Monday, November 7, 2011

Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Roundup No.16

It is the first Monday of the month and that means it is roundup time again!  I was a little concerned about how few entries I received in the first two weeks of October but my worries were unfounded.

Thank you everyone for taking part and by making it a very hard task for me to concentrate on composing this roundup with all the mouthwatering dishes I received.

I know you are all very excited with the roundup, so let's check out what is on offer this month!

My Friend Sharon from Test With Skewer will be hosting the November event, please send all entries to For more information about the even and on how to take part please click HERE.

Let's start with our friend Lena Lam from Her Frozen Wings who has been a very prolific contributor to the event;

A Nyonya classic ayam ponteh (braised chicken with potato)

Check out her cross-cultural pulut panggang roll  (grilled glutinous rice roll)

These kuih labu kukus (steamed pumpkin sweets) is a perfect afternoon snack.

My favourite Malaysian sweets of all time - kuih bingka (tapioca cake)


Next we have Chris and Charmaine from From Our Home ;

Her mum's ang koo kuih ( mung bean sweets) for a birthday party.


It is hard to imagine a round up without Auntie Cheah from No Frills Recipes and she is back with 2 entries this month;

Check out her wonderful one dish meal - braised flat noodles with scallops .

How can anyone resists these sour plum chicken?


Ah Tze from Away Of Mind is back with;

Another tea time favourite in Malaysia - kuih talam (steamed coconut pudding)


Our old friend Kristy from My Little Space sent in 2 entries;

I think these marble pumpkin kuih is as good as they look.

I am glad she sent in savoury dish - chai tao kuih (fried radish cake).


After a short absence, Zurin from Cherry On A Cake from is back with a 6 entries;

Bringing back any memories when you look at her milo dinosaour?

Feeling like snacking? how about a chicken curry pau?

They used to be my favourite snacks when I was little - iced gems.

Quick, simple and delicious fried hokkien mee.

Who could resist her ayam masak kalasan berseri (chicken fried in dried coconut sambal)?

Finally some very pretty snail/flower buns.


Our friend Shu Han from Mummy I Can Cook has been very busy in the kitchen, she sent in 4 entries;

First with her stunning looking nasi goreng special.

Would you substitute your jam after seeing these pandan kaya toast?

Some toast would go perfectly with these half - boiled eggs.


Shannon from Just As Delish sent us this after a holiday;

A lot of efforts go into this bowl of sup tulang (Malay bone soup).


Janine from Not The Kitchen Sink is back with;

Her very creative take on the popular ang koo kueh using moon cake mould.


Biren from Roti And Rice also sent in one entry;

All I think of is plenty of steamed rice to go with her Nyonya shrimp and pumpkin curry.


My favourite Makcik Manggis from Jom Masak, Jom Makan-Makan managed a sweet and a savoury dish this month;

Another version my favourite Malaysian sweets bingka ubi kayu (baked tapioca sweets).

A simple but very delicious sayur maman masak lemak (braised greens with spiced coconut milk).


Last but not least My friend Shaz from Test With Skewer ,without her there won't be MM;

Check out her ham sui kok, a yum cha favourite.

With 2 little girls one can expect something as "silly" as  McGyver ang koo kuih from her :)

It might be called the no name spicy potato but I can tell you it is packed full of flavours.


For my all my entries and more Malaysian goodies, simply click HERE !

Hope you will try out my Fried Popiah.


  1. Thank you once again for hosting! It is late here but I am feeling hungry just looking at all these delicious food. Some chai tao kuih would be perfect for my supper!

  2. semuanya sedap sedap belaka.Tahniah Tummy dan terima kasih sebab sudi masukkan n3 makcik:)

  3. Thanks for yet another wonderful roundup! I am feeling homesick after seeing all the wonderful dishes :(

    P.S btw we made ur fried popiah over the weekend and they disappeared very quickly once i fired them! Will have to make a bigger batch next time :)

  4. Thanks so much for fabulous round-up. Just feel like having supper after looking at all those delicious food.

  5. Great round-up :-)
    Hope you have a nice week ahead!

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