Monday, January 2, 2012

Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Roundup No.18

Hello everyone! Still nursing a new year hangover? 

Well it is a very hot 38 C day here in Melbourne and it is perfect for me to stay in the cool and compose the roundup for the month of December.

As expected we have a smaller than usual roundup for the month of December. Many thanks to those who took the efforts and time to keep the event going during the crazy month that just passed by.

Without further ado, lets check out the exciting dishes prepared by our fellow blogger friends.

My friend Sharon from Test With Skewer will be hosting the January event, please send all your entries to To find out about the event and on how to participate please click HERE.

Again Auntie Cheah from No-Frills Recipes was the first to send in her entry;

Check out a simple and tasty everyday dish - salted egg steamed chicken


We would love to welcome back Sonia from Nasi Lemak Lover;

Her first entry is a pipping hot fragrant claypot salted fish and pork belly.

Followed by the most famous Penang hawker dish - Penang asam laksa.


Next up we have Vivian from Vivian Pang's Kitchen;

She shares with us the stir and mix method for an easy dough, perfect to be turned into al sorts of delicious snacks later.


Shannon from Just As Delish is back with 2 delicious entries;

Feel like making your own sweetened condensed milk? Check out her post on just how easy it is to make it at home.

If sweetened condensed milk is not for you, she also sent in this delicious and healthy South Indian breakfast dish - putu ragi.


Kristy from My little Space continued to show her support with 2 exciting entries;

First up is her very inviting baked tandoori chicken, extra rice for me please!

Or a bowl of this refreshing rock melon and sago sweet soup to finish off your meal?


I have to include the following 2 recipes from my favourite Makcik Manggis's blog, Jom Masak..Jom Makan-Makan;

You have to trust a native Kelantanese with her very delicious kerabu bihun (spicy rice vermicelli salad).

Though I don't have sweet tooth, I can easily finish 2 slices of her very attractive looking durian cake!


Last but not least my partner in food crime, Sharon from Test With Skewer managed to give us a very sweet post despite her very hectic month;

Check out one woman's quest to make the best fa sung wu - ground peanut dessert.


For my nasi lemak with side dishes 2, all others MM entries and Malaysian dishes, simply click HERE.


  1. happy new year Tummy:) terima kasih sebab masukkan dua resepi makcik untuk MMM kali ini..sungguh gembira.Yang paling makcik suka adalah nasi lemak with side dishes 2..yum yum..

  2. Happy New Year!! Sorry I can't participate last month as I will be moving out of this place soon. Hopefully able to make something this month.


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