Thursday, September 15, 2011

Phat Nam Prik Phao Muu Sab ผัดน้ำพริกเผาหมูสับ Stir Fried Pork Mince With Roasted Chili Paste

I am not a big fan of roasted chili paste in tom yam or in salad dressing but it is a different story when it comes to a quick gutsy stir fry such as this. 

Having a jar of this delicious shop bought condiment in the fridge means a quick Thai meal can be whipped up even with very short notices. If you are unable to find nam prik phao please leave me a note and I'll email you the recipe for it.

It can't be easier to make a simple Thai dish such as this but make sure you get the balance of the flavor right by always checking and adjusting the seasonings before serving.

serves 2 to 3 as a one dish meal
you'll need;
500 g of pork mince or mince of your choice
250 g of green beans, topped and tailed, sliced at an angle
3 cm knob of ginger, chopped
3 garlic cloves, chopped
5 bird chilies, chopped (adjust to your liking)
5 bird chilies, halved lengthwise
5 kaffir lime leaves, torn
5 tbs of roasted chili paste* (nam prik phao)
dash of fish sauce
dash of oyster sauce
3/4 cup of stock or water
1 bunch of Thai basil, picked (about half a cup)
juice from half a lime or 2 tbs of tamarind concentrate
* available from Asian grocer. If you are unable to find it, leave your email address and I'll email you the recipe. 

Marinate the mince with a dash of fish sauce and some corn flour. This little step will give the mince a better texture and flavour, more importantly not turning up like little worms which is a big no no at the tummies.

Prepare the rest of the ingredients. We like our dish with a little more kick so adjust the quantity of chilies accordingly.

Brown the mince in a very hot work with a little vegetable oil, breaking up the lumps as you go. Remove and set aside.

Saute chopped ingredients with more oil for a minute before adding the roasted chili paste. Turn the heat down a little and add the rest of the seasonings, cook the sauce for a further minute.

Return the mince to the wok together with the onion, chilies and green beans and stir well.

Add stock or water and continue to cook until the beans are just cooked. Finally mix in the Thai basil before turning off the heat. 

Ladle some of the addictive mince over a plate hot steamed rice and enjoy.


  1. would love this for my dinner tonight!

  2. love this have made it once before Kim did it as a guest post for me :0) thanks for the baby congrats Suresh do you think you will ever have kids?

  3. This looks like a perfect quick meal. I love these kinds of dishes! Have a wonderful week Suresh!

  4. yummy recipe..looks very delicious..

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    Erivum Puliyum

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  6. Can I have the roasted chili paste recipe? my mail is yoonh[@] thanks

  7. you make me drooling now - look so mouthwatering - i always love love love thai food - thks for sharing...
    really love to try this, can i have the roasted chilli paste recipe?
    my email is
    thks alot :)

  8. Could you kindly email me the recipe for nam prik phao? I would love to cook this recipe. It looks yummy!

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  10. Could you kindly email me the recipe for nam prik phao? I would love to cook this recipe. It looks yummy!

  11. Yummy! Could you please email me the recipe for nam prik phao? Thanks a lot.

  12. Just made this dish. Super easy and tastes as good as it looks.


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