll have to say this is a super cool dish! Love the presentation and it looks perfect to serve in any parties. thanks for the recipe and enjoy your day.

  29. This looks soo good! I will def have to try this asap!!

  30. These are very cute, love the shape and they sound so yummy with the dipping sauce!

  31. hmm my 18th was all about frozen party pies! :S These look delicious! I've never seen that way of preparing chicken wings. Love it

  32. Oh my, how I needed that kind of mix!!
    I definitely try it out.
    This looks gorgeous!
    You rock!!

    Big hugs!

    B xx

  33. Wow they look great - perfect for a party!

  34. Thanks for sharing your recipes :)

    I made this yesterday (marinated it day b4) and my partner LOVED it.


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