Thursday, May 6, 2010

Midweek Pasta - Baked Pasta With Smoked Trout And Spinach From The Tummies' Kitchen

As soon as I laid my eyes on the beautiful smoked trouts at the deli, I knew straight away what was going to be last night's dinner. With no dramas with my brain, I picked up my shopping in record time and rushed home before the storm arrives. With this dish, I get to practice my white sauce making skill for the first time after my success with mac and cheese a fortnight ago and it was a breeze. While I was preparing the dish; my mind went wild with ideas using different combinations of ingredients for my next pasta bake, so brace yourself for a few more pasta bakes over the colder months!
P.S This is quite a rich dish, I do advice skim milk to be used for the white sauce. Asparagus is a wonderful substitute for spinach, just cut into 1" pieces and lightly blanched.

makes 5 individual serves
you'll need;
1 smoked rainbow trout, skinned, boned and flaked
500 g of bow tie pasta (or pasta of your choice)
1 bunch of spinach, cut quarters, blanched, refreshed and squeezed out excess water
1 block of good quality cheddar, grated
1 bunch of dill, chopped
4 tbs of onion relish (I found some leftover in the fridge) or 1 onion, chopped and saute with olive oil
3 tbs of butter
3 tbs of plain flour
1 liter of skim milk
salt and pepper to taste

Prepare the ingredients and set aside.

Cook pasta with plenty of salted water, drain well and set aside. 

To make the white sauce - melt butter in a pot then add in the flour, mix well and cook for 2 to 3 minutes on low heat. Slowly add in the milk and with a whisk, continue to stir and whip til the sauce is smooth and thicken. Remove from the heat and stir in the 3/4 of the cheese. Season with salt and pepper.

Return pasta to the pot, add in spinach, smoked trout, chopped dill, onion relish/saute onion  and the white sauce. Mix well and check for seasonings.

Fill individual bowls or ramekins with pasta mixture and top with some grated cheese. Bake in the preheated oven til golden and bubbling.

A salad of fig, pear, rocket and pecorino cheese with balsamic vinaigrette was served with our meal.

I turned on another set of light and I think the photos are slightly better :)


  1. Bowls of pasta with salmon, oh moreish! Wish I were invited :)

  2. Wow yummy! Can't wait to try out this recipe. Thanks.

  3. Harriet from CarltonMay 6, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    Oh they sure look good! Love the sound of the salad too!

  4. This looks great. I have made pasta dishes before with smoked salmon but never with a trout and never with a bake!

  5. I have never used a smoked trout before. your pasta bake looks really good, so is the salad! What happened to the other 2 serves? :)

  6. hmmm laparnya bila melihat masakan ni..anda seorang yang sungguh kreatif tummy!semasa memasak anda fikirkan how to create new idea tp makcik selalu fikirkan ..nak cepat..nak cepat...lepas ni kena buat tu..kena buat ni..argghh:( selalu tak cukup masa!

  7. Hey buddy I am glad to know your brain is working well again :) This looks fabulous and we will be making this very soon. By the way we got ourselves a spice container! Drop by soon!

  8. I was thinking of baking marcoroni tonight , your baked pasta are so droolicious !

  9. the lacquer spoon,
    Thank you! I still have 2 serves left! :)

    Thank you very much! Do try it soon!

    Sonia ,
    Thank you!

    Harriet ,
    Thank you very much!

    Lady Ren ,
    Thank you! It is fabulous in a bake ;)

    It is :)

    Tricia F,
    Thank you very much! In the fridge for whoever is eating in over the weekend ;)

    Haha tidak selalu begitu makcik, biasanya saya mahu habis masak saja. Kesian makcik... tapi anak anak makcik semuanya baik-baik belaca, jadi tidak meangapalah kalau sedikit keledihan :)

    Just about working buddy! That is great you will get so much use out of it!

    Thank you very much! :)

  10. You really have embraced the idea of individual servings recently :)
    Looks wonderful and I am going to try making my own white sauce this weekend!

