Sunday, December 20, 2009

Twice Cooked Pork Belly With Miso Sauce For Takeshi

After a lovely Sunday lunch in the neighbourhood, I strolled down to the local supermarket with one of the tummies. I emptied the discounted pork belly on the selves without having the slightest clue what I was going to do with them. I have heard about a braised pork belly dish with miso that a few of my friends rave about every so often, I decided I was going to give it a try. My goal was to create a dish with whatever ingredients I had on hand and the result was better than I had hoped for. I did not follow any recipe as such but I think being a big fan of the iron chef has certainly pay off!
P.S this is perfect for all my friends and readers in countries now affected by the snow storms, especially for Takeshi M.

Serves 4 as a one meal dish with rice;
you'll need;
1 kg of pork belly, blanched and refreshed
4 hard boiled eggs
4 tbs of miso paste
3 tbs of sugar
2 tbs of Japanese soy
1/2 cup of mirin
1/2 cup of cooking sake
salt and pepper to taste
I large know of ginger, sliced
2 cups of water

you'll also need;
cook Japanese rice
sesame seeds
pickled ginger
pickle radish

Blanch pork and clean up impurities.

Place everything in a heavy bottom pot and simmer for 2 hours.

Remove pork from the broth, get rid of excess oil from the broth and add in the hard boiled eggs.

Bbq pork belly pieces til brown on both sides.

Place some Japanese rice in a bowl; top with some sliced carrot and lettuce, halved eggs, pork belly and some thicken miso broth over. Add some pickled ginger and radish, not to forget the toasted sesame seeds.

The pork is so tender it melts in your mouth, the bbq stage gives it a wonderful colour and smokey flavour too :


  1. Wow,that looks divine! I love pork belly but haven't tried it with those Japanese flavours. Thanks for sharing this great recipe.

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. I can feel the pork melt in my mouth. Really looks very delicious~~going to try this soon.

  3. I can eat lots of rice if I am served with this yummy pork belly.

  4. Thank you Natasha! you must give it a try

    Thanks I am looking forward to the day we will do it together

  5. Wow ! Pork belly. My favourite again !

  6. kenny,
    i bet you would

    yes another greedy boy!!

  7. What a beautiful dish! Again! your food is so pretty, I wish I could smell it and taste it. The photos are great, it makes it look easy to follow your non - recipe! :)

  8. Sweet who is Takeshi?

  9. Lyndsey,
    thank you! I'm glad you feel like that!

    KL girl in MELB,
    My love!

  10. It does look really mouthwatering! What a dish ... bravo to the chef!

  11. c'est appétissant ça doit être délicieux merci pour le partage
    bon week-end

  12. I can imagine me eating this pork, crispy, spicy, I feel hungry suddenly !
    It's wonderfull to create your own recipe, in french, we'll say "Chapeau" ! That means bravo

  13. Oh...oh...oh...Love the photos, especially the last one (the bokeh on it is fantastic), not to mention tasting...and sinking my teeth into some tender pork. Good job

  14. zurin,
    Thank you, I love mso too :)

    Thanks you :) Haha it did turn out better than I had hoped for :)

    Aux délices des gourmets ,
    merci beaucoup!

    Thank you! :)
    Yeah it is very satisfying, and now I learnt a new word too :)

    Kitchen butterfly,
    Thank you :) it is great to learn a new trick with the camera haha

  15. Its a new one for me..Sounds great and looks so yummy and colorful..

  16. Thank you for posting my requested recipe, we both think it looks fantastic, we'll be making this for tmr's dinner :)

  17. This looks and sounds absolutely delicious! The boys will love this!

  18. Wow wow wow! This looks amazing!

  19. Sarah,
    Thanks! It is a new one for me too :)

    Good luck :) let me know about the dinner. :)

    love to eat,
    Thanks, I bet they will :)

    Thanks :)

    Cumi and Ciki,
    Thank you :) I'm quite happy with it too!

  20. Nice work- love the touch with the pickled ginger and radish topping!

  21. I love your marinade for the pork belly. I need more rice to go with this dish :)

  22. Well done! I love miso will definitely give this a try!

  23. This looks AMAZING! I can taste the flavours now! A wonderful recipe that is going straight to bookmarks!

  24. Adrian,
    Thanks! The pickles are great to cut down the richness :)

    Thanks! You will need a lot of rice with that haha.

    Thanks! Please do :)

    Thanks! Let me know if you do try making it.

  25. Another very delicious dish that I would love with rice. I would eat all the eggs :P

  26. Another awsome dish! Love the bbq treatment! Great pics too!!

  27. Mary,
    Thanks, it was served on a bed of rice :) I should have added more eggs :)

    Thanks! I think bbqing the meat gives it a nice smoky flavour and look more attractive too.

  28. Kristin,
    Oh thank you, please give it a try!


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