Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just A Little Prettiness 13

I spotted a praying mantis outside the front garden, this little national geographic moment lightened up a rather dull moment of a not overly eventful day.

Coincidently I was reading an essay by Anna Krien tittled Us And Them, On The Importance Of Animal (Quarterly Essay QE45). A reflection followed.....

To my surprise there was another one hanging on the jasmine vine... ready to fight or mate? No sure but it was a pleasant surprise indeed. 

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  1. dalam bahasa Malayasia kita panggil Mentadak.masa kanak-kanan dulu my mom ajar bercakap dengan Mentadak.Katanya"mentadak..mentadak ..kamu tidur macamana?..dan mentadak akan tunjukkan dengan tangannya cara dia tido hehe....lucu betul:)


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