  11. Yummm, my kids will definitely love this baked pasta..

  12. Oh I want some for my dinner! Such a good combination, I wish I can take a look at one ingredient and decide the whole meal on the spot!

  13. salam tummy..makcik kalau singgah mesti ras lapar..pandai you masak n gambar2 semuanya menbuatkan makcik lapar..kalau ada lebih2 tu jangan lupa hulurkan kt sini hehehe..

  14. Delicious! I love pasta bake AND smoked trout.. Definitely making my mouth water :)

  15. très originale cette recette de pâtes, j'adore
    bonne journée

  16. I love love love italian food and baked pasta is one of my favorites!
    Can't wait ti try this recipe.. wouls let u know how it went.

  17. A very satisfying and nutritious meal :D

  18. I'm looking for smoked trout.This is one gorgeous dish and I appreciate the clear instructions. Oh - and I want the salad, also!

  19. I make baked pasta very often as it's really simple and so satisfying! Your version with smoked trout looks and sounds amazing!

  20. Yummy! I love smoked fish, and this is such a creative way to use it. I really like how you use individual dishes!

  21. I must try to make this with smoked salmon. Do you think is OK?

  22. Wow...This is a rocking recipe...Looks heavenly...Can't wait to give it a try...Very very tempting. Hats off to you dear.

  23. Dears,
    This recipe is splendid! Can raw trout be used instead of smoked trout? Or smoke salmon be used instead of smoked trout? Let me know.

  24. Ooo, I love your pairing of pasta with smoked trout! I need to try that!

  25. This is really tempting.
    Definitely gotta give this a try.
    B xx

  26. I've been craving pasta dishes almost every night lately.. This salmon pasta looks delicious!

  27. KL girl in MELB ,
    Thank you! It is good way to portion control! Please do it is so easy you'll never buy packet stuffs again.

    Priya ,
    Thank you very much, do make some for them.

    LMH ,
    Thank you! I wish I can do that all the time too!

    stefania.confidential .
    la ringrazio molto!

    mohdandmeriam ,
    Haha termima kasih atas pujian makcik! Dah hulur ni sudah dapat ke? :)

    Brisbane Baker,
    Thank you! Try it soon!

    Merci beaucoup!

    Thank you! Let me know if you do try this :)

    Yasmeen ,
    Thank you very much!

    Claudia ,
    Haha thank you very much! I sometimes wonder if the step by step is neccesary at all :)

    pigpigscorner ,
    Thank you very much! I only just found out the joy of baked pasta lol

    Lyndsey ,
    Thank you very much!

    Smoke salmon will work well!

    Thank you very much :)

    Cool Lassi(e),
    Thank you dear!
    Both raw trout/salmon and smoked salmon will work well .If using raw fish, cheese like gruyere might work even better.

    5 Star Foodie ,
    Thank you very much!

    Thank you! Please do :) xxx

    Sook ,
    Thank you! You might need to do something with your craving :)

  28. This looks wonderful! Oh so yummy!

  29. I love the combination of this delicious pasta bake. Stunning photos! I think the extra light is working!

  30. Ohh this looks so good! A really great bake!

  31. YUm... you must have very envious neighbours.

  32. I have started making individual pies too, it works so much better!
    This pasta bake looks really delicious, great combination!

  33. This recipe is a total winner, seriously. I love smoked trout, and my fellow eaters would have to guard their dishes with a sharp fork to stop me from stealing their dinner.

  34. Quel gratin. Original et certainement délicieux.
    Bon weekend.

  35. I've said this before and I'll say it again, your everyday meals are so special! What happens when you pull out all the stops and do a fancy meal? Love the sound of this dinner :)

  36. Looks simple but very delicious. make me want to cook it now!

  37. 100% Comfort food! Delicious!

  38. Delicious and fancy and wonderful! Love that smoked trout!

  39. this looks so very delicious.


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