Friday, July 20, 2012

Thai Condiment Sets

A common sight at all Thai noodle shops or stalls are the 4-container condiment sets that come in all shapes, colours and made from different materials. They are not unlike your salt and pepper sets but just a bit more exotic and fun. You are able to add one or all of the four condiments to any noodle dish to achieve the final balanced flavour that suits your taste, it's a totally democratic way of eating! 

The four condiments each carries the basic flavours of Thai cooking namely hot (dried chili flakes or prik pon) , sour (sliced or pounded chilies in vinegar or nam som prik), salty (fish sauce or nam pla) and sweet (suagr or namtaan).

Do it as the Thai would and always have the condiments on the table when serving Thai style noodles at home next. 

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