Saturday, November 3, 2012

Asam Laksa/Penang Laksa 亞參叻沙 - "Malaysian Monday 94"

First I must apology for my absence for the past two weeks, long working hours and juggling too many balls at the same time has made blogging extremely difficult for the past two weeks. However regular posting will resume now as one of my art projects is coming to an end.

I have introduced asam laksa or Penang laksa to the menu this week as I believe all self respecting Nyonya and Malaysian restaurants should have it on the menu. Even though I effectively increased my daily workload by putting a rather fiddly dish on the menu, knowing all asam laksa lovers can now enjoy this popular but elusive noodle dish makes it all worthwhile. With very good responses from very happy customers means it will stay on the menu permanently. 

For the recipe and to read more about this dish that is gaining popularity even among non Malaysians, please click on my old post - Asam Laksa 亞參叻沙. If you are too lazy to cook it at home, please come say hello to me at Little Nyonya @ rear of building 818 Burke Street, shop 2. Docklands.

I am constantly refining all the dishes on the menu and will be adding more Nyonya classics to it in the coming weeks.... workload will increase of course but I hope it will be rewarded with happy returning diners.

Many thanks my friends and readers who visited the restaurant in the last few weeks. To the lovely reader who came all the way from Glen Weaverly with her husband on Friday, I am sorry I didn't get a chance to chat a bit longer or at least to find out what your name is.

Announcement! - I officially left my previous job on the 10th of August 2013 having spent almost 10 months cooking the food that I know and love best. Unfortunately the lack of support from skilled staff and management's direction (or lack of direction)  for the restaurant had made my job untenable. 

It is all good on my end; my new job does not required me to work on nights or weekends and it is only a 10 minute bike ride from home leaving me plenty of time to cook and blog again! 

For those who are tired of laksa lemak or simply want something a lot healthier, asam laksa is the answer!

Hot, sour and extremely aromatic.

My friend Sharon will be hosting the October event, so please send all your entries to
To find out more about the event and on how to enter, please click here.


  1. Hi tummy I was there on Wednesday with my friend during busy lunch hour and we both decided your asam laksa is the best in Melbourne! We will come back for more and also to try out your dinner menu.

    p.s I will make sure I say hello next :)

  2. Oh! Asam laksa, who can resist that? Definitely not me. Brilliant that you have this on your menu!

  3. Yum! I can just imagine the taste and the heavenly smell. Drooling now!

  4. Hi Tummy,
    Your Asam Laksa looks appetizing!
    Would like to have a bowl now..:p

  5. Well done tummy! That is a good looking bowl of asam laksa!
    I will try to pay you a visit next me a serve :)

  6. Harriet From CarltonNovember 4, 2012 at 2:02 PM

    I am a fan of asam laksa after visiting Penang. Sadly I haven't managed to find a good one here in Melbourne, you bet I will be visiting you soon!

  7. Looks good - are you open for lunch this saturday? thanks


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