Monday, May 2, 2011

Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Round Up No.10

After a rather short working week and a marvelous weekend, I am ready to present you the 10th roundup of MMM. It was more than 10 months ago that my friend Shaz and I started this event to better promote the wonderful and diverse cuisine from our home country, amazing how time flies! Many sincere thanks to everyone that has taken part in this humble event and without sounding like an acceptance speech, let's have a look at what's on offer!
P.S My friend Shaz from Test With A Skewer is hosting the May event. Please send all your entries to For more informations about MMM please click here.

I would love to welcome a new participant, Suhan from Mummy I Can cook! 

 Her first entry is Nyonya chap chey (nyonya style mixed vegetables stew), perfect for any meat free day.

I think she has made her mummy very proud with this delicious pot of pork trotters with vinegar stew.

Finally a wonderful looking three cup chicken.


One of our favourites bloggers, Gertrude from My Kitchen Snippets is back again with 3 entries;

These have to be the best looking chwee kueh (steamed rice cakes with preserved radish) I have ever seen!

Make sure you are serving plenty of rice with her kari ikan (fish curry).

Lets finish off with a refreshing sago gula melaka (sago pudding with palm sugar syrup)


Our new friend Veronica  from Quay Po Cooks presented more delicious treats second month in a roll;

Her first dish is stewed turnip with pork ribs using her mum's recipe, a must try!

Her steamed minced pork with preserved cabbage certainly brings back childhood memory.

What about this wonderful looking silken tofu in ginger and spring onion sauce ?


Our wonderful friend and long time supporter Sherie from a 1/2 food blog again presented us with 3 wonderful dishes;

Check out her purple ondeh-ondeh, how creative!

Her very pretty purple kuih keria (sweet potato donut) is a first for me!


The lovely Zurin from Cherry On A Cake is back!

Kuih keria has never looked this glamourous!


Pick Shan from Babe In The City is returning with 2 entries;

First check out her review on a Nyonya restaurant in KL . Good looking iced kacang that is!

If you are a Malaysian sweets lover you will love her lompat tikam


Our very loyal supporter from day one Aunty Cheah from No Frills Recipes has 2 entries this month;

A restaurant quality dong po rou (red braised pork belly).

Check out her review on Pakeeza, a North Indian restaurant in Ipoh.


Another loyal supporter and one of my oldest blogger friend Kristy from My Little Space topped the chart with a whooping 5 entries!

Her chicken 'kou rou' bun'  looks amazing!

How I wish there are some of these delicious pulut rempah udang (glutinous rice with spiced prawns filling) in front of me right now!

Find out what her "one stone two birds"  post is all about.

Her take on the popular Penang coconut tart . Well done!

Another post that really shows her creative she is - purple sweet potato with sweet potato filling.


My dear Makcik Manggis from Jom Masak Jom Makan-makan managed 2 entries this month but her blog is full of wonderful Malaysian goodies so make sure you check it out;

A delicious sambal hijau (green sambal) that will add a little kick to your meal.

And a equally appetizing acar tumis (mixed vegetables pickle).


Our friend Lena from Her Frozen Wings has one entry this month but you'll get 2 dishes out of it;

Check out her black glutinous rice dessert and ice cream potong.


My partner in food crime Shaz from Test With A Skewer still managed one delicious post despite her very busy schedule;

It happened to be one of my top 3 snacks of all time - siew pao (baked pao). Thank you!


Surprisingly I managed 4 dishes - rendang itik (duck rendang) nasi goreng Melayu (Malay fried rice), sambal tumis ikan (crispy skin trout with fried sambal) and babi asam (braised pork belly in tamarind sauce) .For more Malaysian dishes please click here .


  1. hi son :) terima kasih sb sudi letak sambal hijau dan acar makcikmanggis dalam MMM untuk bulan april..semuanya menarik sekali.Ceria ceria selalu:)

  2. Hooray! Well done everyone. It's great to meet you all here every month. It's nice Suresh can offer us a place. haha... So nice of you, Suresh.
    Happy HOliday!
    Regards, Kristy

  3. Great round up dear friend. Well done! Wow, I didn't realise I hadn't posted many Malaysian dishes, lucky I scraped in with one eh ? :)

  4. Great roundup! Loving all the wonderful food on offer!

  5. So many delicious dishes. Makes me really hungry. Kudos to the host!!

  6. it's always nice to see the roundups and discover new friends. btw, i think you didnt receive my entries earlier. i sent out the mail to you on april 18, never mind, it's okay, i'll send it out again by today or tomorrow. have a nice week!

  7. I really wanted to join this month, but was too busy with studies - everything in the roundup looks delicious and I'm getting really great inspiration to cook for the next MMM :)

  8. Exquisite!

    Everything is just so delectable. No wonder they made it to the list.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you so much for the round up. Thumbs up!

  10. Thank you so much for the delicious round up ;-)

  11. Yums!

    Thank you for this round up Suresh! Appreciate all the effort ;)

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