Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pear Tarte Tatin - Christmas Lunch 2011 Part 4

It would had been easier to serve a shop bought pudding to conclude our lunch but I decided to challenge myself with the fiddly task of baking one. Tarte tatin seemed like a very good choice for a non baker in a kitchen without the most basic baking essentials and tools.

It turned out to be a challenge indeed when I was making the caramel, luckily our friend A who is a chef saved the caramel and we did end up with a very delicious dessert. 

Using the sour cream pastry instead of the shop bought puff pastry most recipes called for was a very good decision. I highly recommend that as an alternative when you are making a tart/pie either sweet or savoury next.

Once again I must thank our friends B and A for making Christmas day 2011 a very memorable one!

serves 4
you'll need;
3 firm pears, peeled, cored and quartered
120 g of sugar
120 g of butter
1 cinnamon stick
2 star anise
sour cream pastry
fresh cream to serve

Prepare the pears and set aside. Don't worry if they discolour a little.

Place butter, sugar and spices in a pan and cook until the sugar dissolved and the mixture forms a light caramel.

When the caramel turns a lovely chestnut brown add the pears and cook until soften.

Pour off most of the caramel and arrange the pear pieces cut side up.

Roll out the sour cream pastry to a thickness of 3mm, cut pastry using plate slightly bigger than the pan as a guide. Place the pastry over the pears and tuck in the edges.

Bake the tarte tatin in the hot oven for 25 to 30 minutes or until it is golden brown. Place a plate slightly larger than the pan and invert the tart over.

Slice and serve with fresh cream and extra caramel sauce on the side.

The weather took a cynical turn and a large part of Victoria was pounded with a freak hail storm.... we ended up with a white Christmas down under!


  1. This is a very good way to end a very nice lunch. I am going to try out the sour cream pastry.

  2. I really love tarte tatin so much that usually I don't cook it otherwise I'll eat all alone...
    Have a nice day

  3. Looks so good!!! Shame I can't bake a thing.


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