Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stir Fried Rice Vermicelli 炒米粉

This is my aunt's favourite noodle dish and it is also another dish that I "learnt" from Chan Suk while watching him cooked during my childhood days. I think I have done a reasonable good job here; with the noodles charred til crispy and smokey, then the right amount of slightly thickened sauce with seafood and vegetable is poured over the noodles. It might seemed weird to pour hot sauce over the crispy noodles to soften it again at the end, but that's the beauty of this dish and you'll need to try it to find out!
P.S the tummies' kitchen will be temporary out of service, but I'll continue to share recipes from my backup materials. This dish was served together with fried rice and wat dan hor  about a month ago.

you'll need;
150g of thin rice vermicelli , soaked and drained well
6 green prawns, peeled with heads and tails intact
small handful of calamari, sliced
6 scallops
50g of pork fillet, marinated with soy, white pepper, sesame oil and corn starch
4 stalks of gailan
2/3 cup of stock
5 tbs of corn stach solution
dash oyster sauce
dash of light soy
dash of dark soy
dash of sugar
salt and pepper to taste

Fresh seafood.

Soak rice vermicelli in warm water for 5 minutes til soften.

Mix well drained noodle with a dash of dark soy. Leave it for 5 minutes.

Fry seasoned noodle with a a little oil til browned and crispy. Don't stir the vermicelli too much during this process. Place noodle onto a plate and keep warm.

In a smoking hot wok, fry garlic til lightly browned. Add marinated pork, prawns, calamari, and scallops and continue to fry for 2 minutes on high heat. Vegetable can be added, followed by stock and seasoning. Thicken sauce with some corn starch solution and pour over noodle.

Serve hot with cut chilies or pickled green chilies and soy.

Dinner in progress.


  1. This must be the longest I waited for your new post! Hope everything is ok over there. This looks very tasty and it's full of wok chi!

  2. Oh I'm sorry Vicki I haven't cooked for a few days and haven't got anything ready to be posted thus the delay. It will be ok. Thanks for your concern I really appreciate that!!

  3. Oh please keep the kitchen open!! this is such a wonderful blog!!

  4. It looks exactly the same as what I can get from a very good restaurant in Hong Kong. Well done!!!

  5. That's lots of seafood! I like vermicelli stir-fry a lot!

  6. I adore the touch of char on the noodles and veggies from pan searing.

  7. Fried Bee Hoon is like Fried Rice ... everyone has their own version (istimewa plus!!) You could serve me just bee hoon and soya sauce and I'll be happy (yes I am easy to please!!).

    As you will now be out of commission (and truly I hope its not because of anything dire, but maybe just because its the end of the year??, I'd like to thank you for such a wonderful blog and for helping out with dinner tips over the past few weeks and merry christmas and all that bullshit!!

    Ok maybe now is a good time for me to go on that diet ....

  8. It will be opened Anonymous! Thanks!

    Oh thanks Kenny!!! ;0

    haha Angie there were used for other dishes too ;)

    Fresh Local and Best, I agree that makes the dish so much iresistable!

  9. oh Thanks Temasek! wow that is very easy to please indeed!
    It will only be temporary and at the same time I have enough backup posts for awhile. I'm glad this blog is of any help to you at all, as it is very important to my well being, it will continue in form or the other.
    Thanks for the support and start your diet in the new year!!

  10. I'm glad this will continue despite the temporary closure of the tummies' kitchen! This is a VERY WONDERFUL BLOG! keep it alive no matter what!!
    This looks like something from a restaurant, good wok hei!!

  11. I can have this as my breakfast!!

    I hope everything is ok with you. Your blog has completely changed the way I shop and cook these days, there are more varieties on the table and heaps of savings. Thanks for the recipes and stories and I hope the kitchen will be reopened very soon!

  12. I love 炒米粉 and these seafood bee hoon looks great ! Where are you going my dear friend ? I'll be away to Bali for family vacation in a weeks time , see you again soon ! MERRY CHRISTMAS in advance..... have a wonderful December !

  13. Harriet from CarltonDecember 3, 2009 at 12:30 PM

    Looks delicious! I always wonder how this is done! Thanks for the tips!!

    I have been following your blog for more than a month now, I sincerely hope you will keep the kitchen and the blog running!! Best wishes!! H

  14. As always, your dish looks wonderful. This is really a quite nice dish.

    I am hoping your kitchen will be open soon.

  15. it looks so vibrant and delicious. I especially like the addition of hot chilli. Nom Nom

  16. 你還好嗎?tummies' kitchen不可關呀!:(

  17. Thanks Mary! with all the supports you bet It will be reopened in one form or the other.

    Thanks love to it! They are a few people that since changed the way they eat and I'm very happy I have achieved one of the goals of this blog!

    Oh please eat a lot of good food in Bali for me Pearlyn!! I'm not going anywhere just yet :)

    Thanks Harriet for your support!

    Thanks Velva ! I will continue to cook no matter what ! I have enough recipes to post before the kitchen's reopening.

    Thanks Maria! the chilies are a must!


  18. Hey mate I hope everything is ok, we will continue to support this blog! I'm glad you are going to continue to post as it would be very strange for us otherwise!!
    If you need a kitchen n some organic produce you know who to contact! Cheers!

  19. hungry tummies 你要死啊 ! 叫我吃好料肥得像一只猪 let you slaughter !!!!

  20. Hey fitzboy yeah nothing major. Haha since I have had 2 post/day the last month I do have some I can post for the coming week.
    I'll love to do the from garden to kitchen table thing, you are in Fitzroy so mustn't be too far. Thanks for the offer!

  21. Aiya Perlyn! 我只叫你吃好一點:)肥得像一只猪就不用買肉了呀!
    and since we all like siobak!!

  22. Please don't go offline! Your blog has been a constant inspiration for me to go to the kitchen!!
    This dish looks wonderful like the rest of your food!

  23. wow that looks so good im craving for noodles!

  24. I love 炒米粉 !~ but never attempted to make it at home =) im always afraid it will stick or something

  25. Before I read on, I thought it was some restaurant review because the plate of vermicelli in the first photo looks very professional from the restaurant. I like the tip on seasoning the vermicelli with dark soy sauce for 5 mins.

  26. Thanks Michele! won't go off line

    Thanks MrsLavendula!!

    Jessica just some personal issues that need to be sorted out.

    and this blog , if you do the frying of the noodle first it won't stick to the wok.

    Oh thnks Tigerfish! I'm actually no very sure about the photos lol

  27. i wish i had 3 tummies to eat all your food!

  28. That looks like what I used to get at the hawker back home and the wat dan hor looks great as well, Chan suk must be very proud!!

  29. Oh this sure looks very tasty!! I like how you charred the noodle first, Chan suk did a good job "teaching" you!!
    Just started following your blog, make sure the kitchen will be reopened soon!!

  30. Look like there are 3 tummies there CUMI & CIKI !

    Thanks AAA I bet he is haha! Did you get it wrapped in newspaper and a sheet of plastic?

    Thanks kL girl in MELB! with all this supports how can I stop the blog?

  31. Thank mycookinghut! it is one of my favourite!


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