Saturday, May 29, 2010

Barramundi With Ginger And Lime Dipping Sauce (Ca Chien Nuoc Mam Gung)

If you are not paying attention you might mistake this for a Thai dish. In fact this is another simple but wonderful recipe from "Pleasure of a Vietnamese kitchen" that I would like to share with you. The beautiful dipping sauce in my last post acts as a sauce for the sweet tender fish. It is healthy, simple to make and very delicious! You may use whole fish or other firm white fish fillets with this. I think it will work very well with a whole grilled snapper.
P.S If you are a seafood lover and care about where your fish comes from, "The End Of The Line" might be a good watch at the cinema this weekend. I think the title says it all...

serves 4 as part of a Vietnamese meal
you'll need;
700 g of barramundi fillets, cut into large chunks
1/2 a telegraph cucumber
1 red chili, julienne
1 spring onion, sliced
1/4 cup of coriander leaves
corn flour for coating
1 cup of ginger and lime dipping sauce , recipe click HERE 

Cut cucumber lengthwise and remove seeds then using a vegetable peeler to cut out thin long ribbons.

Add cucumber ribbons to the ginger and lime dipping sauce.

Season fish with salt and pepper then lightly dust fish with corn flour.

Shallow fry fish with peanut oil.

Place fish in a shallow bowl and arrange the cucumber ribbons over. Pour over the sauce.

Serve immediately with plenty of steamed rice.

This has been submitted to Delicious Vietnam,  an event co-hosted by Anh of A Food Lover's Journey and Hong and Kim of Ravenous Couple. Hong and Kim are hosting the June event.


  1. Another Vietnamese dish? There is a empty shop that is very close to my home. Do you want to consider to open a restaurant ;DD

  2. yum yum..orang demam teringin nak makan ikan dengan sos ni......makcik dah cuba ikan kukus dalam n3 tummy yang lepas..sedap boleh kasi 6 bintang hehe

  3. tasty n yummy dish...u r so innovative dear.

  4. Looks wonderful! I do love checking out all these different cuisines. I'll definitely come to your restaurant when I visit Anncoo! :D

  5. Haha we don't even cook like this at home. You are putting me a Vietnamese to shame!

  6. This really is a Vietnamese week and I am loving all these dishes that I have never seen before! My friend told me about the film too so we are watching it on Monday. Have a great weekend!

  7. I want you to open a Vietnamese restaurant too! I love these dishes they are so flavorful simple yet elegantly presented.

  8. Hmmm, I can't live withou Thai food this weekend. Love the sauce!!

  9. I don't think i've ever had barramundi. I'm curious!The zucchini ribbons are beautiful.

  10. salam tummy..another yummy dish from you..tulah tak sia2 singgah rumah you..mesti dapat makan sedap..makcik suka ikan..

  11. Learn something from you today, how to slice up the cucumber. Yummy dish. Btw, Barramundi is something like our siakap fish, right?

  12. How appetizing! The cucumber ribbons look really pretty over the fish. Again I am loving it when you are doing a theme ;)

  13. I just got back from the a rather disappointing Vietnamese lunch :)
    I did order the curry, it taste ok but I can see the potential when it is done like yours :)
    This is such a refreshing dish. I did think it was a Thai dish at first glance.

  14. Anncoo,
    Yes we had a Vietnamese week :) You can come up with the capital and I'll start a restaurant lol

    Oh masih demam ke? kesian macik! Sekali lagi makcik buat saya begitu gembira kerana mencubai resepi saya..dapat 6 bintang lagi!! Terima kasih!

    Thank you very much!

    Haha thank you! I think cooking at home is quite different from opening a restaurant.

    Thank you very much! You should be and you must send me your family recipes!!

    Thank you! Please do, it is such a wonderful film.

    Oh I think I will open a Thai or Chinese restaurant before a Vietnamese one :)

    the lacquer spoon ,
    Haha this is Vietnamese :)

    Thank you! It is actually cucumber :)

    Terima kasih makcik ...gembira sangat kerana sering di puji makcik :)

    Oh I am glad to hear that..barramundi is 盲鯧in Chinese. I think it is rather different from siakap, it hasn't got the rough scales.

    KL girl in MELB,
    Thank you! I cook better when I have a theme too.

    darren ,
    Thank you! I am sorry you had a disappointing meal. :(

  15. Again another fantabulous and simplistic dish! Kudos!

  16. A very yummy appetizing fish dish! I love the cucumber salad atop.

  17. Hey buddy, another great dish from you. We watched the movie last week, a great recommendation for a fish post!

  18. Every dish you made also look so tempting to me, this is a very appetizing dish !

  19. I love how fleshy barramundi is and the sauce makes a great combination.

  20. Simple, fresh and colorful. I bet tilapia would work just fine.

  21. un plat appétissant et savoureux ça ne peut être que délicieux et une belle salade j'aime beaucoup bravo
    bonne soirée

  22. Yum, this looks amazing! Beautiful presentation...I bet it tastes as good as it looks!

  23. A quick stopover to check on what's new. Loving your Vietnamese and all these fish recipes. I have been more aware of what I am buying these days, will try to watch the movie soon too.

  24. Yum! Barramundi sounds incredible and perfect paired with this wonderfully flavorful dipping sauce!

  25. You just reminded me of it. I hope I can make it this month!

  26. I'm really jealous of the cheap and fresh barramundi in Australia, over here they are imported and so expensive. Love your Vietnamese way of serving this fish, can't help drooling ^_^

  27. This looks really fantastic! A nice way to prepare baramundi.

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